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hello! this is a yuletide letter!

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Yay! This is my first attempt at [community profile] ante_up_losers My main response to the comics was to have all of the feelings about Cougar, but... well, here are my opinions on the movie immediately after watching it.

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Well, it's a little early, but I'm hoping to inspire some of my flisters to offer some of these fandoms, so here is my letter! :3 I wanted to get Danger Days and Drive in here as well, but alas, fourprompts ;_; are we all excited for yuletide? I'm excited!

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This post was pretty popular on tumblr so I figured I ought to post it here. Although it seems like I've properly migrated to tumblr :( it's a pity, because Dreamwidth has a much better designed system for community and conversation. alas. Oh well, I'll try to keep posting here anyway in hope that it picks up a bit.

Without further ado: Since my tumblr has apparently become a Discworld blog – introducing someone else to a fandom turns out to be surprisingly similar to initial immersion when it comes to said fandom colonising your thoughts all the time – I thought I may as well have my flail about Monstrous Regiment and why it is my faaaaaavourite aside from all my other favourites. Er, and then it sort of turned into a kind of essay like thingy? So be warned :P

Amazing as Terry Pratchett is generally, he’s always been kind of short on LGBT inclusion – oh, there’s any number of characters that could be background gays, but when it comes to named characters and canon sexuality, he seemed a bit flummoxed for quite a while. Aside from Nobby Nobbs’ awkward comic relief cross-dressing, the closest thing for a long time was the fact that Dwarfs, we were allowed to assume, did whatever they did and nobody Mentioned Gender, so really any given dwarf couple were Schrodinger’s Queers. They also got the closet metaphor with the whole “coming out as female” thing, and I believe later there was one named dwarf who was in fact transgender as we would understand it. But at the same time, Trolls, whose genders were usually clear, managed to fail the Bechdel Test as a species.

And then came Monstrous Regiment, the book which increased genderqueer visibility in fantasy fiction by approximately 300%, as well as introducing the Disc’s first proper lesbian couple and quite possibly failing the Reverse Bechdel Test.

The trope of a girl dressing up as a boy to join a traditionally male military institution is old stuff by now, the most salient example in my reading being Tamora Pierce’s Lioness series. It’s a fairly polar trope, really – on the one hand, you get what is usually a fairly badass woman doing badass things and being as good as or usually better than any number of boys (who are not, after all, protagonists) – but at the same time, it means your main character can quite easily be the only female character of note, and as a tomboy in a gender-segregated society she’s not likely to have great relationships with other women who fit into their assigned social roles – conveniently perpetuating the Not Like Other Girls idea that’s partly responsible for the massive difference in popularity between Arya and Sansa Stark.


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and boy do my feet hurt. I was unfortunately rostered such that not only did I miss the panel I wanted to see, but also I spent two thirds of the day on my feet, telling people how to queue and when to queue and that they were bloody well not in any way allowed to take recording equipment into the photobooth to ask a star personal questions about his dead wife, oh my god.

however, I still had fun wandering the stalls on my off-shift. I bought a Hufflepuff badge and a Hawkeye hairclip and a ring with mustaches on (I decided against the love-heart caribiner), and a boy at the costume stall inexplicably gave me lollies and a dodgy Harry Potter wand when I entered their raffle (which is how I discovered that the French word for wand is baguette), and I found a wooden clothespeg on the floor with "I don't think you are a waste of space -- Dudley" written on it (aww), and I took photos of excellent cosplayers like Ms Marvel and Xena, but not, alas, of the four-person Nyaan Cat cosplay or of the spontaneous fencing match that broke out between a gentleman in a white mustache & black top hat with a cane, a jedi with a green lightsaber, some other cosplayer with a big triangular sword I didn't recognise and an eight-year-old sith with a broken red lightsaber. I am legit heartbroken that nobody was filming that, and my phone had run out of batteries ;_;

Probably instead of some of that I ought to have like... sat down in between my shifts and rested m feet. Oops. At least they got a rest during the Outland panel. I thought, for some reason, (I lie, the reason is that the supanova website is not supa informative pre-con), that it was going to be about queer comic book characters or something like that, but it was actually a specific panel about a specific TV show that I do not watch. The two gay dudes at its helm seemed like cool guys, but I had absolutely no familiarity with their subject matter (it sounds a bit like a queer Aussie The Guild? maybe?) and one of them kept on cackling in a faintly disturbing sort of way, so after a while I left and looked at more stalls.

Tomorrow I have less work to do, but also absolutely no panels that I really want to see, so I expect I shall wander the stalls yet again and perhaps buy some books or overpriced Goth clothing. There was some really cool stuff, but I figured I'd do my wallet some good by waiting until a second look confirmed I really wanted it and/or someone put up end-of-show markdowns. And obviously I can't afford any tophats or funky necklaces made of old clock parts or trench-coats with buckles on, regardless.

Oh, and I cosplayed Delirium again, but nobody recognised me this time, and I saw nobody else dressed as anything from Sandman. It made me sad. But there's always tomorrow!

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Firstly: Yay! Thank you for writing me something :3 I know the flailing and gnashing of teeth that yuletide tends to involve so I just want to assure you that your efforts are appreciated.

The following shall serve both to elaborate my prompts and to advertise the fandoms a little bit for blowins and treaters. Go nuts!

Guitar Wolf: Wild Zero )

Hainish Cycle – Ursula Le Guin )

David Koresh: Superstar )

Danger Days )

In conclusion, as you can see I'm pretty well-balanced between options for lulz and options for thinkyfic, both of which are things I enjoy greatly. I don't have literary triggers for you to avoid, and my major squick is Adam Sandler. I'd do the whole spiel about woman/queer/etc-friendly writing, but I think my prompts and flailing sort of do that for me - stick to the spirit if not the letter (because optional details, of course, are optional) of my requests and you should do fine. The Hainish Cycle prompt is the only one that really should have sexual content, but any of them can if that's the way you roll. I hope I've provided enough options for you to find one that really grabs you. Have fun :)
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I finally watched MCR's Sing video, and now my brain is full of plotbunnies which, let's face it, will probably never come to fruition. Including one where the little girl is actually the daughter of Korse and Ray's sister. Also, does anyone know who the blonde woman is in the van at the end of that? I couldn't quite tell if she was familiar or not.

Anyway, in lieu of promising to actually write stuff (ha!) I have decided to post here my photos from the long-finished MCR costume contest. [personal profile] frostickle took these at UNSW just after I redyed my hair, it was awesome.

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Slowly, things come into order. I have scheduled singing lessons, and a tattoo. Tomorrow I'm making overdue medical appointments. I am caught up on Anthology work for now. I successfully wrote a [ profile] yuletide story in the Mirrormask fandom entitled The Point Of Keys. I also recieved this cute (and longish!) Obernewtyn story.

I'm going through my least-listened files in Winamp to rate and playlist stuff, although it keeps listing TV shows there because, obviously, I don't watch most of more than once or twice. I am getting into Jawbreaker, which is odd because when I first looked them up, years ago, on hearing and loving Brand New's cover of Accident Prone, I was horribly disappointed by how amelodic they were. I suppose my tolerance for less-than-perfect vocals has increased. Level up in punk rock? xD

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EDIT: lol for some reason this posted backdated to last month? I swear I did not mean to do that... I think maybe I had the post window open for longer than I thought. Oops! fixed now.
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Dear Santa, for this miscellaneous holiday season I would like some rollicking adventure stories, or lulz, or possibly both!

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Internets, I am the most tired. I'm not going to do the spiel about days piling up and journalling procrastination, y'all know it backwards and forwards. JESUS CHRIST I HAVE BEEN BUSY. But now university is done for the semester, and the requisite fortnight of absolutely everybody going HEY GUYS, LET'S HAVE All THE PARTIES WE SAVED UP DURING EXAM PERIOD is done so I no longer have a thousand 21st birthday parties to attend, and I SWEAR BY ALAN MOORE'S PRODIGIOUS BEARD I WILL BLOODY WELL START TO UPDATE REGULARLY.

  • Even though uni is done for the year, I am still procrastinating on all the things. Also I think I have RSI from playing too many internet games during said procrastination.
  • Yuletide exchange is getting into swing, and I will post a belated letter for my santa today or tomorrow, although they may have strated writing already, but that's okay since it will consist largely of rambling about what is best in life/these canons - my actual requests pretty much pinpointed what stories I want. Now that I am not spending all my energy outside the house I shall be able to start writing my story as well :) although first I have to finish downloading the canon. I swear I USED to have it, no idea where it went.
  • I found a tiny lizard in my shower the other day. I was already in so I let it sit there, probably going HOLY SHIT FUCK WATER EVERYWHERE WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON FUCK FUCK, while I finished washing up, and then dried off and chased the poor confused thing till it got on my hand and put it outside.
  • This summer I am one of 8 people responsible for putting together my uni's yearly Anthology, which at the moment means reading ALL OF THE MANUSCRIPTS. ALL OF THEM. I had to lug a massive tote bag full of paper across entirely too much public transport and this is only about a third of the stuff. SO MANY PAPERS.
  • I've been thinking maybe I should have a 21st after all. This may just be the influence of ALL OF THE PARTIES that I've gone to this week xD but I mean, late is better than never, I guess? And I am no longer of the NEVER WANT TO ORGANISE ANYTHING, TOO STRESSED mindset, or at least I won't be when I recover.
  • Today I have had genuine cause to tell someone "Not understanding punctuation is not an alternative lifestyle." Yes, I am smug about it.
  • My Vodka Cookbook has gotten some exercise and I am here to tell you that yes, French Toast with alcohol in it IS pretty tasty. Except now I have a jar-ful of vaguely alcoholic syrup in my fridge and no idea what to do with it.
  • It's passed six months now with Alexander and basically wonderful. <3
  • I have overdone it in the book-buying department and I have ALL THE THINGS TO READ. I'm currently halfway through Alan Moore's Voice of the Fire and also have his Lost Girls and Extraordinary Gentlemen unopened, not to mention Machine of Death, Strahan's Best SF&F of the Year, Frankenstein's Mobster and Gearhead. I also still haven't finished that Patrick Rothfuss book I got at Amanda Palmer's opera house bookswap, and that was SOME TIME AGO. Basically I am going to read all the things, is what I am saying.
  • Finally though by no means conclusively BUNNY
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Okay, so it's been another ~omgweek~ and tomorrow I shall make a long post about it. Meanwhile, have another mix! This time somewhat better organised than the last one - I think I will go back and put that one on 8tracks and edit the post with my commentary as well.

This one is for [personal profile] eldabe's Lian Harper fix-it fic, Don't Tell Me Not To Fly. Read it here!

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Today, in lieu of deciding between a 21st, some sort of club thing, a Magic draft and my nebulous Wicked Lottery plans, I have opted to sit in my room and fail to get things done. Well done Maggie!

On the bright side, I get to show off my leet photoshop and music association skills?

This mix is for a story called This Land Of Steel by [personal profile] rustydragonfly, which you can now reas at [community profile] ladiesbigbang I've only been able to read a draft so far, but it was pretty good! So anyway have some music to go with it :)

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I really need to relocate my mornings to the actual, you know, morning. I've lately spent hours after midnight doing nothing in particular and then woken up at one pm, and it's not doing me much good.

So yeah, today was mostly consumed with sleeping and waiting around for a friend to confirm whether or not he was flaking on a thing until it became obvious that he was, in fact, flaking on the thing, by the fact that he had not called me to confirm or deny flaking on the thing. There did eventually turn out to be a good reason, but it has become apparent that I really can't handle not knowing what's going on (especially when a definite cancellation would free me up for something else). I end up all jittery and trying to ring obviously-out-of-reception phones repeatedly and not getting other useful things done (not that that last one is exclusive to this phenomenon :P) and generally not being in the best place. I'm going to have to start mapping things out more thoroughly and explicitly with regards to backup plans and confirmations.

To more cheerful news! I wrote a fic for [community profile] access_fandom's Festibility: The Uncertain Trumpet, X-Men gen.

I mean to write more of those prompts, because there are some really interesting ones, but I figure I should get started on some stuff I promised for [profile] gulf_aid_now. (Also on my epic mess of a room and all the shit I promised myself I'd get done before I turned 21, lol whoops)

Incidentally, I have actually been reading my flist and all while I wasn't posting. This has not helped the situation of my six million tabs, oh well.
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So I didn't end up going to Die Maschine as everyone who was going bailed on me. I haven't gone anywhere or done anything since my zineday with [ profile] jk_rockin, [ profile] mishka_jayne and [ profile] heythatscool on Tuesday (where we did not actually get much zining done, although I wrote a leetle comic! but mostly we just messed around on the internet and fangirled Alan Moore.

I feel pretty hermity right now, but in a way it's a welcome break. I will be shaken from my solitude tomorrow, though, I must go to escrima training. And then on Tuesday there shall be ice-skating with [ profile] stella8h8chang and co! It is weird how many of my RL friends are on livejournal these days. Well some of them are livejournal friends who are in RL these days, I guess. But still. Incidentally [personal profile] amber has requested to read my cultural studies analysis of the Mountain Goats' Lovecraft In Brooklyn that I wrote for one of my classes last year (or poss. the year before... hmm...) so I will dig that up and post it here at some point!

I have been listening to the Weakerthans so much since I dug them up off my old hard drive, they are so wonderful, it is amazing. Just. Eee, and I get to see them live at Soundwave in February! :D I still have to book my flights for that, whoops. I was going to take a train down but nobody else wants to, apparently, and fucked if I am spending a day in transit by myself. Once there however I shall have [ profile] heythatscool to share a hostel with, yay! I am totally excited for my first proper rock festival. And none of my favourites clash with each other at all! It's pretty good to be Maggie in the music fan business lately, let me tell you.

Now I am looking up local psychobilly bands on Myspace! So far my favourite is A Death In The Family (idk if they are psychobilly akshly, they are just playing at this which Alex claims is a folk punk/psychobilly thing... anyway I am considering going :P hence the research) because they sound good and are possibly named after a Batman comic!

Oh yeah, that's what I clicked "post" for - you guys! I signed up for [ profile] au_bigbang! I'm going to finish the sequel to this DCU fic! Also I have signed on for fanmixing. I've been going through the writer signups to see what fandoms I might end up mixing for. There is a surprising amount of baseball RPS going on there, guys! At first I thought they meant the Baseballs which oh my god, you guys, I would read SO MUCH fic based on their 50s personas, you have no idea. Also I have been meaning to buy some of their songs for a while and kept getting put off by the Germanosity of their website lol, I can't figure out if they take Paypal or not. Must get on that. Anyway, oh my god I signed up to write 15k by april halp /o\
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Title: you said you'd help me disappear
Fandom: Who Killed Amanda Palmer (album)
Written For: [ profile] yuletide 
Wordcount: 1200
Summary: She feels like something’s building to a point. An escape trajectory, or a countdown. It bothers her that she can’t figure out which it is.

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Title: How To Embrace A Swamp Creature (Previously titled INTERNS! Or: The Story Of How Gerard Is Awkward And Frank Is A Bit Of A Douche)
Written For: [ profile] no_tags
Pairing/Prompt: Gerard/Frank, intern drudgery
Rating: PG
Warnings: …the motts?
Notes: This story kind of ran away with me, who knows why. I was all, “I can finish a thousand word story at the last minute!” and then it was like “o-ho! What if I want to be TWO THOUSAND WORDS?” and I was like “fuck fuck fuck.” So I posted it a little rough, but looking back I think it's okay! I can't figure out how to deal with that one tense shift, but uh... you probably wouldn't even have noticed that if I hadn't pointed it out *sweatdrops* er. Contains Gabe Saporta and stealth!Mikey & !Jamia. New title and cut text thanks to the Mountain Goats.

but I'm out of my element )
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And OBVIOUSLY I then make my first post in 2010 on the sixteenth of January. I swear I have forgotten how to blog, or something.

So, first things first!

Stories Wot I Wrote For Yuletide

1. My main fic! you said you'd help me disappear, Who Killed Amanda Palmer, 1200 words, for [ profile] featherlane

2. Madness treat one! And I Said Who Are You Thinking Of, Glee, 937 words, NSFW (oh my god), for pixienotes.

3. Madness treat two! Some folks say there ain't no bears in arkansas, Mirrormask, 408 words, for Angie.

Naturally the porny one has over twice as many hits as the others XD

ALSO: I wrote something for the [ profile] no_tags fixchange, which I am about to repost here, as well as the WKAP fic - I think I'll leave the treats just on the archive, because one is more a ficlet which I might still expand on and the other is. porn. /o\

I want to rec a heap of other stuff from [ profile] no_tags but I have not even finished reading all of them yet! So i will save that for then. And I'll be periodically rec'ing yuletide stuff as I go through THOSE, there is SO MUCH FIC, YOU GUYS.

I've also been reading a lot of srs bzns stuff about cultural exportation of conceptions of mental illness and gendered expectations in relationships (I got my mum this book for new year and I highly reccommend it for a feminist analysis of the mars/venus trope) and ~stuff.

Oh and I posted an offer on [ profile] help_haiti for three lots of epic beta services, despite feelings of insignificance surrounding the whole endeavour - hey, it can't hurt, I guess. Actual monetary donations were problematic because no charity seems to accept paypal for some reason :/ but someone on [ profile] ontd_startrek finally came up with one. I really have to get that visa debit this summer :P

And ~stuffff has been happening in my life but I am way too behind to document it at this point! In any case I feel like this blog should be less of a "and then this happened and then this happened" sort of place these days. I will still post about hilarious things that happen to me if I can write about it in a narrative way, or as a brief anecdote, but maybe if I don't feel like absolutely everything has to go on here in chronological order I won't have these huge build-ups of pressure and I will actually post more often!

Of course this week I have been lazy and chilled out at home for a few days in a row - even last night when I had no less than three possible events to go to. I guess I just felt kind of burnt out after the last month or two of epic socialising, and wanted to sit around and play facebook scrabble and Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened. Which is... interesting, I guess. I was amused by the opening sequence, which I documented on twitter thus:

@bliumchik: lol Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened begins with Watson rolling around on a bed, moaning "Holmes!"
@bliumchik: Then Holmes bitches all the romance has gone out of the criminal world, & Watson suggests he buy some books of a vague yet specific nature!
@bliumchik: Why does Holmes have a portrait of a random dude petting a creepy little girl on the head and waving?
@bliumchik: Aww, but when I try to walk into Watson's bedroom Holmes says "I have no reason to go there!" ...methinks, protest, too much?
@bliumchik: lolol the pictures on the walls are recycled. Hello again, waving dude and creepy child! I see you have migrated to the hallway!
@bliumchik: Haha the good thing about animating london is that all you need for sky is one grey tone XD
@bliumchik: Why have I just purchased a book about fish?

Then I got stuck in a rosebush. Whoops! Anyway, now I am slightly baffled because I can't figure out if there is more stuff I can click on hidden amidst all the ~scenery or if my next step involves DOING something with the stuff I've found so far.

But tonight I am not being a hermit, but instead going to Die Maschine! Thinking of not wearing my big goth boots this time, though - I wore them to Desiree's Vegan Anachronism birthday party and there was walking around and my feet were very angry at them. Also: lazy, see above.
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It's nearly fucking twenty ten, y'all! I have high hopes. (that up there is an 8tracks wot I made on the theme! Does it work?

It's amazing how much confidence I gain from actually having written things. (...that people have read. I have been checking my hit counts like a ridiculous person :P)

If you wanna guess which yuletide stories are mine, here are some clues:
1. There is one full length story and two madness treats.
2. They all use phrases for titles (capitalisation variable).
3. Said titles all share a word (or a conjugation of it)
4. One of the treats is porny (and has so many more hitcounts than the others XD naturally)

I wanted to stick a random obscure #vocabulary word into each but I only managed one.

My gifts were a cute Vorkosigan story (from a pinch-hitter, which you have to respect - I was in chat the last day or so and it was HECTIC) and one third of a triptych on Who Killed Amanda Palmer which was amaaazing! There were actually several awesome WKAP stories which makes me happy :) this one was particularly dazzling.

I want to just link you guys to my bookmarks list, actually, because I have been reading some awesome stories, but I can't find a sharelink. So let me just point out that someone did write a Many Moons fic and it was wonderful, and also a HIMYM story of hilarity entitled The Legendary Fiveway (does what it says on the tin).

I am up at four am again so this post feels a little incoherent. Today my cat spent some time using my mobile phone as a pillow and then brought me a dead bird. I ate another hilarious gourmet midnight snack. I made my first smoothie and it was amazing - YOU GUYS. YOU CAN JUST BLEND STUFF AND THEN DRINK IT! HOW COOL IS THAT. (Note to self: next time check mystery fruit for seeds.) I went shopping like a grown up person.

Tomorrow people are coming to my actual house /o\ for an ancient TV show marathon. I rented MacGuyver!
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Aha, I knew it! The yuletide unfilled prompts list has been updated and I'm on it. If anybody's here from there, here's my dear santa letter :)

Oh man, I hope I get the Something Wicked one - not that I don't love all my prompts but I have literally never seen a good fic for that fandom. I'll definitely resubmit it next year otherwise. Oooh, also I will nominate Kelly Link and Janelle Monae! I cannot believe I forgot them this year. And do a massive Doctor 13 picspam! Ahaha I have been bitten by the yultide bug but good haven't I :P

I'm currently trying to get a couple treats done in time for christmas - I'm pretty much just chillin' at home till saturday (whereupon i will suddenly have a social life for four days straight again XD it is like a sine wave or something.)

Merry Chrismukkah everybody!

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Today I spent two hours watching daytime television waiting downstairs for the dude who bought my bro's old crib on ebay, and he finally showed up just as I gave up and went upstairs and switched on the computer. Bah! I did however discover that there is a surprisingly large volume of Australian fantasy TV shows with hilarious props (and a puppy). Also hilarious: The Naked Chef. That dude is ridiculous! (Caveat: not actually naked :/ oh well)

Having finished yuletide feels so amazingly good. It's like this whole year wasn't a productive write-off because I finished something. Something I made a committment to, on time, not half-arsed. I think it bodes well for 2010. I want to make sure I set up systems this summer, habits to carry me through the winter slump, to keep things going. I never want another six-month fell-off-the-face-of-the-internet hiatus, because if I can't post here then the anxiety must have a goddamn stranglehold on me. I want to pick up the guitar again, and draw things, and motherfucking write.

Although at the moment I am just bumming around because my parents are on holiday for a week! With my brother! Things are going to stay where I put them again :D

I never posted about my Hellfire adventure! Gothing [personal profile] frostickle up was hilarious, but eating a burger while waiting for him was a bad plan - I was terribly sober for most of the night. I even slipped some vodka in my tea while I was putting eyeliner on David, but to no avail! I was nervy and awkward all evening. I have discovered that I am quite good at dancing in, you know, the general vicinity of people - still freeze up a bit when they get close though. Somehow despite this... I... you guys, did somebody write "please invite me into your bisexual kissing orgy" on my forehead while I was unconscious and I haven't noticed? Or what? :P

*cough* ANYway. The scenery in the club was awesome (skin, chains and latex being the mode), and the atmosphere very safe - they even had a little list of rules which specifically advised dudes to let women hit on them instead of the other way round, because of the high lesbian ratio. Later a dude got up onstage with an acoustic guitar and sang a little song about getting drunk and throwing up on someone. I loled. I made friends with a random in a hat, my photo was taken by a girl covered in christmas lights and I saw a woman dressed as a catholic priest with a little dog. It was a fun night! I went home around four, got up again at one o'clock to go audition for a production of Ruby Moon that some people at my uni, although apparently unaffiliated with TROUTS, are putting on.

Then on Sunday I met up with the Internets and had lunch at an extremely asian steakhouse where they bring out the meat on a hotplate and you sort of cook it as much as you like. Then we went to Kinokunia, where we loled at the Ouran Host Club manga, which is exactly as metatastic and hilarious as the anime.

Now I am hibernating ^_^ although I feel like I SHOULD have a party, or SOMETHING. Maybe that ancient-TV-shows marathon? It has been a long time since I've watched the Addams family.


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