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Guess who fell of the edge of the world again? I have got to stop doing this. You know, that or accept it and make it part of my ~journalling style~ or something.

Too much stuff has happened since my last post (A MONTH AND A WEEK AGO, HOLY SHIT) for ye olde post of recap to be anything more than tl;dr, so I'll just give you a miscellany:
  • I had a couple of those EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING AT ONCE weekends, including a particular day on which three separate parties were scheduled and all I wanted was to curl up with a book, and managed not to explode spectacularly all over the furniture!
  • I saw Scott Pilgrim and Tomorrow When The War Began, both were pretty great and I will elaborate below!
  • Stan and I baked bread! It was delicious!
  • I printed some zines!
  • A dude from Writesoc who I spent entirely too long thinking was a lesbian suggested that I edit things for money! Specifically his as-yet unfinished movie script! So that was odd!
  • My mother had an epic meltdown and did non-permanent damage to my worldly possessions!
  • I bought stockings from We Love Colours and they are excellent! Also some awesome fishnet gloves~
  • ...which I immediately wore to a Musical themed costume party and dripped wax on, as my assigned musical was La Boheme. It's the Opera that Rent is based on, and shares with it a catalytic Candle Lighting scene, you see. The only candle I could find was a shallow flower-shaped one, which promptly broke, and I spent the party periodically attempting to fix it using the heater mushrooms. (The rest of my costume consisted largely of a skirt, a beret and ALLLLL OF THE SCARVES. Other notable efforts included Elphaba from Wicked, Sweeney Todd & Mrs Lovett, Frank'n'Furter, Rocky, Marilyn Monroe, the chef from South Park and a Cat from Cats.)
  • (Both Marilyn and Elphaba were dudes.)
  • I bought a Smashing Pumpkins ticket!
  • I went to a stand-up gig with, among others, my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend, my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend's current boyfriend and girlfriend, and the girl who would shortly become my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend's new girlfriend in addition to same (but without my boyfriend). (That is, without my boyfriend both at the gig and in the harem.) Try saying that out loud three times!
  • I accidentally a WHOLE pudding!
So that was some things that happened! and now hopefully when more Things happen that I want to write about I shall do so in the immediate aftermath, rather than summing them up for twitter and then forgetting about them. *cough*I have also been linkblogging on tumblr, and have signed up for too many writing/BB complement/other things, some of which I am currently working on. I'll be posting the complements over the next few days/week as they have, like, deadlines, lol :P BUT [ profile] bitternarration and [ profile] miss_sapphy rest assured I have not forgotten you!

And now my spoilery thoughts on some movies!

Scott Pilgrim and Tomorrow When Australia Got Invaded By The Red Menace Or Something )
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If you've been reading my journal for a while, you're probably used to my dropping off-radar in the aftermath of big events - I usually spend about a week feeling like I can't post about anything else till I've posted about the event, and after that I feel like I shouldn't post until I have enough time to write a massive catch-up entry. I hear Dreamwidth may be implementing a multiple-draft-queue new entry page, which might alleviate this problem somewhat. (Also, I could just use notepad files, it's only a few extra steps. Passive barriers: consistently surprisingly powerful.)

Anyway, in this case uni started right after I came back from Melbourne, and I am always a twitchy messy wreck the first week or two as I'm forcibly reminded that real life involves constant interaction with people who are not close friends or otherwise people I can assume like me, but I'm settled in now so here's that belated post about Soundwave! And, uh. Highlights of. The next. Month or two? I'M SORRY. This post has been accumulated in bits and pieces, so excuse any chonology weirdness. Under the cut, of course, this is going to get long.

so fasten your seatbelts! or something, idk )

So that was my Soundwave trip! It was pretty great, overall, despite the cold, which opens up whole new vistas of me actually leaving Sydney ever, provided I am not doing so alone. Hurray!

Since then I have been:
-procrastinating heavily on university, despite the fact that all my classes this semester are BRILLIANT
-going to parties and being my hilariously awkward self
-making out with some people despite this
-doing TROUTS and WriteSoc things (more on this later! this entry is long enough already)
-going to MOAR CONCERTS (ditto!)
-failing to go to other concerts because I fail
-obtaining a ~boyfriend (!!) (funnily enough, neither airplane dude nor one of the people I made out with at the aforementioned parties)
-buying things from the internet, including a T-shirt depicting A CAT WITH LASER EYES, FUCK YEAH

I'm going to try to actually post things here more often. Since my Grand Return coincides neatly with the beginning of Three Weeks For Dreamwidth I think I shall disable comments on LJ for these three weeks. Don't worry, LJers, I still love you and OpenID is very simple :D
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funny pictures of cats with captions

Hokay. Wow. That was probably- no, definitely the longest unannounced hiatus I've ever fallen into. I tend to measure my mental health by hobbies dropped, and I haven't played guitar in about the same amount of time... so it's probably a good thing I've finally gotten onto that medicare psychologist thing. On the other hand, I hadn't drawn anything since year eleven of high school, and lately my notes have been covered in cute birds instead of random geometric patterns, so possibly things are on the up!

So livejournal (and dreamwidth!), what have I been up to during my lurkernation!?

Well. Let me see...


So. State Of The Maggie. I have not failed uni or dropped out of it to have a nervous breakdown. I have more or less stopped sulking about being dumped (I think). In related news I also think I have begun to figure out this whole casual flirting thing, in that the last time I got hit on (...I think) I did not freak out nearly at all, which bodes well for the future. I have made a start on sorting out all the junk in my room. I have summer plans. I have comics. I have awesome friends.

I think I'm okay.

I'm back!


Nov. 10th, 2009 01:51 pm
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*sidles in*

...hey guys.


So my inevitable long unanounced hiatus for this year is nearly over. I didn't want to post anything until I had time to do a long catch-up post, but surprise! One of my assignments for this semester involves writing a (long, LONG) blog post and submitting it with commentary. Nobody's specified where it should go, so I'm going to post it here and link my teacher to it, and I thought I should warn you guys before I do so. Uh, because it's due at 5pm today :P

Please only comment to that post with discussion on the topic, any welcomes back, ear-boxing, cat macros etc should go here or be saved for the catch-up post :)

PS I totally missed you \o/
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Okay, so something happened to my saved draft? And now I have to go find alllll those photos alllllll over again.

Headpig is not happy about this situation.

So yeah, post is STILLLL upcoming. In the meantime have a macro wot I made.

PS that first one is doing the six degrees of internet separation rounds - look, Mary Borsellino linked it! :D I almost feel internet famous :P
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Augh. Okay, that essay is done and dusted. God, I feel so much lighter now! Only the short story revision left for Thursday, that doesn't inspire quite so much gut-wrenching terror.

So I totally owe you guys a massive post about the last two and a half weeks, a poem and a shitload of links, but it's late so I'll just throw in some of the latter:

Everybody and their mother must have seen the Total Eclipse of the Heart Literal Video by now but just in case anybody hasn't, do so - it is pure gold. Literal tears of lol, seriously.

[ profile] astridthemighty linked me to this piece of Star Trek related lulz (feel free to skip through the first bit, Letterman is not that interesting). SET PHASERS TO FABULOUS. I want to make that my new journal subtitle :D

I've been neglecting b3ta but the latest question of the week is full of win.

Also via b3ta, an epistolary tale of animal husbandry.
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I have ~new clothes! My auntie sent over some stuff that no longer fits her or whatever, and after setting aside a stack for reasons of insufficient cleavage (mine, not theirs) and some that were just kind of WTF Aunt Eugenia, have you kept this since the eighties? I was left with no less than three kind of awesome tops, so I'm happy!

Also, found some photography from that zombie/vampire party I went to. I forgot in my recount of it to mention that there was cake! Zombie and Vampire cake! All chocolate though :( so I did not partake. It looked awesome though! And I was not the only person to be confused by the zombie kitten.

My holidays are over :( now I have to actually get my act together for the rest of the semester and try not to fail it and also get some other stuff done instead of collapsing in a fit of procrastination and playing one million flash games (guess what I have been doing all week). Aaand my dad is about to forcibly disconnect my internet because it's one am, so good night!
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Pheeew. That essay was more of a bitch than it really ought to have been. Thanks, weird psychological issues!1 Anyway, now I'm done done done and I washed my hair and it is a lovely day and I have another week of holidays left to actually be holidays!

B3ta's weekly newsletter is out and hilarious as always. I am particularly amused by We Didn't Start The Flame War and of course the Question of the Week has some great answers, mostly involving alcohol. I'm Captain Oblivious over there, incidentally.

I got a Dreamwidth invite code! Random draw of validated OpenID accounts, it turns out.

[Poll #1386096]

I'm sort of sick of maggiebloome since it was my preferred pen-name circa 2002? But changing it might make me harder to find. On the other hand I intend to post a link to my dreamwidth account on LJ and vice versa anyway.

Judicious research already has me going :/ because the read-LJ-flist-on-DW feature is still in "figure out how the hell we can implement it" stage. I really don't want yet another friends page to check all the time, so if that comes online I'll probably shift over there permanently, provided of course that a significant portion of my flist is there. Until then I'll just use it the way I'm currently using my OpenID, except with icons and a profile and stuff. Speaking of which, how do I cross-post? I totally intended to figure out how to do it back when I got an insanejournal (...I don't even remember what my username is there now, I just use LJOpenID) but my computer was sort of dying at the time and I didn't want to install software and figure out how to use it only to have it collapse on me.

Anyway, upshot of which is I am not abandoning you, LJ people! I'm just hedging my bets :P

Also I'm totally pwning at Facebook scrabble, but the site hangs up at inconvenient moments. Like, say, for the first minute and a half of my two-minute turn. STOP IT, FACEBOOK SCRABBLE.

1Goes something like this: Wow that sure is a lot of work to do I might fail it ADRENAL RESPONSE OF DETH oh look solitaire OH SHIT DEADLINE now I really will fail it MOAR STRESS HORMONES OF FREAKING THE FUCK OUT ahhh calm relaxing solitaire. Rinse, repeat. In a further delightful twist, there is a peripheral system in which I cannot, while in the throes of alternating frantic typing with desperate stress-avoidance procrastination, do anything ELSE that might actually be useful or even particularly fun, beause that is like admitting I give up. If I'm just playing solitaire I COULD STOP ANY MOMENT and go back to the work I'm avoiding.2

And that, boys and girls, is why I have not updated my livejournal for a week and this morning I found a spider in my shower. It went "running water?? In the SHOWER? WTF WHY WOULD THAT HAPPEN THAT NEVER HAPPENS AAAH" and then ran up the wall and glared at me.

2Weirdly enough knowing exactly how my issues work does not actually help me not have them does this happen to anyone else?

More Things

Mar. 4th, 2009 01:26 am
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Ahhh, sweet sweet solvency. February's tutoring paycheck is SUCH a relief. In celebration I bought breakfast, some comics and escrima sticks! )

How awesome are they! They did not come in black, obviously, they came in Rattan, but Salvador advised me to duct tape the hand grips in order to avoid splinters, so I figured why not do the whole thing and look very stylish. PS duct tape is really hard to layer evenly.

On the bus to Escrima I overheard two random strangers, a blonde girl and a weedy dark skinned bloke, in the course of one half hour bus trip, discover that they are both dancers, commiserate on the shallowness of the industry, the difficulty of getting gigs and the thanklessness of teaching jobs, decide to form a dance group and exchange numbers. It was kind of awesome.

Tomorrow: to buy the one completely totally not available online in any way shape or form textbook for this semester. Advertising. It's $120 but sadly vital. The other two subjects have e-readings. Today's lot were unspeakably dull, you've no idea. But I was never really planning to write an essay about Douglas Sirk so it doesn't really matter. In class we livened up the discussion some by way of innuendo about Rock Hudson and speculation on the topic of man-eating erection-symbolizing deer. Also tomorrow: jamming with Lily in an actual music room for once instead of on the lawn where passersby can raise eyebrows at us or ask to try out Lily's unicycle.

My cat got into a fight with the neighborhood tom the other day and is limping. We took her to the vet and now it is my job to mash up half an antibiotic pill each morning and evening and mix it with water and squirt it into her mouth with a syringe-like thingy. I should not complain, it is my dad's job to hold her mouth open.

I have almost completely sorted out my wardrobe - everything but the sock drawer is in the right place and much less full of redundancy than it was. This is no thanks to my mother who snuck into my room while I was out to remove things from the massive garbage bag full of useless items and put them back in my wardrobe.

And now: sleeeeeep.
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Oh gosh, soooo much internets to catch up on. I managed the People filter (skip=160) and half of the Fandom filter (skip=280 to skip=100, augh) but I haven't even got started on Comics and Misc. And that's just livejournal! So here is a partial list of cool stuff wot happened while I was away.

In the World, blah blah economy blah blah, yes, I know, that is why my dad is currently alternating between staring gloomily at's Engineering filter and answering phone calls from angry Boost Your Stamina customers who want their money back because they totally failed to read the fine print. But at least our government hasn't collapsed yet - hey there Iceland. Well, it can't be that bad if the headline eschews economic references for details of the new leader's sexual orientation, eh?

In Fandom there was a Porn Battle in which James Bond featured with a) Michael Weston and b) Jack Harkness but not, alas, both at once. Possibly for the best, as I fear the screen would melt from the combined testosterone even trapped in prose. Also, [ profile] bandombigbang closed writer signups! I can't wait till the end of April when I can get started on my mixing madness!

Musically speaking, we have: Amanda Palmer Does Radiohead (in a cab) and My Chemical Romance Does Bob Dylan (in a punk rock Watchmen dystopia) and both of these are wonderful in completely different ways! (Whenever I mention that last one to RL people, it's even odds they know/appreciate Watchmen OR Bob Dylan OR My Chemical Romance, but combinations are unlikely...) (Double entendre? I'd read both!) (...time travel, not zombies) (...zombie Bob Dylan would actually be kind of awesome, you know... in a non-slashy context :P) (and I'm going to see Amanda Palmer in a few weeks!)

...for crying out loud, this post wasn't meant to be Maggie's Queerish Bulletin. Oh well, as long as it's turned out that way I'll just tack on that I miss my girlfriend, Stephen Colbert gets more flaming by the second and I'm to be one of the "security" (read: traffic-directing) volunteers for Mardi Gras in March. They keep sending emails round going "you guys we still need moar people :(" so does anyone want to tag along? That's pretty much how I got involved :P - Cassie's friend Jack said essentially the same thing and I went "why not?" (my life philosophy!) I'm told there are discount party tickets involved, or something.

Tomorrow: tales of drunken scrabble, malevolent waves and snakes on a plane!



Feb. 4th, 2009 06:24 pm
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I RETURN. I have more salt on myskin than I have for the past two years combined, a bandaid from 1997 with bananas in pajamas on it, and a ridiculous backlog of internets to catch up on! Moar later.
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I'm sunburnt! But I now own a pair of long black socks with faux-stitching on, and a set of skeleton gloves which are somehow simultaneously loose at the wrist, tight in the knuckles and long at the fingertips. I think they were made for a small Ent. I can totally solve the fingertip problem by just cutting them off though. The gloves', not mine.

Been sending off resumes, argh why must cover letters be so traumatic. But employment is hopefully on the horizon! Goal no. 1: an actual working PC. Goal no. 2: a schedule that works out to ~$400 a week so I can hopefully try moving out of my parents house sometime this year. Goal no. 3: Tattoo. I want to put that earlier on that list but frankly my mother has had three separate meltdowns this week and this shit is just not on. Oh dear, excuse me while I find my headphones. *sigh* Goal no. 4: Backpacking! Europe! With a backpack! These plans are vague to the point of consisting entirely of one conversation with Maria that pretty much just went "oh my god backpacking through Europe would be so awesome!" "oh my god I know!" "neither of us is employed :(" "oh my god I know :("

ALSO been remembering dreams lately (...non-metaphorical ones, I mean) but... not WHOLE dreams, just really vague images. Three nights in a row now! First Jamie from GWS and her gay-above-the-waist...ness. The next night featured the rhythm section of The Used, one of whom had to help me talk the other down from a tree, and I can't remember why... and then there was probably sexytiems, because why wouldn't there be. But the next one was TOTALLY NOT SEXY AT ALL as it involved really realistic and really CREEPY gaping flesh wounds that looked like papercuts until you tugged on them gently. WHAT IS ALL UP IN MY BRAIN, GUYS. IS IT THE HEAT. I THINK IT IS THE HEAT.
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Urgh. I don't understand where I caught this cold. I have been hibernating since new year. I haven't SEEN anyone let alone anyone who was sick. WHERE DID IT COME FROM.

I'm all achey and yuck. Last night we finally caught the cricket that got inside somehow (THE CHIRPING IS COMING FROM INSIDE THE HOOOUSE) and set it free. It was in the shower.

Also I am FINALLY caught up on ALL of my flist including the fandom filter which I kid you not stretched to skip=160, jesus fuck. [ profile] overheardnyc is cluttering up my misc filter...

Oh man. I started this week with a chockablock calendar and everything's fallen off it one by one - which I suppose is lucky because if not then this cold would have kicked the majority. Hopefully I will at least be upright and noncontagious by Sunday, which is double-booked for karaoke birthday parties, lol - I'll probably spend a couple hours at Jenny's and then head over to Cassie's.

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Sooo my dad totally disconnected my internet again. Until I remove the large pile of clothes from my floor. If he's hoping it's going to get done for lack of anything better to do, he's forgotten that I'm not finished reading the Vorkosigan books yet. They're awesome, by the way. Anyway, expect me back urgh sometime this week when I can be bothered :P


Dec. 27th, 2008 09:31 pm
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Ho, the internets!

funny pictures

moar update in a bits :P MUST CATCH UP ON FLIST. SO MANY SKIP=S.
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LIVEJOURNAL. I am up at this UNGODLY HOUR on CHRISTMAS MORNING (not that the christmasness is all that relevant, we don't really do it at all... we're secular Australian Russian Jews... we kind of conflate it with New Year? But I opened my girlfriend's "strictly not to open until christmas" present anyway? :P) (it's a kerchief and a hat <3) AHEM NINE IN THE FUCKING MORNING IT'S A TRAVESTY in order to HIE US FORTH unto THE LAND OF VERY SLIGHTLY MOAR SUN, SURF AND BUSHWALKING THAN HOME by dint of there being buggerall else to do OTHERWISE KNOWN as Port Stevens OTHERWISE KNOWN AS SHITTY TOWN ON THE PRAIRIE COAST. *deep breath*

So I shall most likely be incommunicando until Saturday evening! Or possibly Sunday evening depending on the vagaries of family friends' transportation.

*hums* Iiiii'm dreaming of a duuuull Christmas...


Dec. 24th, 2008 01:01 pm
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I should stop reading comics right before bed. It always ends up with me getting up in the dark at various points for the next hour or two to flail around for bits of paper which I will discover in the morning inscribed with things like IGUANAS!!! and THE BORING GUN.

(The iguanas are genius though. I gotta actually write this script, forreal.)

Today is Packing Day! For tomorrow we go to Port Stevens to sit around and complain about all the nature. I shall lobby for to bring my laptop and try to get some writing done!
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Okay, thanks to that EW article I have spent the last FIVE hours webhopping Colbert and Stewart links.

You guys. Why was I not informed and where can I find this!?
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Fandom?skip=120 you guys omg. A whole weekend's worth of fic and blathering (jk I love your blathering) oh dear.

*rolls sleeves up*
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So, maggiebloome, your LiveJournal reveals...

You are... 24% unique (blame, for example, your interest in viscous sarcasm) and 16% herdlike (partly because you, like everyone else, enjoy writing). When it comes to friends you are popular. In terms of the way you relate to people, you are keen to please. Your writing style (based on a recent public entry) is intellectual.

Your overall weirdness is: 52

(The average level of weirdness is: 27.
You are weirder than 91% of other LJers.)

Find out what your weirdness level is!

Still ded on lj but would like to note that a) Lofty Words was reasonably successful and b) Panic/TAI/Cobra tonight!!!

PS: it is raining SO FUCKING HARD - I hope it clears up by this evening but at the same time squee!


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