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Apparantly I have a math tutor now. We went over there for introductions on Saturday morning. She has a hip replacement, a newly renovated house, a bitchy neighbor who doesn't like Russians and keeps calling the council about obscure building clauses, and a dog the size of a small pony. She took a look at my latest exam and was puzzled that I seem to be getting the hard questions right and the easy questions wrong. I suppose it's one of those Mysteries of Maggie.

Now that I've been introduced to the wonders of youtube I'm getting addicted. Go there, search Robot Chicken. It is the win. But! I am setting limits because I have many things due very soon.

I thus leave you with one Discworld quote icon.
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Still procrastinating. Have some icons. There aren't that many, so I won't bother with an lj-cut.

Remember that post in which I giggled over the fact that the British cat-breeding society call themselves the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy? Yah. Also some drama love, one River icon, and a remake of the snow white icon. The Duma icon and the two Sam Winchester icons may be used as bases.

image hosted by image hosted by
image hosted by image hosted by
image hosted by image hosted by
image hosted by image hosted by

Icon time

Jul. 14th, 2006 09:09 pm
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Only five icons, but I made a bunch of bases from photos my dad took in Nepal. I'll post those later, right now my computer is being a bitch.

Ze icons! Zey are coming! )
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23 icons. Firefly, cute fuzzy animals, webcomics and band/song lyrics. Also a very very subtle hint.

Staaan. )
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Since I've just now started using brushes and things on icons I'm making a resources post. I don't actually use them a lot, but I've got them, so I may as well credt, because I'll forget what was from who by the timeI get to individual icons.

[ profile] starlit_designs
[ profile] unfinishedcoke
[ profile] fightstarr
[ profile] stardreamss
[ profile] luthien_black
[ profile] eirenealetheia (...I know it's hard to find an original username, but dammit!)
[ profile] memorycharm
[ profile] latexandleather
[ profile] laurasue
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MORE ICONS. Epica/Simone Simons, Panic! at The Dicso, Harry Potter, Snow White, X3 (no spoilers, this scene was in all the ads). Eleven in total.

Yarrr!! )
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Firefly iconry! Mostly from icontests. Seven, including variations.

1.Image Hosting by Add the sheet iron 2 yuan )


May. 4th, 2006 05:11 pm
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I haven't been posting much lately due to a bit of a procrastination crisis. See, my exams are coming up next week and... well, to be frank I really haven't done ANYTHING.

So I think my lackofposty will continue, but to make up for it, have some icons:

23, to be exact. 4, 5, 6 and 7 can be used as bases.

14x Hornblower.
8x Firefly
1x Song Lyrics

Yarrr! Grrrr! Arrgh! Haiya! ...said the confused pirate )

If I get around to it I will next post the answers to that character meme, and the rest of the Dubbo stories.
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12 icons, 10 Hornblower Retribution and 2 Firefly (one for [ profile] fireflicons).

Filenamed with my username for your crediting convenience. Don't hotlink and stuff, although I don't think picsplace has a limit, and constructive criticism is always shiny.

Alas, poor Archie! I knew him well, Horatio... )
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24 Icons! Firefly, Hornblower and Kitten!squee. Firefly stills are mostly from and kitty photos are either from [ profile] baaaby_animals or were forwarded by my dad from god-knows-where. 19, 20, 17, 18, 1 and 2 are from various competitions. The last three were made for [ profile] telophase, inspired by this post which is a very funny recap of a Thai kick flick complete with screencaps.

the farmer is small to fry king )
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Saw Brokeback Mountain today. Twas cool.

I have 21 icons I've been letting pile up, including some River, Jayne, Simon, Mal, Kaylee, Zoe, Yo-saff-bridge (for a comp) and the obligatory leaf on the wind icon. Some of them are from icontests. And for the Zoe icon, I'm including the base because, seriously, it is a really awesome base. I almost couldn't bear to put words to it, it was that awesome - but I can't pass it off as an icon on its own, I barely did anything but crop it.

Just want you guys to know that if you want an icon with different words, I'm happy to do you one, since I've kept the .psd files, and otherwise feel free to do minor edits like brightness, because my computer makes everything really dark and sometimes I overcompensate.

Fiiirefly )
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Ten Firefly icons (One is a text variation)! Usable with credit, constructive criticism welcome.

ETA: I forgot to mention, all these screencaps are from Can't Take the Sky. Because for some reason photoshop won't let me do screencaps.

icony goodness )

Also, all this Firefly's got me thinking about that old shortened ship names thing that spawned a list containing such jems as humayne and profayne. Well, it just, uh, occurred to me, that anyone who writes about Jayne masturbating in a restroom should probably be... restrayned.



...kill me. Kill me now before the universe goes splodey in my head.

More icons

Jan. 24th, 2006 09:32 pm
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You may have noticed my new "Squee" icon. I'm posting it and five other recent icons here.

Brand New, Good Omens, Canada and Cedric )
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Iconage. Two.

Emo kids and funky top hats )
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Parody/review of the latest Harry Potter film, because now everyone's finally seen it (hopefully). You will laugh your ass off.

EDIT: I made icons for it, because it was just too LOL.

pimp cane, broom closet, clothing mellow )
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I was going to write about a) panic attacks, b) Dan's party or c) ARGH PAIN FUCK YOU HORMONES OW OW OW, but I don't have the energy. Have an icon-post.

1 Balloon sausagepoodle icon
1 flash Hornblower icon
1 Jonathan Crane icon which I was going to post last time but screwed up
1 cupcake icon
1 random icon using a photo of me (not that you can tell)
1 Yay British! icon
1 Muse lyrics icon
2 Thrice Lyrics icons of the same song
7 variations on another Thrice song icon that I really want people to choose the best of because I can't decide... none of them are that good.

wheee? )
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Okay, so. Some things got screwed up, but I have eight, EIGHT, icons. W00t. And they run, in that order:

3 Good Omens icons (KITTENS!)
1 Pirates of the Carribbean icon ETA: fixed.
1 Batman Begins icon (I had two, but I screwed up and I was like WTF? oh well.)
1 Hornblower icon (There will be more of those. More photoshop screwyness.)
3 Lyrics icons (two Thrice, one Damien Rice) plus one variation with different font because I can't decide.

voila! )


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