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Okay, so it's been another ~omgweek~ and tomorrow I shall make a long post about it. Meanwhile, have another mix! This time somewhat better organised than the last one - I think I will go back and put that one on 8tracks and edit the post with my commentary as well.

This one is for [personal profile] eldabe's Lian Harper fix-it fic, Don't Tell Me Not To Fly. Read it here!

Click here for album art, 8tracks stream, files and commentary )
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So, Australians! I am organising a Collective For The Dispersal Of Ludicrous International Shipping Rates with regard to, which is having an excellent sale until Friday. I've got two other people in so far, but a couple more would be perfect :) (shipping is like $50, whereas some of the individual items are marked down to $3 YOU CAN SEE HOW THIS IS SLIGHTLY RIDIC) so check it out and see if there's anything you want. (I am making use of it to remedy the sad absence on my bookshelf of Alan Moore related items.)

Also, I have written a thing for this zine and I could do with someone who knows anything about christian mythology and/or the punk scene to give it a quick once-over and make sure I haven't written anything egregiously dumb or unrealistic about either. I'm trying to pawn this task off on my boyfriend but he has like sixty books to read about lady anarchists in spain or something, so yep :P



Aug. 10th, 2010 12:13 am
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So. I'm 21.


*hides under blankets and misc items of furniture*

But seriously, how do I feel? Well, I had meant to do a whole bunch of things by now, sort of as a red carpet lead-in to Officially Being An Adult (In Absolutely Every Country That Counts, No Excuses Any More, Seriously). Most of them fell by the wayside like 90% of the things I plan do. In the end it just sort of happened. So if an occasion like this can be considered a portent or microcosm of one's life in general... I suppose it suits me? I've muddled through everything so far, and I suppose I'll muddle through the rest.

This weekend was a Neil Gaiman extravaganza, my birthday present to myself (or, I like to think, my birthday present from the universe, which conveniently scheduled the Graphic festival at Sydney Opera House right before my birthday). It followed pattern, if by pattern you mean "awesome with crunchy bits of fail," which as we have already established is, in fact, my pattern. I now have many books and slightly more rage at bus drivers! Memorable quote of Sunday's panel was Neil Gaiman telling Eddie Campbell that he'd love to see Frank Frazetta's Peanuts. Also Shaun Tan was cute. Saturday was a short story reading with illustrations by the aforementioned Campbell and accompanied by a string quartet, which was. Unique. They were pretty great! Although my current musical obsession is Van Canto, an a capella metal band. RIDDLY DIDDLY DIDDLY I CAN'T GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD


Um other things I have discovered recently! New webcomic! It is mostly about... other comics. Haha back here they do Kate Beaton and Scott Pilgrim in a row. MY PEOPLE!

Speaking of Pilgrim, the movie is out in a few days! And I still haven't read the last book! Although Ramona has coincidentally similar hair to me for half the trailer!

What's new in the rest of the internet?
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Well, it's been a bit of a week. On Monday night I noticed an odd lump on the left side of my neck, just at the base of my skull. Having been sitting in front of the computer all day, I thought it must be a tension knot, despite never having had a protruding one like that. BUT THEN I felt two tiny ones right next to each other lower down on my neck, kind of like someone had surgically implanted smarties beneath my skin when I wasn't looking. Naturally I was a bit freaked out, I mean, what? LUMPS? NECK CANCER! But then I told my mum, who immediately took over ALLLLLL OF THE WORRYING DUTIES and flailed around calling all my grandparents and This One Friend Of Hers Who Is A Doctor. I promised to make a doctor's appointment forthwith, which turned out to be Wednesday, so she decided to continue to panic.

We cut to a commercial break as Maggie contemplates the ultimate destiny of... NECK LUUUUMPS! ...actually this is mostly about buses and thespians, sry )

Thing Of The Day: RIOT NRRD, a webcomic linked from Tiger Beatdown, which is SO VERY ADORABLE. I mean its name is RIOT NRRD, for fuck's sake. It basically does what it says on tghe tin :P also JOSS WHEDON PUPPYYYYY. I totally made a DW feed :P
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Gosh, getting back into this blogging thing is hard. I've gotten out of the habit of recording stuff I do. I forget about it really easily. What did I do last week? Beats me. I've always had massive blank patches in my memory, I don't know, probably a lot of people do, but sometimes I get anxious like things I haven't told anybody about never really happened. It doesn't help that my fall-off-the-face-of-the-blog periods tend to coincide with times when my head is foggy and I can't concentrate on things, much like I feel now since I have decided to blog in the evening after basically just messing around on the internet all day. Good job, Maggie!

So what I have been doing is seeing friends and procrastinating heavily, mostly! On Thursday I went to [ profile] mishka_jayne's birthday do with Al. We were late because when I dropped by his house to pick him up he was still picking knots out of his epic, epic hair, having wasted much of the morning arguing about Hugo Chavez on facebook. This tells you pretty much everything you need to know about him. We got there eventually, ate delicious sushi and watched Inception, which was mindfuckingly awesome. I have been raving about it all over the place, all I shall say here is MUST WATCH SEVERAL MORE TIMES and then write fic :D

The next morning Al had a 9am plane to catch for a cousin's wedding in Queensland, which meant that I had to wake up at six in the goddamn morning and help him locate things like hairbrushes that had been eaten by his room. Now, my room is pretty messy, right. Piles of clothes everywhere and all, books and comics, sure. But I, at least, do not have rogue cutlery haunting my room. He claims that the mess has character, so I named it Baldrick. It works on pretty much every level, I am quite pleased with myself.

Anyway, I went home to shower and then came right back again to have dinner with Avi, Jess, Alice and Joy in Newtown. We ate large volumes of vegan food and then wandered all the way up and down King street looking for a particular gelato place Avi insisted had vegan chocolate sorbet, to no avail. We ended up in one of the classier sex shops, ogling latex skirts and handcuffs and comparing er, notes. Also, discovered a) an entire case of what looked like nothing so much as sex toys designed by Apple, and b) that there is a rechargable vibrator you plug into USB ports to charge. I discovered this last one by pointing at it and saying "Gosh, even your flash drives look like vibrators..."

The rest of my weekend has been nowhere near as novel, consisting largely of sitting inf ront of the computer and being shouted at by my mother. \o/ However I did at least cull my epic volume of open tabs just slightly. So, not ENTIRELY unproductive.

I have finally caught up on and added to my regular reading a non-English webcomic! Here's an update that is totally understandable to everyone, though :P (also, punk rock god [and son]: who CARES what they're saying!) (Also I think I just translated a Russian cuss as "becoming covered in dick.")

Also I have been listening to music here, it's pretty sweet!

And just now I got eaten by Youtubehopping Adam Hills videos. BRB DED OF LOL
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Getting back into posting here with any degree of regularity is easier said than done. Rusty, I guess. There is also the question of what form I want this blog to take in the future - do I continue as, essentially, a diarist, or do I only post when I have Something To Say, or should I return to my blog the random-thought-receptacle function now usurped by twitter?

Decisions like these are made continuously, on the net. I didn't even think about them when I started blogging at the tender age of fifteen, aside from the occasional dilemma regarding the degree of disclosure I was comfortable with regarding incidents that involved people who might actually read this. Funnily enough I mostly settled on nothing but my love life being off-limits... not taboo but discreet. Then again, everyone I dated before read this journal (yes, both of them) while my current is a bit of a luddite. People who know him read this, though, which leaves some things firmly in the realm of TMI (or maybe it would have been like that regardless). I've always been astonishingly blase about TMI in the general sense, and equally oversensitive about it in the specific. My embarrassment squick: it functions really fucking weirdly. I feel okay about contemplating a post about my intimacy issues and how bizarre yet lovely physical contact is, but writing up a date seems wrong despite the actual events depicted being practically identical to many other occasions I have chronicled here.

Tangent. It's just that I'm twenty now, and even as I sometimes come to a total full stop epiphany about how bloody young (we all are) I am this feels like something I can and should be held accountable for now. In the standard Get Famous, Have Biography Written About You hypothetical, stuff you write when you're sixteen is stuff you can smile at and say "aw, silly tiny pastme," but stuff you write when you're twenty is much harder to divorce from your identity. This is Me, not Minime. This isn't going under Early Years.

I feel sorry for people who only got onto the internet post this Age Of Reason epoch. I've had years and I'm still only just cementing points of internet ettiquette in my habits. It must suck to realise that not only were you a douche to somebody on the internet that one time, but you were actually (nominally) a rational adult when you did it, and people expected better of you. (related reading open in my tabs right now: How to disagree, How to want to change your mind. Actually though the main thing that it has literally taken me all this time to realise is that the age-old noob-pwning heuristic of LURK MOAR compacts an essay's-worth of Sensible Things About The Internet. Someday I might write the essay.)

Tangent. I have 2000 words due Friday, another set Tuesday and yet another next Friday. I'm procrastinating. You may as well ask me anything (you can totally do that in comments, too... it's just my formspring hasn't seen use in a while :P)
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Mwaha! Okay, now it is time for linkspam! First off, remember Formspring? Not sure I ever linked it here. I AM INCREDIBLY FRANK, YOU GUYS: YOU KNOW THIS. Ask me things!

Bee tee dubs, I meant to tell you how awesome the compliments meme was! Some of the people I was thinking of when I wrote about the i'm-so-fat thing and my puzzled flail about it did not comment though, so I had to ambush them on facebook. And while I was there I said what the hell, and got through another twenty or so of my friends. It was amazing! I highly reccommend it, I went to sleep grinning my face off. I turned on my capslock before I started. NOTHING IS AWKWARD WHEN YOU SAY IT IN CAPS LOCK :D

Speaking of Facebook, I thought y'all might find this recent exchange of mine amusing.

It's true, I really would watch Battlestar Gaylactica. Don't lie, you know you would too.

In slightly more Srs Bzns lately, I found this article incredibly interesting. Back when I first read the Zombie Survival Guide in high school I had plans to write up detailed Zombie Contingency Plans for the event of securing my house, my school and a long-term fortress such as an island (because you know. it never hurts to be prepared awesome. I also spent a lot of time trolling the [profile] zombie_survival community, but I got tired of it being full of people who had not actually read the book and either took the whole thing too seriously or were obsessed with proving their own points about some strategic detail. Plus: the curse of a thousand American gun nuts!)

I never got beyond vague ideas and a hilarious diagram of my school with zombie-vulnerable points circled, but as part of the long-term plan I was considering data storage. I had some idea of a cool dry cellar in which we'd keep archival computers that could be powered with our generator or even a hand-crank - for all those bits of information we're not sure if we'll need or not. They'd be powered down all the time except when we need to check something, or yearly maintenance I guess. I never got round to doing the research on how long they would last. Things are made pretty disposable these days.

Idle speculation on future archeologists is also a bit of a hobby of mine. Last year there was an archeology thread on the Whitechapel forums, and one user who studies in that area pointed out that the default explanation for Stuff That Baffles Us is to file it under Religious Purposes. I found it amusing to look at modern art pieces and imagine them being dug up in a thousand years by next-civilisation scholars who invent elaborate religious rituals on our behalf to explain them. But gods, is it creepy to think about all those ghost-databanks, lying fallow all over the world for lack of decryption technology.

Think about what's on your hard-drive right now. If that one computer was all some future pastgeek could access, what would they infer about our civilisation?

Okay, now MOAR LULZ.

The Worst Sex Scene In Comics. I think I ruptured something giggling at this. (PS it is SFW in the sense that there is clearly sex happening but it's been blackboxed.)

SPEAKING OF SEXYTIEMS. Am I a bit of a perv for finding Venom licking a dude hot? COME ON, GUYS. LOOK AT THAT LITTLE HEAD-TILT. COME ONNNN.

Hope you've got your lulz/srs bzns whiplash neckbrace on because I really like this article about Taylor Swift. Basically assume I am nodding vigorously at everything in that article.


also it is apparently delurking week! or it was, and can be, like, extended. jussayin.
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Good evening, internet! It is for once Before Midnight and I am writing a blog post!

I have been a busy little maggot this week, for varying values of busy that alternate between internet-cyborg-zombie and person-who-leaves-the-house-wearing-clothes. My casual online tutor work has started up again, so now I have an EXCUSE to sit in front of the computer for hours at a time! Also on Friday I accidentally went to a trance club. The night began promisingly, with young ladies stealing my roll of gaffer-tape to prepare their breasts for later semi-naked acrobatics and all, but I went home early because I had forgotten my wallet and felt too awkward sober. Also, I was hungry. So I came home and made a steak at one in the morning. Class~!

Anyway, a thing which I wanted to talk about was the Ladies: Why You Be Putting Yo'selves Down stuff going round earlier this week. I shall link to the Tiger Beatdown post because that is where I came across it and also because I agree with pretty much all of it, Sady is a sensible person and I love her blog. She and Amanda Hess continue the conversation here, and that post in particular felt oddly, nay, horrifyingly familiar.

You see, people do this around me all the time. I shan't name names, but I've been dealing with various close friends moaning about how fat they apparently are since I was fourteen. And I never got it, and I could never think of an appropriate response, because "no you're not" got old fast when it was clearly making no impact, since the conversation would repeat verbatim ad nausea, and talking about how stick-thin is not the only way to be pretty skirts the minefield of calling them fat by dint of not gushing about how skinny they are. Sometimes I'd cynically think to myself, "She is just fishing for compliments, god!" but I never particularly minded handing them out - it was just, you know. Boring.

I never really thought about this weird female habit in context, in terms of the whole patriarchal structure of feminine downplaying and tearing down and submissive gestures. I never really felt the urge myself - I guess those couple years of preadolescent socialisation I missed out on were good for something, huh? On the other hand, I am always going on about how clumsy and forgetful I am. It's not in a "please reassure me" way, it's more an instinct to lower expectations, I suppose, but now I'm wondering if that's part of this phenomenon, or if it has more in common with the gender-neutral Class Clown syndrome, as I've always thought.

All that can't hide the fact that this really is a Thing, that women are taught to do, and it still sucks. It's hard to know what to do about it. I still don't know how to respond when people (read: women) (...and Shaun, now that I think about it) put themselves down. I'm thinking of a compliment-ambush strategy, or something, I don't know. But if you're reading this, if you're reading the posts I linked above (and I hope you read those because they are awesome) and you are thinking shit, that's me, then I'd like to hear about what goes through your head in those conversations, what it is that I never got from your perspective. And yeah, I'd like it to happen less often, but not at the expense of your feeling able to express your insecurities to me, because what else are friends for? I only want to hear that stuff less because you're thinking it less. And I of all people know how tricky and unpredictable brain-hackery is, but I do believe that sometimes, when we're aware of a Thing we do that we do not want to do, we can do something about it. Remember when I used to have panic attacks on buses? You probably don't. Hell, I barely do. But I do remember it's slow, it starts small. And here this rambling dovetails neatly with a meme I've been meaning to post, via [ profile] jk_rockin and [ profile] mishka_jayne!

Reply to this post, and I'll tell you one reason why I like you. Then repost this [if you like] and spread the love.

Except! Amendment! Especially for if you are a lady (or shaun)!

Reply to this post with something you like about yourself. No cop-out complinsults please! I know you've got it in you! And if you don't I will still do the original meme above, so no pressure or anything, but try. For me.

AND IF YOU DON'T COMMENT, Certain People, well... I know where you live (on the internet). I will hunt you down. And some day, when you least expect it... I will... SAY NICE THINGS ABOUT YOU.
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I'm at Mel's, slightly drunk. I'm showing people music videos and traumatising her little sister with Ebichu (because she has a little hamster doll that resembles it. I have been picking it up and shouting UNMENTIONABLE PANTIES! YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!) and did you know her parents blutack little motivational lists to their walls. It's sort of creepy.

Observe: a sample. Note the sickening platitudes, mild repetition issues and passive-aggressive circling of "change your habits."

Anyway so we decided to replace that one with a SLIGHTLY ALTERED VERSION and see how long it will take them to notice. It runs thusly:

 Accept your limitations – don’t diet.
 Never trust hamsters.
 Learn to be calm – hit things with sticks.
 Your anorexia is totally justified.
 Don’t let your sister’s friends use your facebook account.
 Live joyfully – DRINK MOAR.
 Forget your mistakes – SEE ABOVE.
 Be individual – get a tattoo.
 Have a mind of your own – the Borg is overrated.
 Learn the healing power of abstinence.
 Concentrate on loving cake and vodka.
 Accept the other fucker’s issues.
 Giving will make you smug.
 Love Alice – she is your overlord.
 Don’t worry about the things you can blame on your sister.
 Forgive others – they are only figments of your imagination.
 Be a winner – cheat massively!

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So I typed up a long post about sparring bruises and the Time Travellers' Convention a few days ago, but the internet ate it? Firefox crashed, and when I next went into the post window there was no draft. IDK. I want to just use Chrome but it doesn't appear to support tabbed browsing, which, you guys, I have like thirty tabs open right now :P

One of which contains:

Perry was working on a knee-high, articulated Frankenstein monster built out of hand-painted seashells from a beach-side kitsch market. They said GOD BLESS AMERICA and SOUVENIR OF FLORIDA and CONCH REPUBLIC and each had to be fitted out for a motor custom built to conform to its contours.

“When it’s done, it will make toast.”

Cory Doctorow's Makers. So far, I like it :P

What've you been up to, internets?
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So I didn't end up going to Die Maschine as everyone who was going bailed on me. I haven't gone anywhere or done anything since my zineday with [ profile] jk_rockin, [ profile] mishka_jayne and [ profile] heythatscool on Tuesday (where we did not actually get much zining done, although I wrote a leetle comic! but mostly we just messed around on the internet and fangirled Alan Moore.

I feel pretty hermity right now, but in a way it's a welcome break. I will be shaken from my solitude tomorrow, though, I must go to escrima training. And then on Tuesday there shall be ice-skating with [ profile] stella8h8chang and co! It is weird how many of my RL friends are on livejournal these days. Well some of them are livejournal friends who are in RL these days, I guess. But still. Incidentally [personal profile] amber has requested to read my cultural studies analysis of the Mountain Goats' Lovecraft In Brooklyn that I wrote for one of my classes last year (or poss. the year before... hmm...) so I will dig that up and post it here at some point!

I have been listening to the Weakerthans so much since I dug them up off my old hard drive, they are so wonderful, it is amazing. Just. Eee, and I get to see them live at Soundwave in February! :D I still have to book my flights for that, whoops. I was going to take a train down but nobody else wants to, apparently, and fucked if I am spending a day in transit by myself. Once there however I shall have [ profile] heythatscool to share a hostel with, yay! I am totally excited for my first proper rock festival. And none of my favourites clash with each other at all! It's pretty good to be Maggie in the music fan business lately, let me tell you.

Now I am looking up local psychobilly bands on Myspace! So far my favourite is A Death In The Family (idk if they are psychobilly akshly, they are just playing at this which Alex claims is a folk punk/psychobilly thing... anyway I am considering going :P hence the research) because they sound good and are possibly named after a Batman comic!

Oh yeah, that's what I clicked "post" for - you guys! I signed up for [ profile] au_bigbang! I'm going to finish the sequel to this DCU fic! Also I have signed on for fanmixing. I've been going through the writer signups to see what fandoms I might end up mixing for. There is a surprising amount of baseball RPS going on there, guys! At first I thought they meant the Baseballs which oh my god, you guys, I would read SO MUCH fic based on their 50s personas, you have no idea. Also I have been meaning to buy some of their songs for a while and kept getting put off by the Germanosity of their website lol, I can't figure out if they take Paypal or not. Must get on that. Anyway, oh my god I signed up to write 15k by april halp /o\
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And OBVIOUSLY I then make my first post in 2010 on the sixteenth of January. I swear I have forgotten how to blog, or something.

So, first things first!

Stories Wot I Wrote For Yuletide

1. My main fic! you said you'd help me disappear, Who Killed Amanda Palmer, 1200 words, for [ profile] featherlane

2. Madness treat one! And I Said Who Are You Thinking Of, Glee, 937 words, NSFW (oh my god), for pixienotes.

3. Madness treat two! Some folks say there ain't no bears in arkansas, Mirrormask, 408 words, for Angie.

Naturally the porny one has over twice as many hits as the others XD

ALSO: I wrote something for the [ profile] no_tags fixchange, which I am about to repost here, as well as the WKAP fic - I think I'll leave the treats just on the archive, because one is more a ficlet which I might still expand on and the other is. porn. /o\

I want to rec a heap of other stuff from [ profile] no_tags but I have not even finished reading all of them yet! So i will save that for then. And I'll be periodically rec'ing yuletide stuff as I go through THOSE, there is SO MUCH FIC, YOU GUYS.

I've also been reading a lot of srs bzns stuff about cultural exportation of conceptions of mental illness and gendered expectations in relationships (I got my mum this book for new year and I highly reccommend it for a feminist analysis of the mars/venus trope) and ~stuff.

Oh and I posted an offer on [ profile] help_haiti for three lots of epic beta services, despite feelings of insignificance surrounding the whole endeavour - hey, it can't hurt, I guess. Actual monetary donations were problematic because no charity seems to accept paypal for some reason :/ but someone on [ profile] ontd_startrek finally came up with one. I really have to get that visa debit this summer :P

And ~stuffff has been happening in my life but I am way too behind to document it at this point! In any case I feel like this blog should be less of a "and then this happened and then this happened" sort of place these days. I will still post about hilarious things that happen to me if I can write about it in a narrative way, or as a brief anecdote, but maybe if I don't feel like absolutely everything has to go on here in chronological order I won't have these huge build-ups of pressure and I will actually post more often!

Of course this week I have been lazy and chilled out at home for a few days in a row - even last night when I had no less than three possible events to go to. I guess I just felt kind of burnt out after the last month or two of epic socialising, and wanted to sit around and play facebook scrabble and Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened. Which is... interesting, I guess. I was amused by the opening sequence, which I documented on twitter thus:

@bliumchik: lol Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened begins with Watson rolling around on a bed, moaning "Holmes!"
@bliumchik: Then Holmes bitches all the romance has gone out of the criminal world, & Watson suggests he buy some books of a vague yet specific nature!
@bliumchik: Why does Holmes have a portrait of a random dude petting a creepy little girl on the head and waving?
@bliumchik: Aww, but when I try to walk into Watson's bedroom Holmes says "I have no reason to go there!" ...methinks, protest, too much?
@bliumchik: lolol the pictures on the walls are recycled. Hello again, waving dude and creepy child! I see you have migrated to the hallway!
@bliumchik: Haha the good thing about animating london is that all you need for sky is one grey tone XD
@bliumchik: Why have I just purchased a book about fish?

Then I got stuck in a rosebush. Whoops! Anyway, now I am slightly baffled because I can't figure out if there is more stuff I can click on hidden amidst all the ~scenery or if my next step involves DOING something with the stuff I've found so far.

But tonight I am not being a hermit, but instead going to Die Maschine! Thinking of not wearing my big goth boots this time, though - I wore them to Desiree's Vegan Anachronism birthday party and there was walking around and my feet were very angry at them. Also: lazy, see above.
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And in one final hoshit I really did lose my blog for six months post, I have decided to combine a whole bunch of random stuff into a Things I Have Made post!

In no particular order:

My best two sketches from the life drawing class we dropped into on a whim. I tried to clean them up a little in photoshop because I spilled water and they dried crinkly so there were random shadows everywhere, but I got distracted by colour washes halfway through :P uh platonic nudes are also NSFW I assume so lol cut timne.

cute girl with and without awesome chair )

Hanyway. Some of you may have caught the WHOSE RESPONSIBLE meme - those who didn't, it's here in reverse order. The meme had a mild case of Trying Too Hard and so ultimately flopped, but it will always hold a special place into my heart right next to YOU HAVE RIGHT SLAP WENCH. Also, I wrote a filk about it and they totally linked it :P I thought I should post it here for posterity, with the lyrics since it's rather quiet at the start.

Banned From Yiffstar )

Now let's see, what else have I made. Some lolcats, a Discworld drabble from a [profile] transcendenza prompt... OH YES. *facepalm* how could I forget, this was one of the whole reasons I wanted to do this post.

I wrote a leetle comic about swans for the UTS Writer's Society Zine, Streetcygnes (yes, I am the Queen of Puns, why do you ask?) and then spent about a year bugging [personal profile] frostickle to draw it before throwing up my hands and turning to [ profile] mishka_jayne who did this awesome job:

swans \o/ )

I took the zine to the TINA festival - which is a story in itself AND another Thing I Made because I then wrote about that trip for my Creative Non Fiction class final assignment travel writing piece. It was a bit of a stretch on the term "travel writing" consisting mostly of EPIC FLAIL, but I shall post it :D

I have also signed up to [ profile] yuletide but have not written a Dear Yultider letter because I can't think of what to put in it. I rambled quite a lot in my prompts :P I am so excited to find out which one got written! :D I only got one prompt in one of my fandoms, which is ironic because I went the whole hog and put myself down for about twenty of them, and was then sort of disappointed that I couldn't write all of them XD maybe I will finish this early and put myself on the pinch hit list.

PS LJ is spotlighting [ profile] kitchenfaqs... guess which letter I misread? Just guess :P

aten't ded

Nov. 25th, 2009 01:09 am
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Augh, that was a week. DONE. SO DONE. My planned Week Full Of Stuff finished and then there was more stuff. I was just at Stan's farewell party because he is my bff and he is fleeing the country to be a Microsoft corporate whore for the summer, but THAT WAS THE LAST THING. from now on I am just going to vegetate. VEGETATE. VEG-E-TATE.


*cough* hey internets. Have some Things Wot I Found.

Cut for images. Bands, gloves, shoes, The Shat )
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Oh my god has it seriously been a month since I updated properly? FAIL, maggie, FAIL. In reparations (and also in honour of the upcoming Supanova con) I bring thee a hilarious Star Trek macro gif! (be patient if it loads slowly it is EPIC)

I'm a doctor, not a cut tag! )

As Supanova promises to be an epic weekend of geekery and vodka I figured I should sum up the past er um month (*hides*) now or never, so here goes Stuff Wot I Have Done (In Vaguely Chronological Order) )

And that, more or less is that! I leave you with an awesome video! Barring drunk-posts from [ profile] le_culdesac's house, where I am staying for the duration of the con because fucked if I'm catching a bus AND a train every day at seven in the morning, this will probably be the last you hear of me till Monday or Tuesday. I must try to post at [ profile] apathy_games tonight, and also this thing called Fictioncrush that some Whitechapel folks have been working on, and also prepare cosplay clothes to bring with me tomorrow. Ooh, and I should post that macro to ontd_st! *bustles*
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Augh. Okay, that essay is done and dusted. God, I feel so much lighter now! Only the short story revision left for Thursday, that doesn't inspire quite so much gut-wrenching terror.

So I totally owe you guys a massive post about the last two and a half weeks, a poem and a shitload of links, but it's late so I'll just throw in some of the latter:

Everybody and their mother must have seen the Total Eclipse of the Heart Literal Video by now but just in case anybody hasn't, do so - it is pure gold. Literal tears of lol, seriously.

[ profile] astridthemighty linked me to this piece of Star Trek related lulz (feel free to skip through the first bit, Letterman is not that interesting). SET PHASERS TO FABULOUS. I want to make that my new journal subtitle :D

I've been neglecting b3ta but the latest question of the week is full of win.

Also via b3ta, an epistolary tale of animal husbandry.
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Of new comms I've found here on dreamwidth I'm really liking [profile] audiphilia, the song-sharing community. I just posted some songs there for Happy Week. Last week's theme was covers.

I've been reading Star Trek reboot fic and it's making me want to watch the movie again. Mostly because Spock is such a woobiiiiie. I just want Kirk to handcuff him to something and hug him for about six hours straight. I don't even care whether they have sex afterwards! (okay that is a lie)

Okay, NOW I'm posting the writing exercises :P
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I really need to update my profile. I used to keep a list of other places I hung out, like Deviantart and stuff, but these days I spend less time on devart and more on b3ta and WhiteChapel...

Speaking of Whitechapel I caught the chatroom with actual people in it for once, it was hilarious. Conversation ranged from Rule 34 to a lengthy discussion of the ethics and naming conventions of robotfucking to a poll on the relative pantslessness of the room, with asides on Brucher's insanity, the resident history nerd's stable of fuck-buddies and Stormtrooper pinups.

I love these guys, seriously. (Labyrinthine = me, btw)

In other news my Writer's Society zine is coming along nicely - zine launch at Lofty Words this wednesday, for sydney folk. Didn't manage to get that swan comic into it on account of it not being finished, but next time! I'm also probably performing at Lofty Words if I can get a couple poems together in time, and singing one song with Alex T. We've been jamming together a bit - both times were meant to involve Lily and this drummer Alex knows, but both of them flaked, citing exams and sudden discovery that drum kit does not fit into car respectively. I am beginning to think I need to be keeping a list.

Obstacle to starting a band #1: Finding a bloody rhythm section.
Obstacle to starting a band #2: Getting everybody in the same place at the same time.

Massive coordination fail.

I should really be getting started on all the assignments due in two/three weeks. I am the master of procrastination. The only productive thing I did yesterday was to transfer all the files from my old hard drive to my new one and make a start on defragging all the folders. Also [ profile] smuu posted an awesome lineart of Delirium and I decided to try my hand at rekindling my photoshop colouring skills. So much nostalgia... I used to colour her Demonology 101 characters for fun in MS Paint when I was fifteen. I've evolved! XD Here is my coloured version. I totally love the hair, but I discovered that I really haven't the faintest clue about shading and highlights, so I left those off. Must find some photoshop tutorials... also I kept feeling like the skin was too pale. Dilemma - in the comics all the endless are papery, but the shape of the face in this drawing looks more Turkish or Lebanese or something. In the end I decided that the iconic bright orange Delirium hair and blue/green eyes looked weird with dark skin, so I kept it pink.

Um, where was I? Oh yes, assignments. I totally failed to post the stuff I wrote in Intro to Short Fiction class exercises and I think I'll do that now, because I think I might use one of them for my final piece and I need the feedback! In-class feedback failed it because it is basically horror and I got stuck in a group with two people who "don't do scifi" for that class, so all their advice was something along the lines of "I like this phrase it is very poetic." What I need to know is does it make sense! Seriously!
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Second batch of popcorn was sort of burnt, but at least we got the margarine right! Also, I introduced Stan to the joy of S'lesses. He pronounced them genius.

S'lesses, for those who have forgotten, are made by placing in the microwave a marshmallow on a cracker, heating it till the marshmallow starts to expand and then placing another cracker on top. It is delicious. My stomach complained afterwards about the fatal combination of pizza, popcorn and marshmallow, of course, but sooo worth it.

But I'm A Cheerleader was lolarious. So was the half a season of Scrubs we watched after! Also Stan introduced me to Dragonball Z Abridged on Youtube and I returned the favour in the form of Marvel/DC Happy Hour, so it was a lulzy evening all round. As per usual I am now covered in dog hair. BIIIIIIIIIIIIIM.

What else of interest has happened this week? Jess's birthday drinks were fun. I got there early (by which I mean only fifteen minutes late) and spent some time sitting on a couch waiting for Jess to show up, being stared at by some old people and a moose skull on a plaque. But then everybody arrived and fun was had! Avi showed up in a new matrix-y coat with zippers everybody proclaimed "gaaaay" but I thought were awesome. I had a brief awkward moment with a guy I gave my number at a party once a year or two ago and then proceeded to ignore because of My Issues - I dealt with this by pretending I could not quite remember where we had met, an ever-so-mature strategy which nevertheless allowed both of us to save face and participate in the awkward small-talk of "nobody else I know is here yet, how about that footy then." Later, I challenged Stan to the failiest game of pool in the universe. Seriously, I kept on accidentally setting them up for him, and he kept on missing, and so did I, and by the end Sasha had to step in and pocket Stan's last ball out of frustration. Not that this helped because Stan then spent about ten turns trying to sink the eight-ball while I took shots at my remaining five fricking balls. Astonishingly I managed to slowly, slowly sink all of them, and then sink the eight-ball before Stan could. It was seriously the worst pool game in the history of everything. XD

In nonfaily news I got an essay back! It was the Intro to Short Fiction one I'd procrastinated on to the point of absurdity and handed in two days late and two hundred words short. The teacher opened the class by warning us that they had marked this with Pass as a baseline according to the criteria, so you really had to be better than "satisfactory" to move up a grade and la la la, and was just sinking down in my chair think I passed or maybe I failed omg and then she refused to give them back until the end of class, NICE GOING THERE. But to my surprise I got a credit! Even after marks deducted for lateness! And then she anonymously mentioned something I'd done as an example of What To Do! I was like sweeeeet!

In conclusion, did you know that Stan did not know Spinal Tap was not a real band? UMLAUT. WE NEEDS MOAR.
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Big day yesterday! In the morning I acted as my mum's proxy in attending my little brother's primary school mother's day assembly, as she had to work. This involved sitting through a lot of alternately excruciating and hilarious speeches from five year olds whom love their mums because they give them lots of hugs and kisses and always buy them things and do the dishes. My principal task was to take photos and video of my brother (during the bits where there were sappy songs and wavy hand gesturesm not while he was propping up his head looking bored witless by the speeches, for which I sympathised with him). I realised this was going to be less than successful when the kids filed in and sat down en masse, with Timmy up the back. Just as I worked out the zoom function on the video, a teacher came down the front, placed a chair directly in between me and Timmy, and sat in it, for the purpose of conducting the aforementioned handgestures. I nevertheless persevered, shooting Timmy's vague and mostly tardy moves over her shoulder, when the granny in front of me didn't turn her head and obscure my line of sight with her nose. Then I ran out of batteries.

Fortunately I was compensated in tea and scones and vaguely shifty looks from parents trying to decide if I was a scandalously young mother. Then I went off to watch Star Trek with [ profile] perfectdays (<3) - would you like my thoughts on yaoi? Yes, yes you would.

Star Trek spoilers )

Then I went to Jess's for her birthday Shabbat Dinner With People Her Parents Don't Hate. There was awkward mouthing of prayers I barely remembered, spicy food, arguments about God, Jason waffling like a privileged asshat about aborigines and Rudd's stimulus package, tea, and Liza showed up late and cured my hiccups. Twice.

Now I am off to her general birthday drinks, but before I go this video is amaaaazing and reminded me of this sciffy story that [personal profile] amber linked me to.


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