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Hey, internet. Long time no see, unless you hang out on tumblr. Now I am ill and livejournal is unreliable and OBVIOUSLY THIS IS THE BEST TIME TO RETURN TO BLOGGING. In lieu of a huge catchup entry that I will procrastinate on because there is so much stuff to put in it, I am just going to post three random things that have happened since last I wrote here.

1. I had a belated 21st birthday party. But Maggie, I hear you say, is your birthday not in August? why, yes it is! And in honour of my 21st birthday party being closer in date to my 22nd actual birthday than anything else, I dubbed it the Timey Wimey birthday and me and my boyfriend dressed up as the fourth and eleventh Doctors. It was awesome. I got very very drunk, which I maintain was not my fault because my friends mandated that I take a drink every time I interrupted someone else's speech, and they know me.

Also this happened.

2. I won a journal subscription using a tin of sardines. Also I ate the sardines.

There was a book-themed picnic competition listed in the program for the NSW Writers Center inaugural young writers festival - they invited everyone to bring a picnic basket selected to fit a favourite book, e.g. mushroom products for alice in wonderland or whatever. I didn’t realise till a few hours before the thing, so I grabbed some random stuff from my kitchen and a 7/11 on my route to make a Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy spread - a towel, of course, a thermos of tea, a tin of sardines (for Babelfish), some bread to eat the sardines with, and some peanut butter and mixed nuts in honour of the peanuts Ford buys from the bar in Chapter 3 (these latter two from the 7/11). I did not even have time to rustle up Trillian’s salad from the Restaurant at the End of the Universe and a friendly cow toy, I had to get on a bus. I figured people would laugh and share the fruits of their lengthier preparation with me, and everybody would nom in a writerly fashion.

Anyway it turned out nobody else brought anything so I won by default.

3. I am hopefully participating in thissss and it is not too late for you to also participate!

ladiesbigbang: a female-centric panfanwork big bang challenge
[community profile] ladiesbigbang: a female-centric panfanwork big bang challenge.
Optional sign-ups open June 1-30th, final drafts due October 1st.
sign-ups: creators | cheerleaders | betas
info: minimums | rules & guidelines | pinch hitting
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So, Australians! I am organising a Collective For The Dispersal Of Ludicrous International Shipping Rates with regard to, which is having an excellent sale until Friday. I've got two other people in so far, but a couple more would be perfect :) (shipping is like $50, whereas some of the individual items are marked down to $3 YOU CAN SEE HOW THIS IS SLIGHTLY RIDIC) so check it out and see if there's anything you want. (I am making use of it to remedy the sad absence on my bookshelf of Alan Moore related items.)

Also, I have written a thing for this zine and I could do with someone who knows anything about christian mythology and/or the punk scene to give it a quick once-over and make sure I haven't written anything egregiously dumb or unrealistic about either. I'm trying to pawn this task off on my boyfriend but he has like sixty books to read about lady anarchists in spain or something, so yep :P


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I really need to relocate my mornings to the actual, you know, morning. I've lately spent hours after midnight doing nothing in particular and then woken up at one pm, and it's not doing me much good.

So yeah, today was mostly consumed with sleeping and waiting around for a friend to confirm whether or not he was flaking on a thing until it became obvious that he was, in fact, flaking on the thing, by the fact that he had not called me to confirm or deny flaking on the thing. There did eventually turn out to be a good reason, but it has become apparent that I really can't handle not knowing what's going on (especially when a definite cancellation would free me up for something else). I end up all jittery and trying to ring obviously-out-of-reception phones repeatedly and not getting other useful things done (not that that last one is exclusive to this phenomenon :P) and generally not being in the best place. I'm going to have to start mapping things out more thoroughly and explicitly with regards to backup plans and confirmations.

To more cheerful news! I wrote a fic for [community profile] access_fandom's Festibility: The Uncertain Trumpet, X-Men gen.

I mean to write more of those prompts, because there are some really interesting ones, but I figure I should get started on some stuff I promised for [profile] gulf_aid_now. (Also on my epic mess of a room and all the shit I promised myself I'd get done before I turned 21, lol whoops)

Incidentally, I have actually been reading my flist and all while I wasn't posting. This has not helped the situation of my six million tabs, oh well.


Feb. 23rd, 2010 07:41 pm
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I think I have some sort of persistent opportunistic flu infection that pops right up as soon as my immune system is compromised by stress or leaking or lack of sleep. grah. hate. Also I have had a weird skin reaction to this lotion my gran brought back from Israel. Fuck you, dead sea! However this resulted in hilarious twitter conversation yonder:

jk_rockin: you're allergic to the Dead Sea?
me: Apparently so! This does not bode well for any undead israeli boys that want to sweep me off my feet in the future!
fishmouse: Better a vampire than a zombie anyday.
me: yeah I'm pretty sure EVERYONE is allergic to zombies :P
me: oh man, imagine if you were allergic to the kiss of death! talk about adding insult to injury!
me: MOOHAHAHA, NOW YOU ARE VUN OFF USS! ...and svellink up somesink awful. Armand, is zis supposed to happen!?

Further such hilarity occurred IRL last night, when I showed up at Jenn's Batcave (a warehouse full of amazing giant piles of junk, omg I wanted to put on a snorkel and wade in) for adventures with hairdye! But first, a scenic detour to the Shire. "Hey Jenn... I think I am on the wrong train. Where is Panania?"

Anyway I have a red skunk stripe now. Oh did I mention I got a superdykey haircut last friday? I did that, yes. It is. Interesting. I can never quite impress upon a hairdresser that MY HAIR IS A LITTLE CURLY and they keep giving me styles I have to straighten bits of otherwise they look ridic. But anyway I have a red fauxhawk with an S-curl and brown lady-sideburns with almost-shaved cut-outs behind them. I like it but I don't think short and rectangular is really my thing in general - next time I will let my hair grow out much longer before I go in, give them something to work with. On the other hand, it looks excellent under hats! :D

A meme I tagged long ago and forgot about:

Reply to this post asking for words and I'll give you five I associate with you, which you then talk about in an entry on your journal!

From [personal profile] amber!

slam poetry: hahaha I am not sure why you associate this with me? I have done it all of twice. I find it interesting how rhythms are different when you're writing poetry to speak aloud, than to look at on a page. It's a matter of long and short beats, internal rhymes and consonance. Whereas book-poetry is less about how the words sound aloud and more how they look on the page, what kind of beats a space, a line break, an indent create. I think the best poetry combines the two, really, but I can't quite express the process.

Russia: ZE MOTHERLAND. lol. I identify as Russian without any particular tie to the place we call Russia, I think that's common to a lot of immigrant kids like me. It's about the language, the food, some little customs and cartoons. Family history plays a part, too, anyone whose family spent a few generations in the Soviet Union generally has a fairly russo-unique set of "grandpa stories" and interesting familial neuroses.

The actual place is by all accounts a corrupt racist alcoholic winter wonderland, but I'd still like to go back there some time just for the novelty of getting by in a language other than english.

neutral_omens: Ahh that old game. A Good Omens based "let's throw some characters into a place and see what happens" roleplay, albeit much smaller than ones like CFUD and la. We actually got together in OOC-chat and worked out bits of plot :P also, it was HILARIOUS (or maybe I just thought it was because I was sixteen). Angels, wizards, demons, an antichrist and some random bewildered humans in a hotel that used to be a satanic nunnery cum paintball retreat? OH yeah. I played Newt Pulsifer, toying with a proto-accident-field-superpower that has inspired a comic book character who now lives in my head. At some point I will script the first issue and find an artist for that.

Here are some of my favourite threads I was in: John Constantine and Newt Pulsifer vs. the Cellophane Beast was fun times, as was American Gods character Loki prodding Newt's Special Fail Powers. That one also resulted in a hilarious AU drawing based on what else could have fallen through the ceiling (hint: there was nudity).

Amanda Palmer: lol this list was given me before Evelyn Evelyn drama drama went down. I should have done it then, I could have gone on about her voice and lyrics and audacity and ability to connect with people instead of her privilege and public relations failure. And after all I said in the last post I STILL ended up arguing about it with strangers on the internet. God, both sides, too! I guess I am just one of those CAN'T SLEEP, SOMEBODY IS WRONG ON THE INTERNET people, regardless of whether that person agrees with me or not. Well, you know, you don't want people who agree with you to be wrong, do you?

Honestly I am more disappointed in the way Amanda has handled this whole fiasco than with the concept of the record. Like, sure, that was problematic, but as an initial provocation on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is accidentally saying "stand up for yourself" to a wheelchair-user and 10 is Spartan social darwinism, Evelyn Evelyn is maaybe a three. She could totally have salvaged that situation, but instead she's managed to make everyone who started off going "amanda I love you but I feel a little uncomfortable with this" feel like she sees no difference between us and people who tried to censor Oasis/think her photography is "goffic snuff porn"/hate her for dating Neil Gaiman (disclaimer yes I know those are all different people). For somebody who has cultivated such a feeling of closeness with her fans that just feels like a bit of a betrayal.

Also I am a little disappointed in the manner in which many people pursued this complaint against her in the first place, but that's a whole essay on effective privilege-checking that I want to save until tempers are less frayed, so that I can use this as a specific in the general case without putting people on the defensive.

And speaking of defensive don't even TALK to me about the people jumping in with "it is your responsibility if you feel offended because we choose our feelings" (more or less verbatim from one) because OH MY GOD. Alternating fury and motts at those people, why must you remind me that just because somebody likes the same stuff as me does not mean they are not a douche? (also mottsy because it reminds me of times when I have leapt to the defense of something without thinking, although I can't recall specific instances right now, but that just makes me paranoid!)

talking-really-fast: it's. a thing I do? XD I think out loud, and thoughtspeed is always faster than we are physically capable of forming words, so sometimes I trip over myself. Also sometimes people say "okay now say that again only use a spacebar" (not in so many words). Aside from that it's not much of a thing one way or another. Now talking really LOUD is a real problem I have, whereby I forget that I have a volume setting that can be adjusted until someone goes OMG STFU MAGGIE. (I feel that is a good note on which to end this post.)
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I'm at Mel's, slightly drunk. I'm showing people music videos and traumatising her little sister with Ebichu (because she has a little hamster doll that resembles it. I have been picking it up and shouting UNMENTIONABLE PANTIES! YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!) and did you know her parents blutack little motivational lists to their walls. It's sort of creepy.

Observe: a sample. Note the sickening platitudes, mild repetition issues and passive-aggressive circling of "change your habits."

Anyway so we decided to replace that one with a SLIGHTLY ALTERED VERSION and see how long it will take them to notice. It runs thusly:

 Accept your limitations – don’t diet.
 Never trust hamsters.
 Learn to be calm – hit things with sticks.
 Your anorexia is totally justified.
 Don’t let your sister’s friends use your facebook account.
 Live joyfully – DRINK MOAR.
 Forget your mistakes – SEE ABOVE.
 Be individual – get a tattoo.
 Have a mind of your own – the Borg is overrated.
 Learn the healing power of abstinence.
 Concentrate on loving cake and vodka.
 Accept the other fucker’s issues.
 Giving will make you smug.
 Love Alice – she is your overlord.
 Don’t worry about the things you can blame on your sister.
 Forgive others – they are only figments of your imagination.
 Be a winner – cheat massively!

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So I typed up a long post about sparring bruises and the Time Travellers' Convention a few days ago, but the internet ate it? Firefox crashed, and when I next went into the post window there was no draft. IDK. I want to just use Chrome but it doesn't appear to support tabbed browsing, which, you guys, I have like thirty tabs open right now :P

One of which contains:

Perry was working on a knee-high, articulated Frankenstein monster built out of hand-painted seashells from a beach-side kitsch market. They said GOD BLESS AMERICA and SOUVENIR OF FLORIDA and CONCH REPUBLIC and each had to be fitted out for a motor custom built to conform to its contours.

“When it’s done, it will make toast.”

Cory Doctorow's Makers. So far, I like it :P

What've you been up to, internets?
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It's nearly fucking twenty ten, y'all! I have high hopes. (that up there is an 8tracks wot I made on the theme! Does it work?

It's amazing how much confidence I gain from actually having written things. (...that people have read. I have been checking my hit counts like a ridiculous person :P)

If you wanna guess which yuletide stories are mine, here are some clues:
1. There is one full length story and two madness treats.
2. They all use phrases for titles (capitalisation variable).
3. Said titles all share a word (or a conjugation of it)
4. One of the treats is porny (and has so many more hitcounts than the others XD naturally)

I wanted to stick a random obscure #vocabulary word into each but I only managed one.

My gifts were a cute Vorkosigan story (from a pinch-hitter, which you have to respect - I was in chat the last day or so and it was HECTIC) and one third of a triptych on Who Killed Amanda Palmer which was amaaazing! There were actually several awesome WKAP stories which makes me happy :) this one was particularly dazzling.

I want to just link you guys to my bookmarks list, actually, because I have been reading some awesome stories, but I can't find a sharelink. So let me just point out that someone did write a Many Moons fic and it was wonderful, and also a HIMYM story of hilarity entitled The Legendary Fiveway (does what it says on the tin).

I am up at four am again so this post feels a little incoherent. Today my cat spent some time using my mobile phone as a pillow and then brought me a dead bird. I ate another hilarious gourmet midnight snack. I made my first smoothie and it was amazing - YOU GUYS. YOU CAN JUST BLEND STUFF AND THEN DRINK IT! HOW COOL IS THAT. (Note to self: next time check mystery fruit for seeds.) I went shopping like a grown up person.

Tomorrow people are coming to my actual house /o\ for an ancient TV show marathon. I rented MacGuyver!
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Aha, I knew it! The yuletide unfilled prompts list has been updated and I'm on it. If anybody's here from there, here's my dear santa letter :)

Oh man, I hope I get the Something Wicked one - not that I don't love all my prompts but I have literally never seen a good fic for that fandom. I'll definitely resubmit it next year otherwise. Oooh, also I will nominate Kelly Link and Janelle Monae! I cannot believe I forgot them this year. And do a massive Doctor 13 picspam! Ahaha I have been bitten by the yultide bug but good haven't I :P

I'm currently trying to get a couple treats done in time for christmas - I'm pretty much just chillin' at home till saturday (whereupon i will suddenly have a social life for four days straight again XD it is like a sine wave or something.)

Merry Chrismukkah everybody!

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I got one of those Formspring thingies people are getting. I'm such a sheepling.

Today, I thought I was seeing ads for one movie everywhere, but it turns out they were for two different movies. They both had a middle-aged white chick with blonde hair and a middle-aged white dude with brown hair giving each other sideways eyes against a beige background. Really, hollywood? Really?

Music meme!

Step 1. Put your playlist on random.
Step 2. Post lyrics from the first 20 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing.
Step 3. Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly. NO GOOGLING

1. Steady your boats / Arms to shoulder / 'till tides are pulled / Hold our grounds Sons and Daughters- The Decemberists [ profile] jk_rockin
2. You're so unpredictable and I'm so typical / I tried to sell you a heart before you saw the world
3. Say whatever you have to say, I'll stand by you. Do whatever you have to do, to get it out and not become a reactionary Sway by The Kooks [ profile] miss_186
4. How can I decide what's right / When you're clouding up my mind? Decode - Paramore [personal profile] stepps
5. We built this city, we built this city on rock 'n' roll!Jefferson Starship - we built this city [ profile] cookiedough
6. Did I pass with the centuries in your Coventry house / Did I did I call your name too loud?
7. Pushin' the law again
8. ... *swelling brass chords* ... okay I don't expect y'all to recognise a piece of classical music by anything I can say about it. I'm gonna skip most of the foreign songs too, while I'm at it.
8.5 Imagine me and you I do / I think about you day and night Happy Together by The Turtles [ profile] miss_186 and [ profile] cookiedough
9. When you’re out with your friends in your new Mercedes Benz and you’re… on drugs
10. With your hook and line, I still blow away
11. I could make a dress / A robe fit for a prince The Dresden Dolls - Perfect Fit [ profile] cookiedough
12. We were watching as the sun was slowly setting / We were talking like the world was at an end
13. We should order up, wash the wine out of the coffee cup
14. All our accidents went purposeful and fell, stripped of providence or any way to tell that our intentions were intangible and sweet. Benediction by The Weakerthans [ profile] miss_186
15. ‘Cause you’ve been left behind / And the world has its shine, I would drop it on a dime for you. Cobra Starship - the world has its shine (but I would drop it on a dime) [ profile] cookiedough
16. I said, "Come here, if there is a fire 'cause I want you to burn first" You Burn First by Alexisonfire [ profile] miss_186
17. What's that writing on your shelf / In the bathrooms and the bad motels?
18. Knock so I'll know you're still there, half listening, interpreting the air. Full of failing foreign tongue, my dialect of stammer come undone.
19. Early told a lie / Afraid to be blind / Now go for a while / Shut off the world
20. A spider in a sea of cobwebs moves no more in a house that no-one's called home for too long
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Today I googled myself and made the SHOCKING DISCOVERY that I am not the only Captain Oblivious on the internet! The more well-known one is Rob McDonagh, who doesn't sound all that oblivious to me! *pouts*

This makes me sad. I liked that nickname. I even made an urban dictionary entry for it. And the whole reason I googled it was because [personal profile] frostickle claimed I was contagious :P so I decided he would be my sidekick, Awkward Lad.


Anyway, the upshot of all that is I need a new Internet Moniker. Suggestions?
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Okay not to spam but I just wanted to document this twitter exchange for posterity, the lulz and just in case I want to use the bunny :P

sex cheerleaders? really? )

aten't ded

Nov. 25th, 2009 01:09 am
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Augh, that was a week. DONE. SO DONE. My planned Week Full Of Stuff finished and then there was more stuff. I was just at Stan's farewell party because he is my bff and he is fleeing the country to be a Microsoft corporate whore for the summer, but THAT WAS THE LAST THING. from now on I am just going to vegetate. VEGETATE. VEG-E-TATE.


*cough* hey internets. Have some Things Wot I Found.

Cut for images. Bands, gloves, shoes, The Shat )
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Wicked. You guys. WICKED. Oh my god. *explodes in paroxysm of squee*

I think I have a new fandom! That was amazing.

I'm not going to read the book for six months or so because it would probably harsh my squee - reliable sources tell me the ending is much happier in the musical. I'm a fan of tragedies but this was too awesome not to savour for a while.

I will however reread the original Oz books ASAP, because I have discovered that I do not remember anything except that one of them involved a princess and a talking rock or something. Well, I must have been thirteen or fourteen when I was reading those, it's not surprising. I recall them as something like a cross between Narnia and Alice in Wonderland.

So uh. It's kind of four in the morning? Only half-way through my ludicrous week and my sleeping patterns are totally fucked XD In fact my eating patterns also appear to be going haywire - today I had tea for breakfast, then forgot to eat until four pm when I had a toasted sandwich, and then went to Avi's for hotpot. This was fun but... the third vegan meal I have had this week, it's kind of freaking me out. You feel like a douche insisting on a burger joint if there's even one vegan in the party, then before you know it you realise you have ingested a metric fuckton of soy and some funny shaped vegetables and you'd just kill for a fucking cheese sandwich or something.

Mmm, cheese. I think I'll go get some cheese.
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Of new comms I've found here on dreamwidth I'm really liking [profile] audiphilia, the song-sharing community. I just posted some songs there for Happy Week. Last week's theme was covers.

I've been reading Star Trek reboot fic and it's making me want to watch the movie again. Mostly because Spock is such a woobiiiiie. I just want Kirk to handcuff him to something and hug him for about six hours straight. I don't even care whether they have sex afterwards! (okay that is a lie)

Okay, NOW I'm posting the writing exercises :P
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1. Cinemas hideously overprice theirs.
2. Popping sounds are fun.
3. No, seriously, a medium sized volume of popcorn costs like thirty cents when you buy it in an unpopped state. EXTORTION.
4. Melt the butter (in our case, margarine) BEFORE you drop it into the bowl of popcorn. Failure to do this will result in tiny katamari popcorn-balls glued together with butter. This will be hilarious, but not exactly conducive to even butter-coverage.

Me and Stan are watching But I'm A Cheerleader :D
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Assignment done done done! Yay \o/ I think that was the very best last minute shop job I have ever done. I realised I had not done the print ad with about twenty minutes to go, found a random picture of a house (er... a swiss chalet, but the swiss countryside and the Aussie countryside are SURPRISINGLY SIMILAR, YOU GUYS), deleted the sky, stuck in a gradient in the company colours and slapped my headline in the middle. Also I photoshopped a solar-panel-covered roof onto the swiss chalet. IT LOOKED REALLY GOOD, WTF. Then I dashed around trying to find a print shop that was open that late, lol. I don't know if I've actually described this project here - the ad was part of a massive report in which I evaluated some sustainability-themed ads, picked the worst one, explained why it sucked, and then fixed it complete with creative brief and media plan. Oh, and with a linked online ad (that turned out pretty well too YAY CLONE TOOL *glomps it*) but my point is, IT WAS MASSIVE. The print guy took one look at it and said "We're going to need a bigger stapler." And he got out the industrial sized stapler (which was really cool) and charged me fifty cents extra, but by that point I was just like GET ON WITH IT I NEED TO NOT FAIL THIS PLZKTHNX.

In other news... uh... in... I'm very annoyed, I distinctly remember thinking "I'm going to write a blog post about this and it is going to be awesome" and now I can't remember what "it" was. COUGH UP, BRAIN.

Fine, instead have a really cool short story, a really freaky game and something SLIGHTLY wolverine-spoilery that made me lol here.

My internets continue capped until tomorrow! Oh my gosh I am so tired of this snail's pace, how did we ever get anything done back in the days of dial-up??

I keep getting twitterfollowed by randoms :/ a couple of them are interesting, one is a decent author who's just slightly annoying because of spamming us with links to his stories, and the rest are porn/marketing spammers and a Republican. I'm slightly baffled about that last one, where on earth could he have found me? He didn't say hello. Who the hell does he think I am? All of his posts appear to be "man obama's doing stuff :(" and "who does that olberman guy think he is bagging out teabaggers" and WHYYYY DID YOU ADD ME OH MY GOD.
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Hee, I'm busy procrastinating on my assignment and doing some online tutoring, but I just had to post about this adorable student. Obviously can't go into specifics, but they logged on to the English category where I do a lot of proofreading of essays and creative writing, except I couldn't help them because it wasn't official homework, just something their teacher suggested they do in their free time. And they said they just wanted someone to read over it because whenever they show it to their friends they just get "it's fine" and I just started giggling because I felt a sudden kinship with that student. You know how you can recognise Someone Like Me at twenty paces sometimes? That's what this felt like, it was like seeing somebody reading Sandman at the library or writing a poem in a notebook on a bus. And haven't we all had trouble finding a good beta at some point or another?

I wanted to help the kid, but rules say only schoolwork gets proofread, so I told them to look for critique-exchange groups online. I wanted to go "get into fandom, heaps of people will want to be your beta!" but I felt that might be inappropriate :P
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Today the internet has brought me fluorescent puppies, kaleidoscope and cupcake awesomeness, and this.

Have a meme from [profile] perfectdays: The first TEN FIVE TEN ACROSS BOTH LJ AND DW people to comment in this post get to request a drabble or a poem or something of any pairing/character/misc of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.

PS this is also awesome.
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I have ~new clothes! My auntie sent over some stuff that no longer fits her or whatever, and after setting aside a stack for reasons of insufficient cleavage (mine, not theirs) and some that were just kind of WTF Aunt Eugenia, have you kept this since the eighties? I was left with no less than three kind of awesome tops, so I'm happy!

Also, found some photography from that zombie/vampire party I went to. I forgot in my recount of it to mention that there was cake! Zombie and Vampire cake! All chocolate though :( so I did not partake. It looked awesome though! And I was not the only person to be confused by the zombie kitten.

My holidays are over :( now I have to actually get my act together for the rest of the semester and try not to fail it and also get some other stuff done instead of collapsing in a fit of procrastination and playing one million flash games (guess what I have been doing all week). Aaand my dad is about to forcibly disconnect my internet because it's one am, so good night!
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Pheeew. That essay was more of a bitch than it really ought to have been. Thanks, weird psychological issues!1 Anyway, now I'm done done done and I washed my hair and it is a lovely day and I have another week of holidays left to actually be holidays!

B3ta's weekly newsletter is out and hilarious as always. I am particularly amused by We Didn't Start The Flame War and of course the Question of the Week has some great answers, mostly involving alcohol. I'm Captain Oblivious over there, incidentally.

I got a Dreamwidth invite code! Random draw of validated OpenID accounts, it turns out.

[Poll #1386096]

I'm sort of sick of maggiebloome since it was my preferred pen-name circa 2002? But changing it might make me harder to find. On the other hand I intend to post a link to my dreamwidth account on LJ and vice versa anyway.

Judicious research already has me going :/ because the read-LJ-flist-on-DW feature is still in "figure out how the hell we can implement it" stage. I really don't want yet another friends page to check all the time, so if that comes online I'll probably shift over there permanently, provided of course that a significant portion of my flist is there. Until then I'll just use it the way I'm currently using my OpenID, except with icons and a profile and stuff. Speaking of which, how do I cross-post? I totally intended to figure out how to do it back when I got an insanejournal (...I don't even remember what my username is there now, I just use LJOpenID) but my computer was sort of dying at the time and I didn't want to install software and figure out how to use it only to have it collapse on me.

Anyway, upshot of which is I am not abandoning you, LJ people! I'm just hedging my bets :P

Also I'm totally pwning at Facebook scrabble, but the site hangs up at inconvenient moments. Like, say, for the first minute and a half of my two-minute turn. STOP IT, FACEBOOK SCRABBLE.

1Goes something like this: Wow that sure is a lot of work to do I might fail it ADRENAL RESPONSE OF DETH oh look solitaire OH SHIT DEADLINE now I really will fail it MOAR STRESS HORMONES OF FREAKING THE FUCK OUT ahhh calm relaxing solitaire. Rinse, repeat. In a further delightful twist, there is a peripheral system in which I cannot, while in the throes of alternating frantic typing with desperate stress-avoidance procrastination, do anything ELSE that might actually be useful or even particularly fun, beause that is like admitting I give up. If I'm just playing solitaire I COULD STOP ANY MOMENT and go back to the work I'm avoiding.2

And that, boys and girls, is why I have not updated my livejournal for a week and this morning I found a spider in my shower. It went "running water?? In the SHOWER? WTF WHY WOULD THAT HAPPEN THAT NEVER HAPPENS AAAH" and then ran up the wall and glared at me.

2Weirdly enough knowing exactly how my issues work does not actually help me not have them does this happen to anyone else?


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