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So anyway, I have clearly not kept up with my good intentions of updating lots. I should really stop waiting for my life to calm down to do stuff like this - all signs point to not any time soon, so I may as well figure out how to work around ALL THE THINGS for blogging. I have been keeping up on reading blogs, but not really commenting - sorry guys, I'm always either feeling like I have nothing relevant to say, like you've forgotten who I am since I haven't updated in so long, or like it would be awkward to comment because the post is two or three days old in the time it took me to read it. But I am reading! I have reverted to lurkerdom. Sorry :( I'm going to try to both post and comment a bit more, but we know how that has turned out in the past :P

I'm writing this first bit chilling at a dinner party on someone else's laptop while I wait for stuff to happen. By stuff I mean food. Since the last entry I have had a fairly solid block of social life and work.

rock and roll! )

tattoos! )

parties! )

extremely nerdy pursuits! )

work! and dashing about madly! and more work! ...and then moar social life, this time more sedate )

So yes, that was A LOT OF THINGS. I have conveniently split them into sections using The Magic Of Cuts (although it will be of most utility to DW users on their reading page or anyone browsing [personal profile] bliumchik, because of Dreamwidth's handy little triangle cut thing). It has been a fun week, but I am also glad now that the weekend is appearing sedate. There was a party on Friday as well, but I had to babysit, so instead of flailing at people on a beach I played scrabble with a sevenyearold. And I lost, because I kept telling him what words to use. It's just really frustrating to play against someone who keeps putting down "at" :P

I'm just gloriously lazing around my room and immersing my brain in the internet, while outside my window my new neighbours yell incoherently and splash about in a kiddie pool with all their housewarming guests.

SO, PEOPLE WHO INEXPLICABLY STILL READ MY BLOG: if you have gotten this far, or even if you have skipped all of the random anecdotes, Answer Me These Questions Three!

1. I am submitting a sample Advice Column to my student magazine, hoping to write a monthly one this year! Give me sample questions to answer in it. They can be serious or humorous, preferably some mix between the two - you can post them screened if you like. LET ME ADVISE YOOOOOUUU MOOHOOHAHAHahem.

2. Who wants to volunteer at Armageddon Sydney? I'm not sure if it's too late or not, but the form is still up on their website... I'm thinking of applying but obviously it's more fun with friends!

3. What hilarious horrifying yet realistic tattoo shall I tell my dad I'm thinking of getting before revealing my comparatively classier one so that he doesn't freak out about it? (nothing will stop my mum from freaking out :P)
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Slowly, things come into order. I have scheduled singing lessons, and a tattoo. Tomorrow I'm making overdue medical appointments. I am caught up on Anthology work for now. I successfully wrote a [ profile] yuletide story in the Mirrormask fandom entitled The Point Of Keys. I also recieved this cute (and longish!) Obernewtyn story.

I'm going through my least-listened files in Winamp to rate and playlist stuff, although it keeps listing TV shows there because, obviously, I don't watch most of more than once or twice. I am getting into Jawbreaker, which is odd because when I first looked them up, years ago, on hearing and loving Brand New's cover of Accident Prone, I was horribly disappointed by how amelodic they were. I suppose my tolerance for less-than-perfect vocals has increased. Level up in punk rock? xD

amusing stuff that happened this weekend, containing equal parts fail and win )

EDIT: lol for some reason this posted backdated to last month? I swear I did not mean to do that... I think maybe I had the post window open for longer than I thought. Oops! fixed now.
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Mwaha! Okay, now it is time for linkspam! First off, remember Formspring? Not sure I ever linked it here. I AM INCREDIBLY FRANK, YOU GUYS: YOU KNOW THIS. Ask me things!

Bee tee dubs, I meant to tell you how awesome the compliments meme was! Some of the people I was thinking of when I wrote about the i'm-so-fat thing and my puzzled flail about it did not comment though, so I had to ambush them on facebook. And while I was there I said what the hell, and got through another twenty or so of my friends. It was amazing! I highly reccommend it, I went to sleep grinning my face off. I turned on my capslock before I started. NOTHING IS AWKWARD WHEN YOU SAY IT IN CAPS LOCK :D

Speaking of Facebook, I thought y'all might find this recent exchange of mine amusing.

It's true, I really would watch Battlestar Gaylactica. Don't lie, you know you would too.

In slightly more Srs Bzns lately, I found this article incredibly interesting. Back when I first read the Zombie Survival Guide in high school I had plans to write up detailed Zombie Contingency Plans for the event of securing my house, my school and a long-term fortress such as an island (because you know. it never hurts to be prepared awesome. I also spent a lot of time trolling the [profile] zombie_survival community, but I got tired of it being full of people who had not actually read the book and either took the whole thing too seriously or were obsessed with proving their own points about some strategic detail. Plus: the curse of a thousand American gun nuts!)

I never got beyond vague ideas and a hilarious diagram of my school with zombie-vulnerable points circled, but as part of the long-term plan I was considering data storage. I had some idea of a cool dry cellar in which we'd keep archival computers that could be powered with our generator or even a hand-crank - for all those bits of information we're not sure if we'll need or not. They'd be powered down all the time except when we need to check something, or yearly maintenance I guess. I never got round to doing the research on how long they would last. Things are made pretty disposable these days.

Idle speculation on future archeologists is also a bit of a hobby of mine. Last year there was an archeology thread on the Whitechapel forums, and one user who studies in that area pointed out that the default explanation for Stuff That Baffles Us is to file it under Religious Purposes. I found it amusing to look at modern art pieces and imagine them being dug up in a thousand years by next-civilisation scholars who invent elaborate religious rituals on our behalf to explain them. But gods, is it creepy to think about all those ghost-databanks, lying fallow all over the world for lack of decryption technology.

Think about what's on your hard-drive right now. If that one computer was all some future pastgeek could access, what would they infer about our civilisation?

Okay, now MOAR LULZ.

The Worst Sex Scene In Comics. I think I ruptured something giggling at this. (PS it is SFW in the sense that there is clearly sex happening but it's been blackboxed.)

SPEAKING OF SEXYTIEMS. Am I a bit of a perv for finding Venom licking a dude hot? COME ON, GUYS. LOOK AT THAT LITTLE HEAD-TILT. COME ONNNN.

Hope you've got your lulz/srs bzns whiplash neckbrace on because I really like this article about Taylor Swift. Basically assume I am nodding vigorously at everything in that article.


also it is apparently delurking week! or it was, and can be, like, extended. jussayin.
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Good evening, internet! It is for once Before Midnight and I am writing a blog post!

I have been a busy little maggot this week, for varying values of busy that alternate between internet-cyborg-zombie and person-who-leaves-the-house-wearing-clothes. My casual online tutor work has started up again, so now I have an EXCUSE to sit in front of the computer for hours at a time! Also on Friday I accidentally went to a trance club. The night began promisingly, with young ladies stealing my roll of gaffer-tape to prepare their breasts for later semi-naked acrobatics and all, but I went home early because I had forgotten my wallet and felt too awkward sober. Also, I was hungry. So I came home and made a steak at one in the morning. Class~!

Anyway, a thing which I wanted to talk about was the Ladies: Why You Be Putting Yo'selves Down stuff going round earlier this week. I shall link to the Tiger Beatdown post because that is where I came across it and also because I agree with pretty much all of it, Sady is a sensible person and I love her blog. She and Amanda Hess continue the conversation here, and that post in particular felt oddly, nay, horrifyingly familiar.

You see, people do this around me all the time. I shan't name names, but I've been dealing with various close friends moaning about how fat they apparently are since I was fourteen. And I never got it, and I could never think of an appropriate response, because "no you're not" got old fast when it was clearly making no impact, since the conversation would repeat verbatim ad nausea, and talking about how stick-thin is not the only way to be pretty skirts the minefield of calling them fat by dint of not gushing about how skinny they are. Sometimes I'd cynically think to myself, "She is just fishing for compliments, god!" but I never particularly minded handing them out - it was just, you know. Boring.

I never really thought about this weird female habit in context, in terms of the whole patriarchal structure of feminine downplaying and tearing down and submissive gestures. I never really felt the urge myself - I guess those couple years of preadolescent socialisation I missed out on were good for something, huh? On the other hand, I am always going on about how clumsy and forgetful I am. It's not in a "please reassure me" way, it's more an instinct to lower expectations, I suppose, but now I'm wondering if that's part of this phenomenon, or if it has more in common with the gender-neutral Class Clown syndrome, as I've always thought.

All that can't hide the fact that this really is a Thing, that women are taught to do, and it still sucks. It's hard to know what to do about it. I still don't know how to respond when people (read: women) (...and Shaun, now that I think about it) put themselves down. I'm thinking of a compliment-ambush strategy, or something, I don't know. But if you're reading this, if you're reading the posts I linked above (and I hope you read those because they are awesome) and you are thinking shit, that's me, then I'd like to hear about what goes through your head in those conversations, what it is that I never got from your perspective. And yeah, I'd like it to happen less often, but not at the expense of your feeling able to express your insecurities to me, because what else are friends for? I only want to hear that stuff less because you're thinking it less. And I of all people know how tricky and unpredictable brain-hackery is, but I do believe that sometimes, when we're aware of a Thing we do that we do not want to do, we can do something about it. Remember when I used to have panic attacks on buses? You probably don't. Hell, I barely do. But I do remember it's slow, it starts small. And here this rambling dovetails neatly with a meme I've been meaning to post, via [ profile] jk_rockin and [ profile] mishka_jayne!

Reply to this post, and I'll tell you one reason why I like you. Then repost this [if you like] and spread the love.

Except! Amendment! Especially for if you are a lady (or shaun)!

Reply to this post with something you like about yourself. No cop-out complinsults please! I know you've got it in you! And if you don't I will still do the original meme above, so no pressure or anything, but try. For me.

AND IF YOU DON'T COMMENT, Certain People, well... I know where you live (on the internet). I will hunt you down. And some day, when you least expect it... I will... SAY NICE THINGS ABOUT YOU.
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Today I spent two hours watching daytime television waiting downstairs for the dude who bought my bro's old crib on ebay, and he finally showed up just as I gave up and went upstairs and switched on the computer. Bah! I did however discover that there is a surprisingly large volume of Australian fantasy TV shows with hilarious props (and a puppy). Also hilarious: The Naked Chef. That dude is ridiculous! (Caveat: not actually naked :/ oh well)

Having finished yuletide feels so amazingly good. It's like this whole year wasn't a productive write-off because I finished something. Something I made a committment to, on time, not half-arsed. I think it bodes well for 2010. I want to make sure I set up systems this summer, habits to carry me through the winter slump, to keep things going. I never want another six-month fell-off-the-face-of-the-internet hiatus, because if I can't post here then the anxiety must have a goddamn stranglehold on me. I want to pick up the guitar again, and draw things, and motherfucking write.

Although at the moment I am just bumming around because my parents are on holiday for a week! With my brother! Things are going to stay where I put them again :D

I never posted about my Hellfire adventure! Gothing [personal profile] frostickle up was hilarious, but eating a burger while waiting for him was a bad plan - I was terribly sober for most of the night. I even slipped some vodka in my tea while I was putting eyeliner on David, but to no avail! I was nervy and awkward all evening. I have discovered that I am quite good at dancing in, you know, the general vicinity of people - still freeze up a bit when they get close though. Somehow despite this... I... you guys, did somebody write "please invite me into your bisexual kissing orgy" on my forehead while I was unconscious and I haven't noticed? Or what? :P

*cough* ANYway. The scenery in the club was awesome (skin, chains and latex being the mode), and the atmosphere very safe - they even had a little list of rules which specifically advised dudes to let women hit on them instead of the other way round, because of the high lesbian ratio. Later a dude got up onstage with an acoustic guitar and sang a little song about getting drunk and throwing up on someone. I loled. I made friends with a random in a hat, my photo was taken by a girl covered in christmas lights and I saw a woman dressed as a catholic priest with a little dog. It was a fun night! I went home around four, got up again at one o'clock to go audition for a production of Ruby Moon that some people at my uni, although apparently unaffiliated with TROUTS, are putting on.

Then on Sunday I met up with the Internets and had lunch at an extremely asian steakhouse where they bring out the meat on a hotplate and you sort of cook it as much as you like. Then we went to Kinokunia, where we loled at the Ouran Host Club manga, which is exactly as metatastic and hilarious as the anime.

Now I am hibernating ^_^ although I feel like I SHOULD have a party, or SOMETHING. Maybe that ancient-TV-shows marathon? It has been a long time since I've watched the Addams family.
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What do I do as soon as I start posting again? Stop posting :P naturally. I have had a busy couple of weeks, internet! Let me tell you about it! With pictures, mostly linked in-text for the benefit of anybody who’s capped or something, because there are rather a lot of them. This entry’s written in fits and starts so a couple asides are out of date, particularly the one pertaining to my stab wound, but I’m leaving them in anyway :)

did I just say that about the stab wound to make you click the cut? maybe I did, maybe I didn’t… )

So that was that. Next post: a meme and a macro and some awesome statuary, plus tales of my further clubbing adventures if all goes well (or hilariously unwell) tonight (and David actually shows up :/)
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And in one final hoshit I really did lose my blog for six months post, I have decided to combine a whole bunch of random stuff into a Things I Have Made post!

In no particular order:

My best two sketches from the life drawing class we dropped into on a whim. I tried to clean them up a little in photoshop because I spilled water and they dried crinkly so there were random shadows everywhere, but I got distracted by colour washes halfway through :P uh platonic nudes are also NSFW I assume so lol cut timne.

cute girl with and without awesome chair )

Hanyway. Some of you may have caught the WHOSE RESPONSIBLE meme - those who didn't, it's here in reverse order. The meme had a mild case of Trying Too Hard and so ultimately flopped, but it will always hold a special place into my heart right next to YOU HAVE RIGHT SLAP WENCH. Also, I wrote a filk about it and they totally linked it :P I thought I should post it here for posterity, with the lyrics since it's rather quiet at the start.

Banned From Yiffstar )

Now let's see, what else have I made. Some lolcats, a Discworld drabble from a [profile] transcendenza prompt... OH YES. *facepalm* how could I forget, this was one of the whole reasons I wanted to do this post.

I wrote a leetle comic about swans for the UTS Writer's Society Zine, Streetcygnes (yes, I am the Queen of Puns, why do you ask?) and then spent about a year bugging [personal profile] frostickle to draw it before throwing up my hands and turning to [ profile] mishka_jayne who did this awesome job:

swans \o/ )

I took the zine to the TINA festival - which is a story in itself AND another Thing I Made because I then wrote about that trip for my Creative Non Fiction class final assignment travel writing piece. It was a bit of a stretch on the term "travel writing" consisting mostly of EPIC FLAIL, but I shall post it :D

I have also signed up to [ profile] yuletide but have not written a Dear Yultider letter because I can't think of what to put in it. I rambled quite a lot in my prompts :P I am so excited to find out which one got written! :D I only got one prompt in one of my fandoms, which is ironic because I went the whole hog and put myself down for about twenty of them, and was then sort of disappointed that I couldn't write all of them XD maybe I will finish this early and put myself on the pinch hit list.

PS LJ is spotlighting [ profile] kitchenfaqs... guess which letter I misread? Just guess :P
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Still capped! Woe. Always the internet explodes when this happens.1

some highlights ) Via [ profile] tryx

1 Also my yid-factor apparently skyrockets.
2 i.e. [ profile] bentley oh dear why doesn't livejournal have site-specific username code? I have had this feature for like a week and it is already essential and I want to magically insert it into lj-code!!
3 Oh god the twitterlexicalization meme got me! Argh! Must... refrain... from... adding... syllable... "tweet"... to... EVERYTHIIIIING!!!
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Eep, that makes three, count'em THREEEEE consecutive nights of rock'n'roll. You know that wesbite, "fuck my life"? I want one called <3 my life omg. Oh hey, I ask and [ profile] snarkaddict provides!

Talkbox at the Harp )

Diana's birthday )

Zombies vs. Vampires Party of Massive Fucking Win )

Finally, go here and fight my weird sprite thing. They're adorable! STAB STAB STAB.

And an RTMI video from [ profile] drjon:

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Yup, I really need to stop staying up till four in the morning and then deciding to make LJ posts about ~politics. Because... I... didn't quite get to the politics *looks sheepish* So please consider the meander of my last post Vaguely Related Things I Have Been Thinking About. Because I was actually thinking about the island thing for some time before RaceFail 09 was brought to my attention, and it's not really fair to have my one post on the topic taken over by my own tl;dr hypothesizing. Nevertheless I like it as a frame of reference and will continue to wikihop on the topic of empire prior to the British one to see if my theory has any sway. I know the Ottoman empire had a habit of putting somebody local in charge of their conquered lands, so that the only thing that changed was where the taxes were going, which reduced civil unrest. Is there anybody history-minded on my flist, d'you know if there has been anything on the scale of British colonisation at any other point in history? Um anyway, [/end ramble]

The actual kerfuffle: I have been reading further! (SO MUCH further. IT IS SO HUGE, OH MY GOD) I have found one of the most erudite and sensible people in the melee is [ profile] tablesaw - among other things this was pretty damn awesome. (Considered friending her but I don't think we actually have anything more specific in common than I Like The Sci Fi and would thus feel like a stalker) (...more like a stalker than usual). However I have obtained an extra blog to the bookmarks list with Mary Anne Mohanraj guest posting on John Scalzi's blog - her books look interesting too! If there is one thing I have gained from this whole thing aside from red eyes and a vague discomfort with my own reactions to certain things it is the many additions to my amazon wishlist!

My conclusion on the actual events... is totally irrelevant, I don't really have anything new to say there. Speaking of John Scalzi, there is a guy who knows how to say "oops, my bad" - some people could learn from that. This really did not need to get this fucking big, seriously. Seriously!

(however that is not why I am up so late on THIS night, this one is all down to faily procrastination issues. I did manage to get one thing done, which was for a marketing internship - they asked all the shortlist folks to sign up to their networking site and post an article about entrepreneurship or something. I uh, sort of ended up going on a tl;dr rant about networking sites which may or may not have been the BEST idea depending on their meta tolerance but I am trusting in my leet wordsmithy skillz to blow them away. ...I really hope I won't wake up tomorrow and discover THIS was something I shouldn't have done at four in the morning EITHER lol. IT ALWAYS SEEMS LIKE A GOOD IDEA AT THE TIME, DAMMIT.)

Anyway I shall finish this post on a more awesome note. [ profile] villainny's post about [ profile] 50books_poc reminded me of Janelle Monae again (the reason I keep forgetting is I CAN'T FIND HER MUSIC ANYWHEEEERE) ;_; so have an amazing sciffy music video that I don't remember if I've posted before and don't care if I have because it is awesome.

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Good afternoon livejournal! How goes it with you? The weather here continues scorching. I have a small temporary tattoo of a bat on my hand. My dad and I went to the Kingsford market to buy me jeans and left as usual with half a dozen other things!

The Kingsford Sunday markets are totally awesome for clothes and completely random stuff (also, fruit!) as I shall now demonstrate. We did of course buy the jeans (after arguing over measurements for a bit - why must everything be so laaaarge) from a friendly Russian lady who upon realising we had only found two pairs that could possibly fit me on the rack began to empty out the sacks into which she had been packing away the jeans at the end of the day. We eventually found some nice black ones, yay. Then as my dad paid I wandered across the aisle to the guy who'd apparently bought a bunch of ancient PC games in bulk and was now selling them for $2 apiece. They were really really old. He joked that he ought to just buy a bunch of old computers with Windows 95 on them and sell those with a hundred games each, for people who wanted to play stuff that was obsolete on Vista. Then he looked sort of wistful and mumbled that nobody had that many old computers to sell him. I bought a game called Plague (from 1996!) in which you have to perform virtual neurosurgery on the victims of a bizarre virus, which manifests as a crumbling Roman villa that you have to fix while killing monsters. Also from 1996: CyberJudas! (the word Cyber was in fashion back then.) You play the president of what is described as the most powerful nation in the world so I assume it is meant to be futuristic!america, the world is on the brink of chaos and there is a traitor in your cabinet! I shall try these out and report back whether they a) work on XP and b) are fun and/or as hilarious as they sound.

After that we had a wander around the market, looking at the stalls full of stuff we had absolutely no justification for buying but which was indubitably awesome. These included a set of napkin-holders which were adoooorable black ceramic/mosaic-y owls with big eyes, a camera-holder from 1920 which looked wonderfully Steampunk and another which looked a bit less awesome but contained an actual 1950s camera (obviously nonfunctional) with all these random knobs and dials. Also on the steampunk front one of the watchsellers had fob watches on chains! Not old ones, though, "authentic-looking" ones. The stall with the old camera box also had a bunch of other old things, including for some reason a riding crop.

Along the way a couple of skirts caught my eye as well, a $3 denim one with hilarious patches on the back made to look like it used to have back pockets but somebody ripped them off, and a long white one with really pretty bright red designs along the bottom. I was a bit skeptical about that one because white skirts don't really work on me, but I was seduced by the possibility of putting something over it, perhaps in navy blue if I want to look particularly Russian, or... anyway we shall see. And I bought a $3 CD as well, because the cover looked cool and I figured it wouldn't be too much of a waste if the band turned out not to be good. This principle is how I discovered Matchbook Romance, and so far The Chaperones sound pretty cool. To the internet! ...okay it is NOT these guys. Aha, here we go. Of course that just leads back to their myspace, but then there's this. I sort of agree with the guy that they need a bass player :P but they're not bad. Just try and google your potential band names before you settle on'em, eh kids? 1960's Doo Wop groups presumably not being among this lot's influences.

Whee, cheap things. Now off to some sort of BBQ thing!
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Hokay, so. Shoooow.

Nobody answered my call for company but I discovered that some people from my high school were going and tagged along with them. This wasn't even awkward at first, since I'm so much better at sitting back and listening during the bits of conversations that don't involve my input without either feeling left out or jumping in with random shit and sounding like a tool (you should have met me six years ago, seriously). Of course then we accumulated some randoms in the form of a dude I met at the Zombie Lurch who just sort of showed up and recognised me, and a friend of his who showed up later and turned out to go to my uni. So THAT was a little awkward in that I ended up straddling the border between two conversations for the rest of the night, but my multitasking is pretty decent and I am perfectly capable of simultaneously going *g* at Beth picking cat hair off Rachel's cardigan and nodding earnestly at Christian's flood of Random Facts About Musicians He Has Met.

We claimed a spot where we could sit down that would have a decent view of the stage when the band came on and we stood up, and then waited for ages because Manning is pretty slow (well, I say that, I've been there all of twice, lol). Anyway the opening band, Baseball finally came on about fortyfive minutes after the doors opened. The internet had been going "umm srsly? that is such a weird choice, goats, wtf?" but Christian and his friend had been enthusing about them, so I made ready to go and mosh, but then, well. To put it bluntly, then they started playing. And, okay, they had a good rhythm section, so I can see how moshing could theoretically have been happening, but you guys, the music basically consisted of an electric fiddle and a shitload of incoherent screaming at top volume. Not my idea of a good time. So I left C and friend to it and went to sit back down with my friends, who spent the songs exchanging eyebrowtastic looks and the brief intervals during which we could hear ourselves think trying to figure out what the hell the "singer" was actually SAYING. I suspect most of the crowd, being fans of the Mountain Goats, who are COMPLETE 180 from that, was similarly unimpressed. You could sort of tell by the collective posture of the crowd. Of course I am informed by Christian that the Goats are fans of heavy metal and this was the metaliest band they could get away with, in which case I say... well, each to their own, I guess.

Anyway, the Mountain Goats FIIIINALLY came on, by god, and by then the place was pretty packed, so I didn't try to get down to the floor but I did move up towards the front a little bit. Sadly the result of that was to place me directly in front of the speakers for the first two songs, which were a) energetic & loud and b) had levels a little overbalanced towards the drums, so oww. I moved after that, and also they got a little more relaxed (and hell, maybe the sound folks made adjustments too) and after that it was a completely enjoyable experience. John Darnielle (Goats singer-songwriter, for those not In The Know) is utterly adorable with his dorky haircut and rambly stories. He started off by asking if any of us had ever flown to the US, or, like, spent four days awake on speed, because in either case we would understand how he felt right then. Jetlag kicked in in force around Michael Myers Resplendant and he sort of paused and went "wait, what am I singing" and had to start over.

It cannot have helped that they were all wearing THREE PIECE SUITS under the stage lights, what the hell? I am told it is Part Of The Image but I do not understand how they do not MELT. I was just talking to [ profile] softlyforgotten about the relative (literal) hotness of the Mountain Goats and Panic at the Disco: how Brendon Urie is a sweaty drippy mess in every Panic show pic ever, and all he ever wears is a flimsy shirt, while these guys are onstage dressed like businessmen, with fuckin' TIES on, just sorta, y'know, chillin'. Did they sell their souls to the god of air conditioning or what? Are they maybe vampires with no body heat issues? I would just like to take a moment to nominate the Mountain Goats for the Least Likely Band To Be Vampires Ever, ahaha, that would be brilliant and hilarious.

Now as y'all are aware I have totally fallen in love with their music over the past few months, to the point of managing to write an essay during which I listened to Lovecraft In Brooklyn eighty nine times without getting sick of it (and Christian insists I should post said essay, which, maybe I will after I get my marks back). Most of the songs were just as awesome live, and some more so, possibly due to the little stories that went with them (I for one had no idea that In Craters On The Moon was about drugs, what the hell? and I never really liked Wild Sage, but seeing John sing it has definitely upped my empathy level a bit) and the band was incredibly professional and sounded awesome. The bassist was very stoic and unimpressed-looking and a little snarky, and gave someone the set-list at the end. At one point the heat must have finally gotten the better of him and he took his jacket off. Revealing. A black vest. With, like, teddy bears on it or something, I couldn't quite make it out at that distance. SERIOUSLY, YOU GUYS.

They "closed" on Lovecraft in Brooklyn, saying that Australians seemed to love the song more for some reason, and then came back for an encore. I still wished it had lasted longer. A++ despite shitty openers. I was especially charmed by John's earnest explanation that they don't have a set playlist and basically it depends on what he feels like singing that day, because he never wants to HAVE to sing something or get sick of something or complacent.

I guess the electric fiddle didn't fill the fail quota though because on the way back I called my girlfriend and managed to sort of miss my bus stop a little bit and slightly have to walk halfway across the city. *looks sheepish* At least she calmed me down though, I was pretty wired coming out of there. Excitement plus people I'm not entirely at home with (ha!) can make me a little edgy and paranoid. This is why I don't do drugs, you guys :P. Anyway, whatever, GOOD TIEMS, people, feel free to make with the chagrin at not coming with.
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Where have I been this week, o worthy citizens of Livejournal? making lolcats. Also: Sulking, procrastinating, horse-riding, play-watching, more procrastinating and sulking, watching movies and reading fanfiction, with small breaks for rolling around in pain on Sunday, Tuesday and Saturday. For three entirely unrelated reasons. Ladies and gentlemen: my week! )

This weekend was pretty much the antithesis of last weekend, I did absolutely nothing except suffer debilitating cramps and devour the internet. Colbert Report fanfiction, you guys, seriously. SERIOUSLY. *hums* I read a Daily Show/Doctor Who crossover and I liked it... ALSO, masses of youtube clips, and was delighted to learn that Stephen Colbert is a D'n'D nerd who speaks Elvish. I actually seriously heart these guys for all that I never expected to read fanfic about them (I should have. THIS IS THE INTERNEEEETS). Despite the awesome deadpan I especially love the irony-breakdown moments when their own hilarity gets the better of them and they just crack up giggling, because it's rare to see people just having so much fun on TV. Also, they sing! (I absolutely adore Colbert's willingness to make a complete fool of himself on camera. It's adorable.)

Aaaand since then I've pretty much just been messing about with lolcats and failing to write my resume. What's new with you, internets?
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I do not know why everyone always mentions Brad Pitt in the context of "lol sexy" when the man is HILARIOUS. Whenever he plays a total douchebag in a movie I am crying with laughter. In other words go see Burn After Reading because it is brilliant. I went with Liza a few nights back completely at random (it's sort of refreshing for the time between the suggestion and the movie to count less than an hour). She insisted on the largest popcorn size available - which turned out to be called Maxi. Now I don't know about you but I for one would neither think "maxi" should be bigger than "bucket" nor associate the word with anything other than feminine hygiene products, but enough of that...

No, okay, seriously. The Bucket size should actually contain enough popcorn to FILL A BUCKET, otherwise what is the point? The only thing that should be bigger than a Bucket of popcorn is a Metric Fuckton of popcorn (which we would totally have got.)

...(is this popcorn superabsorbent? Does it have wings? Is it advertised by a comical beaver muppet? SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT.)

Anyway, after rolling in the aisles for a bit and feeling sorry for the Only Guys In This Movie Not Getting Laid Club (I for one was anticipating a little more solidarity on their parts, but you know. Rocks fall.) we went back to my place where my mother pressed tea and embarrassing childhood photographs on us and Liza plotted to glue things to the ceiling after being ambushed by the Blue Exercise Ball of Doom. It was nice to catch up, Liza and I have this weird sort of friendship where we just totally don't talk for months and then there is Surprise Bonding.

Now I'm trying to arrange concurrent study at UNSW so as to be able to take music as an elective. Trying is the operative word there, the website is sort of baffling. Eventually I found the page for Misc Enrollment but they appear to have accidentally all their links, so I am going to have to go in in person tomorrow.

The i'm in for a Weekend of Doom with Melissa's birthday party followed directly by horse riding at ten in the goddamn morning, after which I'm taking Cassie to see Waiter Painter, which is a play TROUTS put on that I totally meant to do crew for but forgot to reply to the email *looks sheepish*

Tally ho!
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1. As we all know from dozens of movie scenes in which the girl who suspects her house has been broken into picks up a baseball bat, gripping a handle is tremendously comforting in times of potential violence.
2. Every single pattern we learn need only be sped up to become a whirlwind of death.
3. Wood > fists.
4. The sticks tap out a beat that really helps my focus.
5. At no point in Tae Kwon Do did I ever learn a move that makes a terrifying whooshing noise.
6. Tae Kwon Do has a zillion colours of belt. Escrima just has brown and black with lots of notches on them.
7. Partial list of totally badass people who use escrima sticks: Nightwing, Oracle, Teyla Emmagan.
8. Easily transferable to whatever vaguely sticklike weapon you happen to have handy.
9. So I can practice with my umbrella on my way home.
10. You guys. I get to hit things with sticks.
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I completely heart [ profile] wolfshirts. Nowhere else could I have this ridiculous conversation about storks, fergawdsake.

Also, my dad is making me a T-shirt print with this hilarious Russian pun on it, or possibly this one. You probably won't get it if you're not Russian, but there is this cartoon caracter called Cheburashka. It's a kind of little monkey-like creature with big ears. Yeah.

Speaking of my dad being awesome, I now totally have boots! Yay!

Win? Win.

May. 16th, 2008 08:54 pm
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Made of Win: ؟ <-irony mark! So you don't have to use lol as punctuation. It's also known as a snark or a zing. How awesome is that? Also of note, the article on sarcasm mark. I love "See Also: ORLY?"

Likewise Made of Aforementioned Win: Big Heavy Stuff. I used to love this song called Mutiny after it was played on FBi, but this was back in the days when I just like songs, not artists (mostly because most of the artists I liked were crap) so I didn't investigate. Then I lost it in a hard drive crash. I wanted to find it again but forgot the name of the band so I googled some lyrics and lo and behold! Myspace streaming brings me "why the hell don't I own any albums?"

Still More Win: My entire flist was full of the California gay marriage decision today. I think this says something about the quality of my flist. Congratulations, Californians! Also, this will be material for my Power And Change essay.
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Guys! Ficathon! With apocalypses in! My favourite kind! Sign up here!

[/end exclamation abuse]

So, thanks for the hugs on the last post. I uh, couldn't sleep and ended up having a bit of an episode and writing on my ceiling for no apparent reason. I can't be bothered to paint over it though, maybe I should just add to it so it looks all... purposeful or something. Art, dammit!

Today I was immensely cheered up by the very existence of Cobra Starship, so it's all good.

Now I should go eat and do uni things.


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