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I finally watched MCR's Sing video, and now my brain is full of plotbunnies which, let's face it, will probably never come to fruition. Including one where the little girl is actually the daughter of Korse and Ray's sister. Also, does anyone know who the blonde woman is in the van at the end of that? I couldn't quite tell if she was familiar or not.

Anyway, in lieu of promising to actually write stuff (ha!) I have decided to post here my photos from the long-finished MCR costume contest. [personal profile] frostickle took these at UNSW just after I redyed my hair, it was awesome.

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Title: How To Embrace A Swamp Creature (Previously titled INTERNS! Or: The Story Of How Gerard Is Awkward And Frank Is A Bit Of A Douche)
Written For: [ profile] no_tags
Pairing/Prompt: Gerard/Frank, intern drudgery
Rating: PG
Warnings: …the motts?
Notes: This story kind of ran away with me, who knows why. I was all, “I can finish a thousand word story at the last minute!” and then it was like “o-ho! What if I want to be TWO THOUSAND WORDS?” and I was like “fuck fuck fuck.” So I posted it a little rough, but looking back I think it's okay! I can't figure out how to deal with that one tense shift, but uh... you probably wouldn't even have noticed that if I hadn't pointed it out *sweatdrops* er. Contains Gabe Saporta and stealth!Mikey & !Jamia. New title and cut text thanks to the Mountain Goats.

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Okay not to spam but I just wanted to document this twitter exchange for posterity, the lulz and just in case I want to use the bunny :P

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I'm sunburnt! But I now own a pair of long black socks with faux-stitching on, and a set of skeleton gloves which are somehow simultaneously loose at the wrist, tight in the knuckles and long at the fingertips. I think they were made for a small Ent. I can totally solve the fingertip problem by just cutting them off though. The gloves', not mine.

Been sending off resumes, argh why must cover letters be so traumatic. But employment is hopefully on the horizon! Goal no. 1: an actual working PC. Goal no. 2: a schedule that works out to ~$400 a week so I can hopefully try moving out of my parents house sometime this year. Goal no. 3: Tattoo. I want to put that earlier on that list but frankly my mother has had three separate meltdowns this week and this shit is just not on. Oh dear, excuse me while I find my headphones. *sigh* Goal no. 4: Backpacking! Europe! With a backpack! These plans are vague to the point of consisting entirely of one conversation with Maria that pretty much just went "oh my god backpacking through Europe would be so awesome!" "oh my god I know!" "neither of us is employed :(" "oh my god I know :("

ALSO been remembering dreams lately (...non-metaphorical ones, I mean) but... not WHOLE dreams, just really vague images. Three nights in a row now! First Jamie from GWS and her gay-above-the-waist...ness. The next night featured the rhythm section of The Used, one of whom had to help me talk the other down from a tree, and I can't remember why... and then there was probably sexytiems, because why wouldn't there be. But the next one was TOTALLY NOT SEXY AT ALL as it involved really realistic and really CREEPY gaping flesh wounds that looked like papercuts until you tugged on them gently. WHAT IS ALL UP IN MY BRAIN, GUYS. IS IT THE HEAT. I THINK IT IS THE HEAT.
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More Mountain Goats things: Suit! Completely not breaking a sweat! In one of the related videos, This Year, you ca also see the bassist's vest but alas, cannot make out the pattern. I linked to this one because the sound quality is actually good and it's a great song. The other videos make it clear that I was right about the levels being too high on the drums - it's definitely too high for that person's camera to register quite right, ow.

Also, his FAAAACE. I think the next time they come through here there has to be a drinking game. Take a sip for every ridiculous expression he makes. Perhaps the size of the sip can correspond to to the hilarity of the face.


Sep. 24th, 2008 01:42 pm
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Ahoy, the internets! Matches photos are up at, not yet on moshpix. For the sadly Matches-deprived I would like to point out that this is Jon and this is Shawn and his lolarious ruffled shirt. This is the new bassist, Dylan. This is the drummer, :|face.

And this is Jon's BROKEN FINGERS. BROKEN FINGERS, YOU GUYS. And here's the transformer guitar and Shawn going ^,^. Also, observe someone trying to fix Jon's wiring issues.

PS there is another fair outside my house. That or an athletics carnival idk I can hear a lady on a megaphone and kids screaming.
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Ahaha I think I have finally come unhinged. (Dialup warning many pictures)

Luckily I'm not alone as my country's opposition party implodes hilariously.

What else is hilarious on the internets today?
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Ahh, what a night. Every inch of me feels amazing, except for my bitterly complaining knees and thighs. Mosh pits - relatively good exercise!

It was really great to release all that pent up tension. I had the rush-job morning from hell, featuring a stupidly early wake-up call (eight thirty! shocking!), a "finished" essay in which I quoted Kant a lot and despaired, and a meeting in the library to hammer out what BS Nathan and Michael and I were going to go on about in our class "facilitation." Then I got a cheeseburger and we went to the incredibly boring lecture given by the shiny-headed professor whose speech impediment inserts unexpected ... pauses into his sentences, led a discussion of global poverty, Castells and the internet which apparently impressed the tutor so score one to us, and I immediately rushed off to finish my Narrative Writing exercises and drop them in my tutor's pigeonhole somewhere in the maze of twisty passages that is the Arts faculty.

Then I applied eyeliner to my face in a university bathroom and headed off to Manning Bar. There was a slight detour to Hermann's bar thanks to my spotty memory of Sydney Uni, so I was a little sweaty after walking across the campus in the sun, but I figured I was going to get sweatier at the concert, so whatever. It turned out I could have taken my time (and gotten something to eat) because the Dwarf's concert times are... less than accurate. For some reason it didn't occur to me that five pm was an unlikely time for a concert to start. A-heh.

Everything was closed so I got a bag of pretzels, and hung around nervously waiting for the concert to start. And waiting. And waiting. And being redirected to the correct place to wait. And waiting some more. And chatting with some random scene kids from Melbourne who were apparently following the band to all their Aussie shows and had also apparently arrived this early on PURPOSE. Later we were joined by their friends from Sydney, who had come in corsets as their wench costumes for Talk Like A Pirate Day. They brought plastic swords to give to the band. One of them had a silver skull and cross-bones in glitter on her chest. The major thoughts warring for supremacy in my head there were "Can you breathe? Are your ribs deformed!?" and "I cannot stop staring at your tits." which I am told is the usual response to corsets on other people.

Eventually the doors opened (with difficulty, they kept jamming) and I went inside, checked out the merch I couldn't afford (well, I could have bought the handmade vegan soap but... you know.) and sat down gratefully in an actual soft chair bemoaning my idiocy in spending an hour cross-legged on concrete for want of anything better to do, ow. I passed the time eating an apple and checking out the scenery until the internets arrived in the form of Jenn ([ profile] astridthemighty) and her friend Mish, recognisable by their purple and pink hair respectively. Hairdye is a very handy landmark - there were a few other dye jobs in the place but none in that combination. They on the other hand recognised my by the hat/scarf combo. The internets thinks I was cosplaying as Ryan Ross but I actually just really like hats and scarves. and... drawing on my face in eyeliner. But honestly that's mostly because I kind of fail at applying it to my actual EYES.

We hung around sitting on uncomfortable (but at least carpeted) steps through the first opening act, Callorway. I saw them at the Oxford Art Factory opening for Something with Numbers (you know, that time I forgot to blog about... hey, maybe I still will now that it's midsession break!) and they're still pretty decent, but nobody was dancing. Also the vocals - somewhat incoherent. At least on this stage they actually had room to move. Next up was Mission in Motion, whom the internets assured me were douchebags, so we took a breather on the landing to gossip and play with Jenn's Batsignal flashlight-pen. I sat on a windowsill until a venue staff member told me to stop. Then I took advantage of the relatively open space to try and whack my back into some semblance of non-rebellion, but alas - not much help. It had been a while since the pretzels, so I went up to the bar to see if they had food. They had just run out of crappy pizzas, but the bartender directed me to a bizarre contraption that automatically dispensed hot fries. Which I ate. Because I was hungrier than they were freaky and unnatural.

The Matches finally came on at nine fortyfive (FOUR HOURS after I arrived *nuclear facepalm*) and I wormed my way into the moshpit. all I can say about this stage of the proceedings is that it was AWESOME. I took some mobile phone videos but I won't post them because they are crappy and pixelated, but rest assured that the band had energy up to HERE, and the music was amazing. There were a few songs where the vocals got drowned out by the drums a bit, but the audience made up for it by screaming the words back. I was in front of Jon, the lead guitarist - not right at the front but close enough to see him sweat, so the mosh was pretty tight. I've never been in a proper one before and I absolutely loved it. I only got my feet stepped on a little bit - I did get an elbow to the face but not very hard. At one point I ended up behind a tall dreadlocked guy which was annoying as the hair kept flicking at my face until I squirmed out of reach. It was a good crowd, despite a few chicks whose major contribution was yelling out "you're so sexy shawn" to the singer a lot. To be fair also at least one guy. To be even fairer it's not like they weren't right. At one point Shawn came over to our side and leaned into the crowd, which was pretty awesome, although I did get slightly crushed in the mass of people reaching up to him. He was we>aring a hilarious ruffled shirt and a vest (all the bands I love have bizarre fashion sense, lol) and Jon had on a ninja headband, presumably in protest of Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Can I just say that Jon played like a madman with THUMB AND INDEX FINGER because the rest of his hand was in a splint!? That is why I'm so disappointed at how crappy my cameraphone is, I wanted to post a video of one of his solos. PLAYING WITH BROKEN FINGERS. THAT IS DEDICATED. He also had some wiring problems, a tech had to run out and reconnect him a few times. The new bassist Dylan looked a bit nervous still but the other two were very supportive and kept going over to his side of the stage to give him little ~pep talks or something, idk, it was cute. The drummer, Matt, was either bored or just concentrating really really hard because he spent the whole gig going :| except when one of the other guys went up to him occasionally. Shawn made mention of the fries machine before playing "Yankee in a Chip Shop" - I hope somebody went and bought him a box after the show, he seemed fairly incredulous at the concept. He also brought out a massive black guitar at one point that he referred to as the "transformer" guitar... IDK. It did look a bit robotic. Maybe it doubles as their bodyguard. Oh, oh, some lolarious fail - Shawn tried a microphone trick involving wrapping the cord around his neck and then putting the mic back in the stand. I can see what he was going for but... he sort of forgot to put his guitar on first. he had to undo it again immediately. He looked appropriately sheepish.

Afterwards the internets and I hung out on a grass bank for a bit and then went for sandwiches. A couple of drunk guys walking the same way as us were amusing - they commented on Mish's pink hair, and one kept insisting that I had an American accent, telling me to say "supercalafragilisticexpialidocious" to prove I didn't, etc. "Lies and slander!" says I - "I swear you totally have an American accent!" He cries. "It's American! American! ...or maybe English, actually, I can't really tell." "See!" I said triumphantly. "I totally have a chameleon accent." "Yeah, yeah." he grumbled, as his friend gently drew him off in the other direction. Anyway, I had a toasted beef cheese and tomato sandwich at midnight and about a zillion glasses of water, then we went our separate ways. By this point I was starting to come down off the concert high and mainlining stolen sugar packets to get home awake.

Today my legs are not thanking me for the experience, but it was so very worth it. And now I have two weeks of holidaaaaays, woo!
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Okay okay sorry to spam but. What the shit is this?

Guys, you guys, I cannot stop giggling. Just. And. The!


I forgot to mention that German soapie I linked a while ago also had a hilarious scene in which the guys discuss their ~relationship while eating bananas.


the dude in front is totally pro at it too, look at his lips *snerk*
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Oh fuck my back is killing me. Here is the epic tale, y'all!

I left the house all behatted and eyelinertastic, with special accessory: Soapy the rubber snake. I used him as a hatband. More for my benefit than for the all of three people who might notice and get it. I giggled, okay? ... ....GET THIS MOTHERFUCKING SNAKE OFF MY MOTHERFUCKING HAT. ANYWAY. The sky was still grey so I looked for an umbrella on my way out but my house was sadly brollyless. I therefore decided to buy one on my way there. I found a little black one for fifteen bucks at central station - not, alas, little enough, because it didn't fit into my bag. I think you all know what happened next. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I believe I have set the world record for briefest ownership of an umbrella - it got on that train with me and never left. RIP may it go to a good home ETC.

Once I got off the train it was a simple matter of playing follow-the-scene-kid until Acer Arena came into view. There I swiftly entered through the wrong door, was forced to throw away my water bottle (such a scam, make you buy things inside), went back out those doors and around the stadium, got stopped and told my bag was too big, took a slight detour via coat-check where I realised that since I wasn't taking my bag IN I could have kept my water for AFTER instead of chucking it away (SCAM SCAMMITY SCAM SCAM) but alas! Twas too late. I went straight into the General Admission Rear Standing area, confirming that I was an idiot and should have gotten pit tickets - or possibly seated ones. Visibility was not brilliant. I was however early enough to claim a spot behind a very short girl who soon moved, so I was at the barrier for most of Cobra and TAI. This meant I had something to lean on and I could sit down on the floor between sets, at least until it got more crowded. I then had the following dilemma: if I moved from my spot to go stretch my legs or sit down properly, it was highly unlikely that I'd get back there. So I stayed throughout the Aussie opening act, Chain Gang (Killer legs on that lead singer, was she even wearing pants? WHO KNOWS! Drummer girl definitely wasn't wearing a top. Although it must get pretty hot up there - if I drummed I'd do it in a bikini too), Cobra Starship and The Academy Is... before finally giving in during the pre-Panic break and going for a seat and the merch booth.

Both our reptilian friends and their partners in hilarity were awesome and indulged in some microphone swinging lulz. At one point William actually picked up the microphone stand by the base and tossed it from hand to hand for no readily apparent reason. Speaking of William, he came out during Cobra's set for Snakes On A Plane (with Sisky for the rap-verse) and - you know what, I am going to stop here and just say. Is there much hermaphrodite!William fic? Aside from that Big Bang fic where he changes gender occasionally and nobody really notices. Because for fuck's sake is that guy male or female? WHO KNOWS! The eye just constantly trips up on that figure and goes "Uh... is there seriously a dick inside those tiny, tiny jeans? Seriously? SERIOUSLY!?" Of course the rest of the body then replies "but you'd do hi- h- it anyway, right?" Whatever, it is news to nobody that William Beckett's gender classification is "hot" but it's really striking in person.

Other opening antics: Gabe was very affectionate towards Ryland and Vicky-T onstage. Ryland gave us some hot boy-on-guitar action (seriously that was some extremely rhythmic thrusting he had going there). Cobra's songs are totally better live than they are on record. William walked into the crowd right at the end of TAI's set. He also made mention of Michael Chislett's aussie heritage, of course. I felt like a complete tool doing the Fangs Up sign during Cobra's set but I did it anyway. When Siska came out with Cobra for Snakes On A Plane I giggled so hard at his stature. Flanked by Gabe and William he was like a leetle doll - then he walked off past Vicky, who is SLIGHTLY taller than him - and also SLIGHTLY FEMALE. I was also reminded how much I really like Santi - I was just not a fan of TAI's first album, but they have improved in leaps and bounds since then.

In the break before Cobra and TAI I turned around and leaned back on the barrier to try and console my loudly protesting back a little, even though this meant constant eyecontact or obvious eyecontact avoidance with the people behind me. I don't know why, but I can walk for hours without a back complaint, yet standing still for thirty minutes has the union out with picketlines and marching bands. My posture must be really really fucked or something. Anyway by the end of TAI's set I was ready to maim so I gave up my awesome barrier-side spot and wandered out to sit in an actual chair and get merch. Also I heard on a comm that William had a tendency to come out and be gawked at for a bit around that point in the evening. This was confirmed, but I didn't bother to gawk because he was completely blocked from view by fans and I was in line for merch - cost-benefit analysis was WAY unbalanced. I got a black Cobra Starship T-shirt, incidentally.

I returned with shirt in hand to find the crowd much thicker at the barrier. I eventually found a place where I could see over shoulders (edging between some guy and a girl who kept elbowing me) and eventually the girls in front of me left (in a bit of a hurry - hope they were okay) so I ended up just behind a bunch of kids about ten-twelve and therefore with the same visibility I had before - only nothing to lean on. I ended up sort of shifting in place to the music constantly even when the crowd around me were not dancing because it was just less painful.

Panic finally came on with their massive floral backdrop - the animations on the screen were pretty clever, very Yellow Submarine (I know for a fact that everybody groans at a Beatles comparison by this point, but that is what they reminded me of). [ profile] snarkaddict said I should text her about Spencer's faaace but even if our mobiles had not mysteriously failed to communicate Spencer's faaaace and most of the rest of him was completely invisible from where I was standing - all I got was the dynamics. "Yes, yes, I can definitely tell he's moving his arms. In rhythm even! How exciting!" I could also tell Jon Walker was very happy to be there, he was practically jumping up and down for the first song. At one point Brendon tried his hand at a little screaming - it was sort of hilarious. Just imagine that guy in a punk band oh god. Ryan rambles a bit onstage, heh. During Folkin Around he swapped places with Jon because of technical difficulties with a tambourine.

They played most of the new stuff - not when The Day Met The Night or From A Mountain, but the rest. Also a good deal of the first album, reminding me how much I liked it in the first place - I haven't listened to it properly in ages. Laced. With. Nitroglycerin! Hee. For an encore Brendon came out with a guitar and played Time to Dance almost-acoustic with audience participation instead of the keyboard riff, then the others came back on and they finished with Mad As Rabbits. Brendon said this was his favourite show ever - I bet he says that to all the audiences ;) and I think he was kind of amused by the indiscriminate screaming - they kept answering him by squealing at the top of their voices regardless what he was actually trying to say, lol.

When I got out I had to stand in line outside to get my bag and coat back - it was freezing! It was also raining slightly but my hat was useful and I walked briskly to the train station, whistling the "danana hey hey goodbye" theme they worked into Mad As Rabbits. By the time I got off the train it was really pouring down - but I was in luck! It turned out that, bereft of umbrellas as my house had appeared, this was partly because one was hiding in my very bag. Slightly dodgy one, of course, but it kept the worst off for the walk to the bus stop. I cursed all the way for my unnecessary (and brief ;_;) umbrella purchase.

All in all good times but I don't ever want to go to a concert without company again - it's just not as much fun. I should have tried harder to find someone to go with. Also, friends could hold places in the crowd while I wrestled my back into submission. I'm going to be sore tomorrow, oh. I'd better go to sleep, anyway, it's early.
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So okay, Talkbox was good aside from some minor microphone calibration issues and an entire solo in the wrong key, but I'm pretty sure that's what Battle of the Bands is for, y'all. The flashing lights onstage were kinda irritating in that they shone RIGHT IN MY EYES a couple times a minute. Also they were created by bizarre cylonesque torch-things that looked like nothing so much as tiny plasma cannons swivelling creepily in a rhythm of their very own. Further hilarity was attained by observing Sam, the bass player, jumping around like a pro on an otherwise completely still stage. We stuck around to see the next band too - your average screamo fare, kinda faily although the guitar intros were quite good. The singer claimed to be ill, which might explain the voice but probably not the lyrics and DEFINITELY not the bizarre limb-flailing.

I was back at UNSW today to practice for Lofty Words on tuesday with Lily, who is much more pro on the gee-tar than I am and is now texting me to demand reparations for my songs sticking in her head. Mwaha. We sat on a slightly-less-damp patch of grass in a slightly-less-public area of the grounds and piled my music with water bottles and mobile phones in a vain attempt to keep it from blowing away in the constant wind. Vain because we had to remove them anyway so I could scribble dots and arrows in the appropriate places (pidgin notation yay) and I had to get up and fetch them a couple of times.

Then I checked out the poster sale at the roundhouse but I decided against buying even the awesome gothic ones and the bizarre painting with the invisitorso kids and the sea rushing down the hallway (I'm sure you guys all know of which painting I speak) (no really) because I am sort of low on funds. Actually that is a lie I just got 150 in birthday money from relatives, but my impulse purchases would probably tear through that quite fast. you see, my online tutoring gig? The problem with it is that one must log on at 4pm on Sunday to schedule hours. And at 3:59pm on Sunday, all the other employees are sitting at their computers, obsessively refreshing the scheduler tool.

You see my problem. I HAVE NO HOURS RAR. and therefore no moneys. I need a second job :P

I'm so sleepy. I stayed up till 4am last night watching a German soap Opera. I was just like "oh I'll check it out" and FIVE HOURS LATER...

o hai bandom folks, I am way too amused that Bob Bryar is in Chicago for "unspecified" reasons. also The Academy Is... has a new video out and it is MADE OF LOL. All the way down to William's ridiculous microphone antics. (psst, somebody in fandom has to make SOMETHING over the fact that the dream-girl of nostalgia is constantly behind a camera)
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I completely heart [ profile] wolfshirts. Nowhere else could I have this ridiculous conversation about storks, fergawdsake.

Also, my dad is making me a T-shirt print with this hilarious Russian pun on it, or possibly this one. You probably won't get it if you're not Russian, but there is this cartoon caracter called Cheburashka. It's a kind of little monkey-like creature with big ears. Yeah.

Speaking of my dad being awesome, I now totally have boots! Yay!
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The extent to which I cannot resist a pun is ridiculous. Seriously. Okay, here are two things I came out with the past week.

On leaving poetry lying around in public places: "Litterature."
And (23:35:21) Stan: my psych lecturer looks like Colonel Sanders. That is all.
(23:36:00) Maggie: lol!
(23:36:13) Maggie: kentucky freud chicken


The awesome thing about [ profile] bandombigbang, aside of course from all the long and awesome fic, is the mixes. Since everyone in bandom shares at least some of my music taste, I'm getting a lot of cool songs in the mixes and looking up the artists.

For example, Chiodos. I'd never heard of them, but they're pretty cool. Another band I've gotten into lately is Street to Nowhere... but I'm actually not sure I got them from big bang mix, because I think it was a bit earlier than that.

...and on the other hand, I now know that Rufus Wainwright wrote a song called Gay Messiah. I'm not super into his music, but honestly. That song is UTTERLY RIDICULOUS. Just, WHAT.

Something Completely Different: a post by Stele3 got me to actually bring my thoughts on abortion into some sort of coherent order, so I'm posting them here, just so I've got a clear position ready next time an argument breaks out.

Yeah, I know, serious business - it's just not like me! )
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Wow, I'm really NOT getting into the swing of things holiday wise. Maybe I'm still in shock, but instead of, you know, "partaying it on dowwwn" as they say in the hood1 I have spent two days hiding under my blankets at ridiculous hours of the afternoon, snapping at my mother and huddling in front of my computer doing the same things as I was doing to procrastinate on my work, only now I am procrastinating on LIFE. Also after every second LJ comment I leave I am immediately convinced that I just said something incredibly dumb, which is statistically unlikely even for me. I tried going to UNSW's end of session party at Liza's suggestion, but of course forgot that I needed to bring my passport as ID and just had to go home again, which was kind of the epitome of lame.

On the other hand, today I finally picked up my guitar again for the first time in, it feels like months. It may actually be months because my calluses? COMPLETELY GONE. Oww. Also I had to stop after five minutes to cut my nails because it was really uncomfortable. I've let that go for way too long as well, I started typing afterwards and went "Huh. No irritating clicking noise, whaddaya know."

So this is going to be a post about things that make me happy, because that's more fun than whining. There's a reason Marvin was a secondary character in Hitchhiker's and not the hero: there is frankly only so much "I think you ought to know I'm feeling very depressed" you can take in one sitting. So, current happymaking items!

1. I think I have not yet provided squee here for Empires and their first album, Howl (legitimately downloadable here) but I have so much love for Spit The Dark. And like, a bunch of other songs, Bright Lights and stuff, but I don't know, something about that song just. \o/2

2. Cats. They're still awesome. I'm too lazy and my photographic equipment is too shitty/inconvenient/umkindofmissing to share mine, but have some lolcats!

3. I now have a guitar tuner! My guitar, it is in tune! Like, with an actual objective key, not just with itself! I no longer clash horribly with things! (Except for things in whacky tunings, like, oh, I don't know, EVERYTHING BRAND NEW EVER WROTE? THANKS A LOT GUYS. Fucking flats.)

Not4. ...what the hell, where is my internet? I'M TYPING INTO A VOIIID. ...aaaand we're back.

Actually4. THE ZOMBIES ARE IN THE FORT. <---ridiculous injoke and my new favourite phrase.

5. I nattered on about Stealthgay!Bob to anyone and everyone until [ profile] snarkaddict pinged back and we started throwing plot ideas around. And then tangents about how massive and unweildy GSF gets when you try to include all the wives and girlfriends, requiring Gerard to draw up detailed plans with crosses and arrows and cue cards, and also for some reason Gerard whispering subliminal feminism lectures in Frank's ear when he's asleep until Ray makes him stop. So uh. Now we have THREE fics in progress. *throws up hands in glee and bafflement*

What's making YOU happy?

1Well, not MY hood. And probably not in the actual hood that that phrase was based on, come to think of it, but. As they say in a hood.
2I hope you're happy, [ profile] impertinence, I'm totally a \o/ user now and it's all your fault :P
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[ profile] maggiebloome: Hey, so. are Ray and Bob the only unmarried MCR members now?
[ profile] impertinence: ray's either engaged or married
[ profile] maggiebloome: oh really? we don't hear much about that
[ profile] maggiebloome: but.
[ profile] maggiebloome: that sort of means it's left up to BOB to uphold the band's actual gay cred.
[ profile] maggiebloome: O.o
[ profile] impertinence: hahahhaa. yes!
[ profile] maggiebloome: It's like, "It's never the ones you expect, huh?" "Yeah well, all the really gay ones married chicks. Go figure."
[ profile] maggiebloome: Bob Bryar, reluctantly waving the flag since that bitch Gerard married an actual woman
[ profile] impertinence: lololol
[ profile] maggiebloome: oh my god lol and he's the only one for whom NNDB doesn't list a sexuality
[ profile] maggiebloome: everyone else is down as straight :P
[ profile] impertinence: seriously? loling forever
[ profile] maggiebloome:
[ profile] impertinence: excellent.
[ profile] maggiebloome: lolol "do you know something we don't?" down the bottom of the page
[ profile] impertinence: hee

Seriously guys, why isn't there more fic about this? (Also, Ray Toro's girlfriend.)
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Wow, I just had a really surreal moment. I realised I'd only ever heard My Chemical Romance's first album in bits and pieces, so I downloaded it, and, guys. You know how there's a track titled Romance? Well, most of you probably don't, but. It's an instrumental track.

And it's identical to the Spanish classical piece my old guitar teacher taught me.

It was so bizarre, I open the file and I'm like "this is familiar..." and then I'm like HOLY SHIT. So, hey, cool coincidence. It's probably not really that weird because I've got this vague idea that that particular piece is really ubiquitous, even odds any guitar player I'm talking to will know it. But it was unexpected.

And now for something completely different!

This is a MOTHERFUCKING SNAKE. Holy crap, I could reach down its gullet and pull out whatever unfortunate vaguely toaster-shaped mammal is making it lumpy round the middle!

...and yes, I realise that that is not most people's first thought on viewing a big damn snake caught in a wire fence. SUE ME. In the strange magical universe three dimensions over I will saddle that bastard and ride it like a pony. (I will also apparently be three feet tall.)

Why does it feel more satisfying to say "three feet" than "about a metre"? We don't even use feet around here.
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Guys, guys!

I just had a realisation! This has been bugging me subconsciously since I was introduced to Cobra Starship but I only just figured out why when I saw this picture of Gabe Saporta on [ profile] bandom_recs:

So, um.

You know the TV show Heroes?

You know Sylar? know how his name is Gabriel?

is this why everyone makes Gabe evil in the AUs?
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Haha oh [ profile] bandom_recs. I wrote comment fic! About Robot Patrick!

...instead of my Power and Change essay plan! Woo!

No, really, it's yet another case of the thing that's NOT THAT HARD RLY but I just don't wanna.

And that video clip was just begging for it. Well, so was [ profile] greyandgrey really. I couldn't resist!

It was probably a better procrastination method than tetris. DAMN YOU, ZIG ZAG BLOCKS.
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i can has a dethflu. :(

Also, assignment due tomorrow. It's only 500 words but I just REALLY REALLY don't want to do it. So I've spent the day with the word document open going "murgh... after this one game of tetris... and check lj... and some youtube videos of misheard falloutboy lyrics..."

And sniffling. My nose is all red from tissues. And I've got the shakes and a headache and stuff. This really sucks.


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