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Nov. 4th, 2010 02:30 am
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i am a clutter
i am
two square centimetres of a clear, flat surface.
i have crooked teeth
in labyrinth piles on the floor.
where is my overcoat? no, the nice one
with the faux-fur collar, and which unfortunately has no pockets?
i am a useless lock. my things migrate
without my knowledge or permission.
i have fingernails like black eyes.
i am a citizen of object.
i have boxes.
my loss is chronic, not terminal: i will turn up.
who does this scarf belong to?
who will finally throw out these broken headphones?
i have
things in boxes.
i am cold. my fingernails. everything will fray.
everything will unravel. there is no focus.
there is this thick, grainy layer of dust. i am
peripheral, fogging the mirror.
i am fourteen pairs of dirty underwear
about the place. my clock
has stopped. it has been nearly two for weeks now.
this does not
bother me. time
does not stick in my throat.
i am currently reading split ends and cracks in CD cases.
what happened to my other glove?
what is beckoning me from the corner?
what have i forgotten?
what have i forgotten?
tweezers. panadol. my contacts.
i will not evict the spider until i must.
i will just finish this chapter.
i will
finish up, turn in, fray at the edges some more.
i have run out of tissues.
i have gifts and talents.
i have markers. some of them work.
i have spirits.
i have paranoid delusions.
i have four large hairclips, and thirteen small hairclips
and more bobby pins than pair socks.
this is a kind of despair also.
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Okay, so it's been another ~omgweek~ and tomorrow I shall make a long post about it. Meanwhile, have another mix! This time somewhat better organised than the last one - I think I will go back and put that one on 8tracks and edit the post with my commentary as well.

This one is for [personal profile] eldabe's Lian Harper fix-it fic, Don't Tell Me Not To Fly. Read it here!

Click here for album art, 8tracks stream, files and commentary )
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Today, in lieu of deciding between a 21st, some sort of club thing, a Magic draft and my nebulous Wicked Lottery plans, I have opted to sit in my room and fail to get things done. Well done Maggie!

On the bright side, I get to show off my leet photoshop and music association skills?

This mix is for a story called This Land Of Steel by [personal profile] rustydragonfly, which you can now reas at [community profile] ladiesbigbang I've only been able to read a draft so far, but it was pretty good! So anyway have some music to go with it :)

streaming, download links, commentary and album art )
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I really need to relocate my mornings to the actual, you know, morning. I've lately spent hours after midnight doing nothing in particular and then woken up at one pm, and it's not doing me much good.

So yeah, today was mostly consumed with sleeping and waiting around for a friend to confirm whether or not he was flaking on a thing until it became obvious that he was, in fact, flaking on the thing, by the fact that he had not called me to confirm or deny flaking on the thing. There did eventually turn out to be a good reason, but it has become apparent that I really can't handle not knowing what's going on (especially when a definite cancellation would free me up for something else). I end up all jittery and trying to ring obviously-out-of-reception phones repeatedly and not getting other useful things done (not that that last one is exclusive to this phenomenon :P) and generally not being in the best place. I'm going to have to start mapping things out more thoroughly and explicitly with regards to backup plans and confirmations.

To more cheerful news! I wrote a fic for [community profile] access_fandom's Festibility: The Uncertain Trumpet, X-Men gen.

I mean to write more of those prompts, because there are some really interesting ones, but I figure I should get started on some stuff I promised for [profile] gulf_aid_now. (Also on my epic mess of a room and all the shit I promised myself I'd get done before I turned 21, lol whoops)

Incidentally, I have actually been reading my flist and all while I wasn't posting. This has not helped the situation of my six million tabs, oh well.
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Title: Lesbians To The Rescue
Ficathon: Sex Is Not The Enemy challenge.
Wordcount: 808
Rating: G
Notes: I left this a little late, but here we are! The picture it's inspired by will be linked in the text.

read it! )
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Title: you said you'd help me disappear
Fandom: Who Killed Amanda Palmer (album)
Written For: [livejournal.com profile] yuletide 
Wordcount: 1200
Summary: She feels like something’s building to a point. An escape trajectory, or a countdown. It bothers her that she can’t figure out which it is.

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Title: How To Embrace A Swamp Creature (Previously titled INTERNS! Or: The Story Of How Gerard Is Awkward And Frank Is A Bit Of A Douche)
Written For: [livejournal.com profile] no_tags
Pairing/Prompt: Gerard/Frank, intern drudgery
Rating: PG
Warnings: …the motts?
Notes: This story kind of ran away with me, who knows why. I was all, “I can finish a thousand word story at the last minute!” and then it was like “o-ho! What if I want to be TWO THOUSAND WORDS?” and I was like “fuck fuck fuck.” So I posted it a little rough, but looking back I think it's okay! I can't figure out how to deal with that one tense shift, but uh... you probably wouldn't even have noticed that if I hadn't pointed it out *sweatdrops* er. Contains Gabe Saporta and stealth!Mikey & !Jamia. New title and cut text thanks to the Mountain Goats.

but I'm out of my element )
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And OBVIOUSLY I then make my first post in 2010 on the sixteenth of January. I swear I have forgotten how to blog, or something.

So, first things first!

Stories Wot I Wrote For Yuletide

1. My main fic! you said you'd help me disappear, Who Killed Amanda Palmer, 1200 words, for [livejournal.com profile] featherlane

2. Madness treat one! And I Said Who Are You Thinking Of, Glee, 937 words, NSFW (oh my god), for pixienotes.

3. Madness treat two! Some folks say there ain't no bears in arkansas, Mirrormask, 408 words, for Angie.

Naturally the porny one has over twice as many hits as the others XD

ALSO: I wrote something for the [livejournal.com profile] no_tags fixchange, which I am about to repost here, as well as the WKAP fic - I think I'll leave the treats just on the archive, because one is more a ficlet which I might still expand on and the other is. porn. /o\

I want to rec a heap of other stuff from [livejournal.com profile] no_tags but I have not even finished reading all of them yet! So i will save that for then. And I'll be periodically rec'ing yuletide stuff as I go through THOSE, there is SO MUCH FIC, YOU GUYS.

I've also been reading a lot of srs bzns stuff about cultural exportation of conceptions of mental illness and gendered expectations in relationships (I got my mum this book for new year and I highly reccommend it for a feminist analysis of the mars/venus trope) and ~stuff.

Oh and I posted an offer on [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti for three lots of epic beta services, despite feelings of insignificance surrounding the whole endeavour - hey, it can't hurt, I guess. Actual monetary donations were problematic because no charity seems to accept paypal for some reason :/ but someone on [livejournal.com profile] ontd_startrek finally came up with one. I really have to get that visa debit this summer :P

And ~stuffff has been happening in my life but I am way too behind to document it at this point! In any case I feel like this blog should be less of a "and then this happened and then this happened" sort of place these days. I will still post about hilarious things that happen to me if I can write about it in a narrative way, or as a brief anecdote, but maybe if I don't feel like absolutely everything has to go on here in chronological order I won't have these huge build-ups of pressure and I will actually post more often!

Of course this week I have been lazy and chilled out at home for a few days in a row - even last night when I had no less than three possible events to go to. I guess I just felt kind of burnt out after the last month or two of epic socialising, and wanted to sit around and play facebook scrabble and Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened. Which is... interesting, I guess. I was amused by the opening sequence, which I documented on twitter thus:

@bliumchik: lol Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened begins with Watson rolling around on a bed, moaning "Holmes!"
@bliumchik: Then Holmes bitches all the romance has gone out of the criminal world, & Watson suggests he buy some books of a vague yet specific nature!
@bliumchik: Why does Holmes have a portrait of a random dude petting a creepy little girl on the head and waving?
@bliumchik: Aww, but when I try to walk into Watson's bedroom Holmes says "I have no reason to go there!" ...methinks, protest, too much?
@bliumchik: lolol the pictures on the walls are recycled. Hello again, waving dude and creepy child! I see you have migrated to the hallway!
@bliumchik: Haha the good thing about animating london is that all you need for sky is one grey tone XD
@bliumchik: Why have I just purchased a book about fish?

Then I got stuck in a rosebush. Whoops! Anyway, now I am slightly baffled because I can't figure out if there is more stuff I can click on hidden amidst all the ~scenery or if my next step involves DOING something with the stuff I've found so far.

But tonight I am not being a hermit, but instead going to Die Maschine! Thinking of not wearing my big goth boots this time, though - I wore them to Desiree's Vegan Anachronism birthday party and there was walking around and my feet were very angry at them. Also: lazy, see above.
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The sky was taunting us. Not two days ago I had been convinced that summer was coming early, but on the day we set off for Newcastle with tents and sleeping bags in tow the clouds appeared to have settled in for the long haul. “Come to TINA they said,” I grumbled, heaving my backpack into Natalie’s car. “We’ll all camp out, it’ll be fun. Oh yes.”

We continue... )
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And in one final hoshit I really did lose my blog for six months post, I have decided to combine a whole bunch of random stuff into a Things I Have Made post!

In no particular order:

My best two sketches from the life drawing class we dropped into on a whim. I tried to clean them up a little in photoshop because I spilled water and they dried crinkly so there were random shadows everywhere, but I got distracted by colour washes halfway through :P uh platonic nudes are also NSFW I assume so lol cut timne.

cute girl with and without awesome chair )

Hanyway. Some of you may have caught the WHOSE RESPONSIBLE meme - those who didn't, it's here in reverse order. The meme had a mild case of Trying Too Hard and so ultimately flopped, but it will always hold a special place into my heart right next to YOU HAVE RIGHT SLAP WENCH. Also, I wrote a filk about it and they totally linked it :P I thought I should post it here for posterity, with the lyrics since it's rather quiet at the start.

Banned From Yiffstar )

Now let's see, what else have I made. Some lolcats, a Discworld drabble from a [profile] transcendenza prompt... OH YES. *facepalm* how could I forget, this was one of the whole reasons I wanted to do this post.

I wrote a leetle comic about swans for the UTS Writer's Society Zine, Streetcygnes (yes, I am the Queen of Puns, why do you ask?) and then spent about a year bugging [personal profile] frostickle to draw it before throwing up my hands and turning to [livejournal.com profile] mishka_jayne who did this awesome job:

swans \o/ )

I took the zine to the TINA festival - which is a story in itself AND another Thing I Made because I then wrote about that trip for my Creative Non Fiction class final assignment travel writing piece. It was a bit of a stretch on the term "travel writing" consisting mostly of EPIC FLAIL, but I shall post it :D

I have also signed up to [livejournal.com profile] yuletide but have not written a Dear Yultider letter because I can't think of what to put in it. I rambled quite a lot in my prompts :P I am so excited to find out which one got written! :D I only got one prompt in one of my fandoms, which is ironic because I went the whole hog and put myself down for about twenty of them, and was then sort of disappointed that I couldn't write all of them XD maybe I will finish this early and put myself on the pinch hit list.

PS LJ is spotlighting [livejournal.com profile] kitchenfaqs... guess which letter I misread? Just guess :P
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Homework Exercise
Wordcount: 500
Notes: Constructive feedback is really appreciated for this one. I plan to add to it for my final piece in Intro To Short Fiction, and I need to especially know what confused you, what information you wanted and didn't get before and after. This was written in response to a homework task which basically amounted to "write song-fic." I'm serious. If you're curious the song I picked is Hang em High.

so get your gun and meet me by the )
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Title: Jack and the Magic Mushroom
Fandom: Fairytales
Wordcount: 834
Notes: Exercise for writing class, rework a fairytale, yawn. This isn't the one I'm going to turn into my final piece, this is just for the lulz.

Jack and the Giant Mushroom )


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I really need to update my profile. I used to keep a list of other places I hung out, like Deviantart and stuff, but these days I spend less time on devart and more on b3ta and WhiteChapel...

Speaking of Whitechapel I caught the chatroom with actual people in it for once, it was hilarious. Conversation ranged from Rule 34 to a lengthy discussion of the ethics and naming conventions of robotfucking to a poll on the relative pantslessness of the room, with asides on Brucher's insanity, the resident history nerd's stable of fuck-buddies and Stormtrooper pinups.

I love these guys, seriously. (Labyrinthine = me, btw)

In other news my Writer's Society zine is coming along nicely - zine launch at Lofty Words this wednesday, for sydney folk. Didn't manage to get that swan comic into it on account of it not being finished, but next time! I'm also probably performing at Lofty Words if I can get a couple poems together in time, and singing one song with Alex T. We've been jamming together a bit - both times were meant to involve Lily and this drummer Alex knows, but both of them flaked, citing exams and sudden discovery that drum kit does not fit into car respectively. I am beginning to think I need to be keeping a list.

Obstacle to starting a band #1: Finding a bloody rhythm section.
Obstacle to starting a band #2: Getting everybody in the same place at the same time.

Massive coordination fail.

I should really be getting started on all the assignments due in two/three weeks. I am the master of procrastination. The only productive thing I did yesterday was to transfer all the files from my old hard drive to my new one and make a start on defragging all the folders. Also [livejournal.com profile] smuu posted an awesome lineart of Delirium and I decided to try my hand at rekindling my photoshop colouring skills. So much nostalgia... I used to colour her Demonology 101 characters for fun in MS Paint when I was fifteen. I've evolved! XD Here is my coloured version. I totally love the hair, but I discovered that I really haven't the faintest clue about shading and highlights, so I left those off. Must find some photoshop tutorials... also I kept feeling like the skin was too pale. Dilemma - in the comics all the endless are papery, but the shape of the face in this drawing looks more Turkish or Lebanese or something. In the end I decided that the iconic bright orange Delirium hair and blue/green eyes looked weird with dark skin, so I kept it pink.

Um, where was I? Oh yes, assignments. I totally failed to post the stuff I wrote in Intro to Short Fiction class exercises and I think I'll do that now, because I think I might use one of them for my final piece and I need the feedback! In-class feedback failed it because it is basically horror and I got stuck in a group with two people who "don't do scifi" for that class, so all their advice was something along the lines of "I like this phrase it is very poetic." What I need to know is does it make sense! Seriously!
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Title: Roar Forth, Steer The Dead
Author: Captain Oblivious
Wordcount: 2420
Notes: So hey everybody, remember this? I finished it off for last semester's final creative writing assignment and then forgot about it. I thought maybe I would expand it but at this point it seems unlikely, so here it is! Title from this song.

Roar Forth, Steer The Dead

August 9th. There have been reports of a curious disturbance in the slums of this good city. A man, presumably the worse for wine, is said to have had a spontaneous fit of cannibalism and begun taking bites out of passers-by at random. This occurring just outside a notorious Den of Sin, it took some time for the City Militia to respond. The man was therefore subdued by bodyguards of the establishment, and delivered to the Guard frog-tied and foaming at the mouth.

Of course the foremost witnesses being Ladies of the Night one cannot be certain as to the veracity of such tales, but this may be a unique opportunitie to observe first hand a case from my field of study occurring in Civilised realms, which suggests that the practice is not unique to Savages and remote island-bound tribes. This will set the Academy in a tizzy! I shall venture down to the Fifth Precinct Constabulary first thing tomorrow morning with my Instruments of Science and make use of my contact there to gain an interview with the Subject. There is no time to waste for the Crown Prince arrives on tomorrow's incoming Zeppelin to attend the Royal Engineering and Machinecraft Conference two evenings hence, and I cannot be less than prepared should he request a report.

(The above being the final entry in the Journal of Sir Thomas Boyd, Doctor of Natural Philosophy, Alchemy and Anthropology, found at his residence some few miles outside _________. -ed)

continued... )
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And apparently by "tomorrow" I mean "unspecified date in the future" lol. Uh I just thought I should pop on and let y'all know I am not in the part of my country which is just slightly a little bit on fire at the moment, nor the bit that's underwater. It's actually raining lightly here, but I am nevertheless regarding it suspiciously. I totally didn't hear about it till last night as I stayed up watching South Park at Stan's place and then ended up staying there the whole next day. We watched a hilarious Russian movie in which a young Finnish bloke called Rayval gets his Russian friend to take him along on a Real Russian Hunting Trip. Featuring Sweaty Naked Dudes Vs. Drunk Bear for your entertainment. Wonderful! (Also for SOME REASON we ended up googling sexual positions for pregnant women. Look I DON'T KNOW OKAY. And for the record "pregnant sex" = terrible choice of search terms, Stan.)

And then I came home and the death toll was in the hundreds. It was rather unsettling. Anyway I don't know anyone who's in danger or lost stuff (according to [livejournal.com profile] drjon there's info on donations and stuff here) so... I guess I'm just gonna go right ahead with the belated Forster post. But, holy crap, shit down there is just fucking razed, you guys. Holy crap.

for anyone who cares about my hilarious beachside adventures with Nicky )

Anyway, that was that. For once I actually wrote about a long offline period instead of putting it off so long I forgot about it!

In other news, Lily finally sent me the file for one of the songs we recorded at her place a few weeks ago. Bone Weather, rough acoustic version. What do you guys think!? I sort of need to work on my low-pitch wail. Or, you know, warm up at all :P now, to find a drummer and a bassist! Also hopefully a keyboardist/second guitarist, but we could do a band comp without those. It's really lame to go onstage without a drummer.
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Today was a good day for the nervous system! Low pain levels, a few spots of numbness but Doc Arkady warned for that - I'll give him a buzz if it's worse tomorrow, but it shouldn't be doing anything horrible. Not so much luck on the skeletal front, no less than seven joints came loose and had to be popped back into place - by number four my dad was grimacing harder than I was! It does look worse than it feels, I'm told 65% of a general population sample will usually experience nausea at the sight of a musculomechanical connection point. No problem with one or the other, or even the diagrams, usually. Only the juxtaposition in the flesh, so to speak.

Of course that can't be a problem for me.

I found some more hair and peelings on my pillow this morning - it looks like the entire right side is rejecting the skin grafts... or rather the skin's rejected me, and honestly I'd feel lonely too if I was half a scalp with steel where my bone foundation ought to be. I suppose I ought to get rid of the other side's worth, too, but on the other hand a single pigtail might look nice. Sort of gives a softer touch. Not that anyone's touching it, for all that matters. CallMeEvelyn keeps telling me to write down all my, you know, feelings, along with the physical crap, but I say it's only a matter of time before they replace those with motor oil as well, and what's the point. But fine: ventures outside today - one (milk went bad early. Who needs the calcium anyway, am I right?) Recoils - nine and a half (and I'm being generous, but she checked herself and smiled, so fuck it). Outright hate-speech: three. Flirting and/or plain comeons: nil, again. What the hell did the goddamn shrink bother warning me about mech-perverts for if none of them hang around here, that's what I want to know. Oh, and the fucking protestors are back, because some fucker insisted on full fucking media disclosure and letting David fucking Koschie interview the fucking Cute Ones, isn't that right, DaveAndAngela? FUCK YOU. I said boo to one of them, he nearly fainted. Mankind For Man indeed, more like Mankind For Fucking Wusses, right?

Anyway, how're y'all doing out there? Did someone get out to John's place and rescue him from the Dullest Hospice Worker In Existence? I know the guy can't walk or talk but when she's around, who'd wanna? Also Fi!! You never posted about Cute Comic Book Store Guy!! Cough it up, dammit, some of us are living vicariously here!
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Okay no seriously. Hmmm. So [livejournal.com profile] cleolinda's latest Linkspam had a bit of a surfeit of zombie movie news. It's been catching on again, it appears - at least I know I'm not the only one awaiting World War Z with as much bated breath as Watchmen.

Now, you know what else has been catching on lately? Steampunk. Brass goggles and building steam-powered motorbikes from parts, &c. Both these trends: pretty awesome.

You can see where this is going, can't you.

August 9th. There have been reports of a curious disturbance in the slums of This Good Citie. A man, presumably the worse for wine, is said to have had a spontaneous fit of Cannibalism!! and begun taking bytes out of passers-bye at random. This occurring just outside a Notorious den of Sin, it took some time for the City Militia to respond. The man was therefore subdued by Bodyguards of the establishment, and delivered to the Guard frog-tied and foaming at the mouthe.

Of course the foremost witnesses being Ladies of the Nighte one cannot be certain as to the veracity of such tales, but this may be a Unique opportunitie to observe first hand a Case from my field of Study occurring in Civilised realms, which suggests that the Practice is not unique to the Negro peoples. This will set the Academy in a tizzy! I shall venture down to the Fifth Precinct Constabulary first thing Tomorrow morning with my Instruments of Science and make use of my contact there to gain an interview with the Subject. There is no time to waste as the Crown Prince arrives on the next Zeppelin, two evenings hence, and I cannot be less than prepared should he request a Report.

August 12th. Chaos! The City burns! Thys brief lull has been my first chance to retrieve this Journal. I shall attempt to record here the events of the past days, soe that, should we Perish, there remains a record to inform the World of what took place here.

I was let into thee Cells by young Hastings - alas, putting his name to writing can no longer do him any more harm, the poor lad. The Subject was bound hand and foot, and some unlucky guard had clearly attempted to gag him as the rag hanging haphazard about his neck was speckled with fresh blood. I placed my Instrument case at a safe distance from the man and began to examine him...

PS: WANT. This is also pretty cool. Did I mention I bought Zombies Calling today? Hee.
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Title: Stumbling For Dying Stars
Author: [livejournal.com profile] maggiebloome
Recipient: [livejournal.com profile] urban_folk_girl
Fandom: Firefly/Serenity
Rating: PG
Spoilers (if applicable): Post Serenity, you guys.
Summary: The system's in chaos for vague electromagnetic reasons, and crashing into moons is just never fun. Prompt: "Apocalypse of your choice, old school damsel in distress fic. Gen or Femslash River/Inara or River/Kaylee. Apocalypse causes Serenity to crash, dire circumstances, the crew is all separated, noone knows if anyone else is okay. River, Kaylee or Inara is in real trouble, needs to be rescued. Someone almost dying and then not is great. Femslash damsel in distress rescue is also great."
I don't know how well it fits the prompt because I couldn't really fit in the Apocalypse AND the femslash, but... there... is... distress?
A/N: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] faerie_mistress and [livejournal.com profile] cynicky for betaing. Title from this song.

Link to the story

Check out the other stuff too - I sort of hate challenges where everybody posts on the same day because I CAN'T READ EVERYTHING AT ONCE AUGH but keep an eye out for the Bandom/Shaun of the Dead crossover for grate lolz.

A Review!?

Jun. 15th, 2008 07:49 pm
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Today I went to Belvoir St Theatre to see The Pillowman with my dad. I was completely and utterly blown away. I teared up at the end. We got the tickets through some quirk of marketing - I think there were a bunch of complimentary tickets handed out for this performance, and two of them were left behind at my mother's workplace and never claimed.

From the Wiki article: An especially dark black comedy, it tells the tale of Katurian, a fiction writer living in a police state who is interrogated about the gruesome content of his short stories, and their similarities to a number of bizarre child murders occurring in his town.

Click if you've seen it )

It was a story about stories, ultimately. As a reader and writer of Poe-esque horror I found it absolutely compelling and brilliant, and I'm really incredibly glad that it basically fell into my lap, as it were.
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Haha oh [livejournal.com profile] bandom_recs. I wrote comment fic! About Robot Patrick!

...instead of my Power and Change essay plan! Woo!

No, really, it's yet another case of the thing that's NOT THAT HARD RLY but I just don't wanna.

And that video clip was just begging for it. Well, so was [livejournal.com profile] greyandgrey really. I couldn't resist!

It was probably a better procrastination method than tetris. DAMN YOU, ZIG ZAG BLOCKS.


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