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and boy do my feet hurt. I was unfortunately rostered such that not only did I miss the panel I wanted to see, but also I spent two thirds of the day on my feet, telling people how to queue and when to queue and that they were bloody well not in any way allowed to take recording equipment into the photobooth to ask a star personal questions about his dead wife, oh my god.

however, I still had fun wandering the stalls on my off-shift. I bought a Hufflepuff badge and a Hawkeye hairclip and a ring with mustaches on (I decided against the love-heart caribiner), and a boy at the costume stall inexplicably gave me lollies and a dodgy Harry Potter wand when I entered their raffle (which is how I discovered that the French word for wand is baguette), and I found a wooden clothespeg on the floor with "I don't think you are a waste of space -- Dudley" written on it (aww), and I took photos of excellent cosplayers like Ms Marvel and Xena, but not, alas, of the four-person Nyaan Cat cosplay or of the spontaneous fencing match that broke out between a gentleman in a white mustache & black top hat with a cane, a jedi with a green lightsaber, some other cosplayer with a big triangular sword I didn't recognise and an eight-year-old sith with a broken red lightsaber. I am legit heartbroken that nobody was filming that, and my phone had run out of batteries ;_;

Probably instead of some of that I ought to have like... sat down in between my shifts and rested m feet. Oops. At least they got a rest during the Outland panel. I thought, for some reason, (I lie, the reason is that the supanova website is not supa informative pre-con), that it was going to be about queer comic book characters or something like that, but it was actually a specific panel about a specific TV show that I do not watch. The two gay dudes at its helm seemed like cool guys, but I had absolutely no familiarity with their subject matter (it sounds a bit like a queer Aussie The Guild? maybe?) and one of them kept on cackling in a faintly disturbing sort of way, so after a while I left and looked at more stalls.

Tomorrow I have less work to do, but also absolutely no panels that I really want to see, so I expect I shall wander the stalls yet again and perhaps buy some books or overpriced Goth clothing. There was some really cool stuff, but I figured I'd do my wallet some good by waiting until a second look confirmed I really wanted it and/or someone put up end-of-show markdowns. And obviously I can't afford any tophats or funky necklaces made of old clock parts or trench-coats with buckles on, regardless.

Oh, and I cosplayed Delirium again, but nobody recognised me this time, and I saw nobody else dressed as anything from Sandman. It made me sad. But there's always tomorrow!

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Hey, internet. Long time no see, unless you hang out on tumblr. Now I am ill and livejournal is unreliable and OBVIOUSLY THIS IS THE BEST TIME TO RETURN TO BLOGGING. In lieu of a huge catchup entry that I will procrastinate on because there is so much stuff to put in it, I am just going to post three random things that have happened since last I wrote here.

1. I had a belated 21st birthday party. But Maggie, I hear you say, is your birthday not in August? why, yes it is! And in honour of my 21st birthday party being closer in date to my 22nd actual birthday than anything else, I dubbed it the Timey Wimey birthday and me and my boyfriend dressed up as the fourth and eleventh Doctors. It was awesome. I got very very drunk, which I maintain was not my fault because my friends mandated that I take a drink every time I interrupted someone else's speech, and they know me.

Also this happened.

2. I won a journal subscription using a tin of sardines. Also I ate the sardines.

There was a book-themed picnic competition listed in the program for the NSW Writers Center inaugural young writers festival - they invited everyone to bring a picnic basket selected to fit a favourite book, e.g. mushroom products for alice in wonderland or whatever. I didn’t realise till a few hours before the thing, so I grabbed some random stuff from my kitchen and a 7/11 on my route to make a Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy spread - a towel, of course, a thermos of tea, a tin of sardines (for Babelfish), some bread to eat the sardines with, and some peanut butter and mixed nuts in honour of the peanuts Ford buys from the bar in Chapter 3 (these latter two from the 7/11). I did not even have time to rustle up Trillian’s salad from the Restaurant at the End of the Universe and a friendly cow toy, I had to get on a bus. I figured people would laugh and share the fruits of their lengthier preparation with me, and everybody would nom in a writerly fashion.

Anyway it turned out nobody else brought anything so I won by default.

3. I am hopefully participating in thissss and it is not too late for you to also participate!

ladiesbigbang: a female-centric panfanwork big bang challenge
[community profile] ladiesbigbang: a female-centric panfanwork big bang challenge.
Optional sign-ups open June 1-30th, final drafts due October 1st.
sign-ups: creators | cheerleaders | betas
info: minimums | rules & guidelines | pinch hitting
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I finally watched MCR's Sing video, and now my brain is full of plotbunnies which, let's face it, will probably never come to fruition. Including one where the little girl is actually the daughter of Korse and Ray's sister. Also, does anyone know who the blonde woman is in the van at the end of that? I couldn't quite tell if she was familiar or not.

Anyway, in lieu of promising to actually write stuff (ha!) I have decided to post here my photos from the long-finished MCR costume contest. [personal profile] frostickle took these at UNSW just after I redyed my hair, it was awesome.

Read more... )
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So anyway, I have clearly not kept up with my good intentions of updating lots. I should really stop waiting for my life to calm down to do stuff like this - all signs point to not any time soon, so I may as well figure out how to work around ALL THE THINGS for blogging. I have been keeping up on reading blogs, but not really commenting - sorry guys, I'm always either feeling like I have nothing relevant to say, like you've forgotten who I am since I haven't updated in so long, or like it would be awkward to comment because the post is two or three days old in the time it took me to read it. But I am reading! I have reverted to lurkerdom. Sorry :( I'm going to try to both post and comment a bit more, but we know how that has turned out in the past :P

I'm writing this first bit chilling at a dinner party on someone else's laptop while I wait for stuff to happen. By stuff I mean food. Since the last entry I have had a fairly solid block of social life and work.

rock and roll! )

tattoos! )

parties! )

extremely nerdy pursuits! )

work! and dashing about madly! and more work! ...and then moar social life, this time more sedate )

So yes, that was A LOT OF THINGS. I have conveniently split them into sections using The Magic Of Cuts (although it will be of most utility to DW users on their reading page or anyone browsing [personal profile] bliumchik, because of Dreamwidth's handy little triangle cut thing). It has been a fun week, but I am also glad now that the weekend is appearing sedate. There was a party on Friday as well, but I had to babysit, so instead of flailing at people on a beach I played scrabble with a sevenyearold. And I lost, because I kept telling him what words to use. It's just really frustrating to play against someone who keeps putting down "at" :P

I'm just gloriously lazing around my room and immersing my brain in the internet, while outside my window my new neighbours yell incoherently and splash about in a kiddie pool with all their housewarming guests.

SO, PEOPLE WHO INEXPLICABLY STILL READ MY BLOG: if you have gotten this far, or even if you have skipped all of the random anecdotes, Answer Me These Questions Three!

1. I am submitting a sample Advice Column to my student magazine, hoping to write a monthly one this year! Give me sample questions to answer in it. They can be serious or humorous, preferably some mix between the two - you can post them screened if you like. LET ME ADVISE YOOOOOUUU MOOHOOHAHAHahem.

2. Who wants to volunteer at Armageddon Sydney? I'm not sure if it's too late or not, but the form is still up on their website... I'm thinking of applying but obviously it's more fun with friends!

3. What hilarious horrifying yet realistic tattoo shall I tell my dad I'm thinking of getting before revealing my comparatively classier one so that he doesn't freak out about it? (nothing will stop my mum from freaking out :P)
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I am half-convinced, by now, that tales of sunny long weekends in Newcastle are but a cosy myth perpetuated by the organisers of This Is Not Art in order to attract people to their festival. Oh, sure, Hannah claims to have spent nearly a decade attending it with reasonable success in the weather. Faced with two consecutive years of rain, rain, rain I feel a tad skeptical. But hey, at least this time we weren't camping!

We met in the city at the unspeakably early hour of nine in the goddamn morning1 and divvied up car seats. Bonnie and I had a pleasant chatty ride in Hannah's car, interrupted only by an emergency bacon stop and a brief moment of confusion as Mat waved at us from the window of his car - in order, it turned out, to tell us to stop hogging the middle lane. We arrived at the Beachside Backpackers in a more-or-less coordinated fashion and set off to have lunch at a cafe which turned out to be twenty minutes walk away. (Luckily I had filled my thermos with tea at the hostel.) Only when we got there did I realise that I wasn't actually hungry, so wandered off to Staple Manor to check out some panels and things. I arrived just in time for the vaguely named "hosted by Vanessa Berry" which sounded exciting as she is a well-known Zine Personage. She was indeed very nice but what she was hosting turned out to be a bit of a sit down on some cushions to chat about her op-shop zines and upcoming festival events and such, so after a bit I left that to check out a Comic Book Launch on the other side of the same room. This turned out to be a Comic Book Not-Launch on the basis of the copies of said comic book having failed entirely to actually be printed in time for its own launch. However there were free samples, champagne, and David Blumenstein's industry stories, all of which I partook of before wandering off yet again2. Having been inspired by Vanessa Berry and the realisation that everyone else in my group was planning to go to the parties I had avoided last year, was not anticipating this year and had failed to pack for, I checked out some vintage and second-hand stores for improved attire.

long weekend is somehow less long than my last post )

1 for those who do not know me, be not alarmed! every hour before noon counts as the goddamn morning in my books.
2 I was having a bit of a fidgety day and had circled entirely too many concurrent events on the program.
3 The store also had shirts and excellent aladdiny vests, but all of them were, alas, the wrong size. Woe.
4 The program said "featuring Simon McInnerny" and he was sitting right at the front, so that might have been him? IDK
5 It was also easy to locate by zeroing in on the nanna-noises xD
6 The first batch was vodka-lemonade flavoured, mmm-mmm!
7 Well, I don’t know what YOUR year twelve formal was like…
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Mrgh, still lagging behind the update train I am. I've a little collection of links from the past week or so that I'll post after this even though they are no longer new so some of you may have seen them.

I'm home again after a week of doooing stuuuuffff, the last few days of which involved me only returning to my house to sleep, and that only half the time.

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It's nearly fucking twenty ten, y'all! I have high hopes. (that up there is an 8tracks wot I made on the theme! Does it work?

It's amazing how much confidence I gain from actually having written things. (...that people have read. I have been checking my hit counts like a ridiculous person :P)

If you wanna guess which yuletide stories are mine, here are some clues:
1. There is one full length story and two madness treats.
2. They all use phrases for titles (capitalisation variable).
3. Said titles all share a word (or a conjugation of it)
4. One of the treats is porny (and has so many more hitcounts than the others XD naturally)

I wanted to stick a random obscure #vocabulary word into each but I only managed one.

My gifts were a cute Vorkosigan story (from a pinch-hitter, which you have to respect - I was in chat the last day or so and it was HECTIC) and one third of a triptych on Who Killed Amanda Palmer which was amaaazing! There were actually several awesome WKAP stories which makes me happy :) this one was particularly dazzling.

I want to just link you guys to my bookmarks list, actually, because I have been reading some awesome stories, but I can't find a sharelink. So let me just point out that someone did write a Many Moons fic and it was wonderful, and also a HIMYM story of hilarity entitled The Legendary Fiveway (does what it says on the tin).

I am up at four am again so this post feels a little incoherent. Today my cat spent some time using my mobile phone as a pillow and then brought me a dead bird. I ate another hilarious gourmet midnight snack. I made my first smoothie and it was amazing - YOU GUYS. YOU CAN JUST BLEND STUFF AND THEN DRINK IT! HOW COOL IS THAT. (Note to self: next time check mystery fruit for seeds.) I went shopping like a grown up person.

Tomorrow people are coming to my actual house /o\ for an ancient TV show marathon. I rented MacGuyver!
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What do I do as soon as I start posting again? Stop posting :P naturally. I have had a busy couple of weeks, internet! Let me tell you about it! With pictures, mostly linked in-text for the benefit of anybody who’s capped or something, because there are rather a lot of them. This entry’s written in fits and starts so a couple asides are out of date, particularly the one pertaining to my stab wound, but I’m leaving them in anyway :)

did I just say that about the stab wound to make you click the cut? maybe I did, maybe I didn’t… )

So that was that. Next post: a meme and a macro and some awesome statuary, plus tales of my further clubbing adventures if all goes well (or hilariously unwell) tonight (and David actually shows up :/)
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Okay, so something happened to my saved draft? And now I have to go find alllll those photos alllllll over again.

Headpig is not happy about this situation.

So yeah, post is STILLLL upcoming. In the meantime have a macro wot I made.

PS that first one is doing the six degrees of internet separation rounds - look, Mary Borsellino linked it! :D I almost feel internet famous :P

More Things

Mar. 4th, 2009 01:26 am
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Ahhh, sweet sweet solvency. February's tutoring paycheck is SUCH a relief. In celebration I bought breakfast, some comics and escrima sticks! )

How awesome are they! They did not come in black, obviously, they came in Rattan, but Salvador advised me to duct tape the hand grips in order to avoid splinters, so I figured why not do the whole thing and look very stylish. PS duct tape is really hard to layer evenly.

On the bus to Escrima I overheard two random strangers, a blonde girl and a weedy dark skinned bloke, in the course of one half hour bus trip, discover that they are both dancers, commiserate on the shallowness of the industry, the difficulty of getting gigs and the thanklessness of teaching jobs, decide to form a dance group and exchange numbers. It was kind of awesome.

Tomorrow: to buy the one completely totally not available online in any way shape or form textbook for this semester. Advertising. It's $120 but sadly vital. The other two subjects have e-readings. Today's lot were unspeakably dull, you've no idea. But I was never really planning to write an essay about Douglas Sirk so it doesn't really matter. In class we livened up the discussion some by way of innuendo about Rock Hudson and speculation on the topic of man-eating erection-symbolizing deer. Also tomorrow: jamming with Lily in an actual music room for once instead of on the lawn where passersby can raise eyebrows at us or ask to try out Lily's unicycle.

My cat got into a fight with the neighborhood tom the other day and is limping. We took her to the vet and now it is my job to mash up half an antibiotic pill each morning and evening and mix it with water and squirt it into her mouth with a syringe-like thingy. I should not complain, it is my dad's job to hold her mouth open.

I have almost completely sorted out my wardrobe - everything but the sock drawer is in the right place and much less full of redundancy than it was. This is no thanks to my mother who snuck into my room while I was out to remove things from the massive garbage bag full of useless items and put them back in my wardrobe.

And now: sleeeeeep.
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Ahaha I totally meant to update... somewhat earlier. Anyway, as some of you may have noticed, the 27th was Rabbit Hole Day. Turns out there's an LJ community! [ profile] rabbitholeday, who'd have thought.

In any case, What I Did On Tuesday did not in fact involve cyborgs in any way, shape or form, although i did end up looking a little like a cyborg. That's right, it was Liza's Epic Makeover day.

pay no attention to the lulz behind the curtain )

Anyway, there is moar to tell about the past few days but I really need to go to sleep now as I'm heading up to Foster with Nicky tomorrow, and I should really be up by ten thirty at the latest. So I'll see you guys on like... Wednesday or something, idk.
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Woo, partay. Melissa inexplicably decided on a Mafia theme but I was the only one who went all out. EVERYBODY came in a fedora, I was the only one with suspenders and a mascara mustache, oh yeah! We met up at the Argyle (which was more suitable for a Pirate theme, arrg) and when I say met up, I mean I got there half an hour late and Melissa showed up ten minutes after me. The bouncer did a gangster fistbump or something with me as I came in, and the other one made a reference to Movember. Then they looked doubtfully at the longhaired ten-year-old in my passport photo (I have a... shortage of ID at the moment) but let me in. The courtyard was crowded as hell and I desperately looked around for someone I recognised, but found only some drunken random who came up to me and called me Mickey and asked to get his photo taken with me. I swear, this only happens to me! (Although two other people who showed up later claimed to have been accosted by randoms as well, respectively addressed as "George Michael" and "Michael Jackson" so, you know, it could have been the same guy...)

mustachio'd shenanigans )

In short, nice day, early start tomorrow (well, early for ME, lol nine in the morning) and good night!
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LJ has done up a stylish black and red for Halloween and it's raining faintly midnight out my window. Undeadjournal, let me tell you about the Lurch.

I arrived at Hyde Park late - or at least, I thought so, but then we didn't leave for another hour because the guys from the charity didn't come to pick up all the tinned food we brought for ages. In the mean time, I got all made up - it's amazing what you can do with perfectly normal eye make-up. I also borrowed some fake blood from this Undead sister-in-armsbrains. I didn't use as much as some people present, though!

Highlights of the costumery include: Zombie marathon runners (well, lurchers) with hilarious signs, zombie cat. (om nom nom brains). Also a duck. I will leave it to your imaginations whether the cat bit the duck or vice versa. Other bits of awesomeness: Zombie Ukelele, Zombie Scene Kids, Zombie Pool... has zombie stopped looking like a word to you yet?

Then... we lurched. We marched, well, shambled, from Hyde Park to Pitt Street Mall, via Martin Place, where we passed a bemused wedding party. Occasionally we shouted slogans ("What do we want?"


"When do we want'em?"


"Who are we voting for?"


"What's the square root of pi?"

...guess.) or moaned "iced teeeeeea" or "social juuustiiiice" instead of "braaaains." We scared and delighted some tourists and all in all, many lulz were had. A+ would lurch again.
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While I'm on the topic of photos, the snake/hat combo I wore to the Panic concert. You know, since I actually bothered to get things off my mobile and onto my computer. hey look, demented windmills on my face!

In other news, Who Killed Amanda Palmer. All of it is now up in music videos on youtube. (is that all of it?) IT IS AMAZING. AMAZING OMG. WANT. WANTWANTWANT.


Sep. 24th, 2008 01:42 pm
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Ahoy, the internets! Matches photos are up at, not yet on moshpix. For the sadly Matches-deprived I would like to point out that this is Jon and this is Shawn and his lolarious ruffled shirt. This is the new bassist, Dylan. This is the drummer, :|face.

And this is Jon's BROKEN FINGERS. BROKEN FINGERS, YOU GUYS. And here's the transformer guitar and Shawn going ^,^. Also, observe someone trying to fix Jon's wiring issues.

PS there is another fair outside my house. That or an athletics carnival idk I can hear a lady on a megaphone and kids screaming.
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alas, Return Of The Deth Flu!!!

My life has such bad timing. It's not even funny anymore.

PS: My tower! It's the one in the back. Nevermind my stunned fish expression, I'm just concentrating on trying to get the thing standing. That was Version Too Fucking Tall, we had to remove some straws from the top to get it to balance at all. But I totally take credit for the awesome shape. It's like a cross between a rocket and a jesus fish, but it's surprisingly stable at lower heights.
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My social life has such poor timing. I had two weeks of holidays in which literally nothing happened, I practically never left the house, and now that I'm coming into final essay zone I have two weekends in a row of drunken antics. Whyyy. Not that I would pass up the drunken antics, especially since the alternative was not so much doing my assignments as sitting at my computer and failing to start my assignments. Which is, uh. What I'm doing now.

Anyway! Last Saturday was Jess's Super Secret Birthday Surprise which Stan planned. This involved many msn conversations with me that went sort of like this (paraphrased):

Stan: I want to do something creative. What do you think about midnight picnics? With barbecue!
Me: winter?
Stan: There can be tents!
Me: Where is the barbecue in this scenario? Also, where are you getting the tents on one week's notice?
Stan: ...what do you think about wigs and masks?


Stan: Look! A cake-ordering website! Help me choose, they all look too delicious!
Me: They do. Ooh, Pavlovas! What does Jess like?
Stan: Chocolate.
Me: didn't see the problem with asking me for advice on that?
Stan: *handswavy* Judge them by their appearance.
Me: Mmm, metaphors. Dammit, now I'm hungry.

Behind the cut: Wigs, booze and Bowie )
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Purple Sneakers was your typical uni club scene. Alcohol, dancing, deafening music volume. The difference here was somewhat better quality music than most dance clubs, and free acrylic face paint which was supposed to glow in the dance lights but really didn't. It was still fun to play with, though!

Observe )

Anyway, aside from the childish fun of telling people I punched a clown and peeling paint off my hands (it's like sunburn without the pain! Win-win!) it was just a regular clubbing experience, and enough to cement my disillusionment with the whole clubbing scene we were promised. I'm not all that interested in rubbing up against randoms on the dance floor, so my whole reason for being there is essentially to see a few friends who I can't really talk to anyway because the music is too loud. Give me a house party with pizza, vodka and negotiable music volume any day.

In more sobering news, please read this.
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Last night was my very first clubbing attempt, which did not go badly at all. According to Avi the place was less a Goth club than a general metalhead type thing, on account of not being slutty enough. It turned out that my technically expired passport was sufficient ID, and the music was so loud that the kid who tried to sell us weed had to do so by typing up an sms and showing us the screen. Details (and photos [not incriminating ones!]) below the cut!

despite all my rage I am still standing on a crowded dance-floor sort of bopping vaguely )
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You may be aware, by this point, that an evening out with Captain Oblivious has a certain nightly Fail Quota to fulfill. Last Tuesday's formal, fun as it was, was no exception. I got my first hint as to the size of the fail with the arrival of my carpool buddies. Now, Diana and Nicky showed up no problemo, but Min had some difficulty with the front gate. And with the intercom. And apparently with all three of our mobile phones, because she solved the problem by having her dad pick the lock. As you do.

In which my fixtures sustain no structural damage. The same cannot, alas, be said for my glasses. Or my dignity. )

I have no good non-watermarked images yet, but here's my group! Aren't we adorable! Jenny is projecting her Sleaze Aura once more. But we love her and we know she can't help it.

So that was the long-awaited Formal post. A good time was had by all, including the asshole who stole my hat. As an official end to my high school life it was strangely fitting in representing it - quirky, blurry and full of fail, but in good company. Cheers, guys!


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