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Well, it's a little early, but I'm hoping to inspire some of my flisters to offer some of these fandoms, so here is my letter! :3 I wanted to get Danger Days and Drive in here as well, but alas, fourprompts ;_; are we all excited for yuletide? I'm excited!

generally speaking, I'm pretty flexible on fic content. I like gen and all of the kinds of ships, so even if my request is for one type of fic, I will be much happier if you write an awesome fic that you're excited to write in another genre than if you sweat it over something you hate. If there is sex, pretty much anything goes if it makes sense for the characters - I'd rather avoid involving the non-sexual bodily fluids in sexytimes, although a little blood's okay if it strikes you that way, and I'd rather avoid noncon, incest and anything underage that involves a big age gap, but that's about it for squicks. Pretty much all the other kinks are welcome.

in gen fic? (well, also in shippy fic, quite frankly xD) I like a faintly ridiculous sense of humour, but I also like wry, understated humour. I'm a fan of Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams and suchlike. I also like angst if it's not too melodramatic - my angst!kinks pretty much boil down to "the world gets in the way of your intense emotional repression." Keep that one in mind if you're here for Casablanca xD

Wild Zero:, what can I even say about Guitar Wolf: Wild Zero?

I’m just going to link to the last yuletide letter I wrote on this topic, since that says everything I need to. Also, at the bottom of that letter I mentioned a Glorious Maximum Rock’n’Roll Crossover with Danger Days? That is an extreeeemely optional extra, but if you like them both and an idea strikes you, go for it! Don’t worry about my request details if they don’t fit said idea. Spirit of the law and all that. Actually, I suppose it wouldn’t be a MAXIMUM rock’n’roll crossover unless it also involved Spinal Tap. Look, just pick something and run with it :P


My Dearly Beloved Detective: This is a new one for me! If you’re just dropping in, this is a Russian genderswapped Sherlock Holmes movie from the eighties. As it predates the popular modern adaptations, its primary influences other than Arthur Conan Doyle are the older British and Russian TV adaptations, which really shows in its style and references. It is also taking the piss out of the genre something terrible, which is one of my favourite things about it – that sort of gentle satire that comes from a place of love but still manages to highlight all manner of ridiculosity. As of writing this I have not finished watching the damn thing, because for some reason I decided to translate as I go instead of watching the whole thing and going back. So this may get edited later. But so far, here are some things that I enjoy about the movie:

  •  The way Shirley takes it all so seriously and finds it hard to get her head around Jane not feeling the same.
  • The ridiculous look at how British media/culture looks to outsiders/gets stereotyped – I mean, the poodles! xD
  • The, let’s face it, tuxedo drag. I really quite like the tuxedo drag.
  • The long-suffering villain/incompetent minion thing Lester and Biggs have going.

 My prompts: I reckon I want some femslash, but I’ll elaborate on this when I finish the movie :P

Digger: I only got around to this comic recently and I love it to pieces! I love the down to earth wombat nature, and I love the adorable little shadow creature, and my heart breaks over Ed and his family. The statue of Ganesh is pretty awesome too. As great as all the drama is, probably my favourite things are the tiny absurdities, like the shrew who is a troll or the vampire gourds. I think it’s partly the wtf factor but mostly the way Digger responds to them. wombat facepalms, awww. 

My prompts: I want to hear about a hilarious adventure or two that Digger has on the way home with Manuel. I'd love it if the ex-shadowchild turned up again at some point, possibly with a troop of its little shadow-cadets that it said it was going to look out for. Digger

 Casablanca: Earlier this year, my partner discovered that I had never seen this movie. He was aghast! I patiently explained that my parents are Russian and we had Andrei Mironov instead of Humphrey Bogart. He insisted I watch it right away. Later he called me to apologise in a pout because it turned out none of his friends had seen it either. Cool story bro! Anyway, it’s a pretty great movie with pretty great characters. I’m a sucker for broken people because I just want to smoosh them and make everything okay. This movie also pinged my road not taken senses like crazy. Hence…

 My prompts: ot3 fixitfic! Yes, I want to hear about the alternate universe in which young Rick stayed with Ilsa in Paris, helped her look after Victor, and then they all had hot antifascist threesomes. Everybody loves hot antifascist threesomes! er, if you do not love hot antifascist threesomes, one of us is presumably a space-alien, but that is okay because space-aliens need love too, so please write me some post-movie Rick/Renault resistance fic, up to you whether that slash is the sexy slash or the bro slash. It would be super cool if Sam found some way to join them also, although alas he was not on the character list.

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