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Assignment done done done! Yay \o/ I think that was the very best last minute shop job I have ever done. I realised I had not done the print ad with about twenty minutes to go, found a random picture of a house (er... a swiss chalet, but the swiss countryside and the Aussie countryside are SURPRISINGLY SIMILAR, YOU GUYS), deleted the sky, stuck in a gradient in the company colours and slapped my headline in the middle. Also I photoshopped a solar-panel-covered roof onto the swiss chalet. IT LOOKED REALLY GOOD, WTF. Then I dashed around trying to find a print shop that was open that late, lol. I don't know if I've actually described this project here - the ad was part of a massive report in which I evaluated some sustainability-themed ads, picked the worst one, explained why it sucked, and then fixed it complete with creative brief and media plan. Oh, and with a linked online ad (that turned out pretty well too YAY CLONE TOOL *glomps it*) but my point is, IT WAS MASSIVE. The print guy took one look at it and said "We're going to need a bigger stapler." And he got out the industrial sized stapler (which was really cool) and charged me fifty cents extra, but by that point I was just like GET ON WITH IT I NEED TO NOT FAIL THIS PLZKTHNX.

In other news... uh... in... I'm very annoyed, I distinctly remember thinking "I'm going to write a blog post about this and it is going to be awesome" and now I can't remember what "it" was. COUGH UP, BRAIN.

Fine, instead have a really cool short story, a really freaky game and something SLIGHTLY wolverine-spoilery that made me lol here.

My internets continue capped until tomorrow! Oh my gosh I am so tired of this snail's pace, how did we ever get anything done back in the days of dial-up??

I keep getting twitterfollowed by randoms :/ a couple of them are interesting, one is a decent author who's just slightly annoying because of spamming us with links to his stories, and the rest are porn/marketing spammers and a Republican. I'm slightly baffled about that last one, where on earth could he have found me? He didn't say hello. Who the hell does he think I am? All of his posts appear to be "man obama's doing stuff :(" and "who does that olberman guy think he is bagging out teabaggers" and WHYYYY DID YOU ADD ME OH MY GOD.
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I no longer remember who linked me to this but you guys. TEARS. TEARS OF LAUGHTER. Even if you have no idea who Warren Ellis or Alan Moore are, go have a listen. (He wrote Watchmen and V for Vendetta, you heathens :P) I love it when comics people tell Alan Moore stories, he is like that strange spinster auntie that comes out with non sequiters at parties and sometimes knits you things that shouldn't be awesome but somehow are.

Today me and Lily wrote a song that reminds me alternately of The Nightmare Before Christmas and the Lonely Goatherd song. I feel the urge to yodel creepily. Actually we didn't finish writing it, I'm not that good at coming up with words on the fly yet, but we have the basic gist of it. Also met up with Avi and Stan and Jess and ate a free hot dog (I did not catch what it was in honour of) and then some semolina pudding pressed upon me by an earnest member of the UNSW Hare Krishna Society. Yum, semolina! Avi also took advantage of their free vegetarian lunch thing. Then I went to class and managed to, well.

See, we were talking about Maslow's Heirarchy in the context of ads and what exactly they appeal to, because one of our assignments involves being given a crappy ad and asked to improve it, by means of drawing up a different version for each step of the pyramid. (I find it hilarious at this point to think about Melissa's HSC Extension 2 English project which she planned to base on Maslow, but it ended up being about sex, which was awkward when it came to Mentor Review.) (Speaking of awkward, during the lecture there was an ad relating to penis enlargement on the screen. It was a clever ad but the way the lecturer danced around saying the word "penis" was hilarious to behold.)

Anyway, the tutor decided to give us some practice and put a slide of rainwater tanks on the screen. "Okay," he says, "Let's start with physiological. Who's got some ideas for slogans?" Obviously I had some ideas, but that is beside the point. Ten minutes later we get to Ego. And uh. It just kind of slipped out.

"My tank is bigger than yours!" I mumbled. ...very audibly.

My tutor literally facepalmed.

At least I managed to keep the comment about zombie apocalypses sotto voce during the Safety discussion.
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It's poured down like a motherfucker all day long, and I have finally finished enrolling in next year's classes. Thanks to Stan I now have an appropriate word to use on my university's website: Cuils. It had at least 2.5 of them. Where shall I start? The byzantine linkage-tunnels of the UTS website? The inescapably random nature of my course outline? The various oddities created by the less-than-smooth transition from my version of the course to the one next year's intake is getting?

I put it off a week or so because I was confused by the category names on my "study plan" - a completely unnecessary part of the process in which I have to "expand" various branches of credit point clusters that do not appear to be structured either chronologically or by class progression streams. The relevant branches need to be expanded before I can choose subjects from the options for them. However, there is zero benefit to having them un-expanded in the first place, so I have no idea what the thing's FOR in the grand scheme of things, and why I couldn't have just proceeded straight to the subject choosing phase. Anyway, the category names - it was pretty easy to figure out things like "200 level professional stream writing subjects" but what, I wondered, was the difference between "200/300 level disciplinary cultural studies subjects" and "200 or 300 level disciplinary subjects" and WHICH ONE AM I DOING IN 2009. "Fuck it," I said, a week ago, and went to play some breakout or read some fanfiction or something. I am easily discouraged. The next time I thought of it, a few days later, it turned out that the web enrollment function stops functioning after ten pm, and since I wake up well after midday lately and am sort of forgetful it took me a while to catch it.

So yesterday I logged on around five only to find that the website appeared to have accidentally the whole sidebar with all the student admin functions in it. This was not helpful. A quick !? over msn determined that [ profile] faerie_mistress was not having this problem. Thinking the system may have suddenly discovered an allergy to Linux I went and tried it on my dad's PC - no dice. So that was another day out. Today, inexplicable return of functionality! Hurrah! I dealt smoothly with the category naming issue by "expanding" everything that was available to expand, figuring I'd determine the category that was actually relevant to my next session by checking the subjects in it against the subjects listed in my outline.

At this point I realised that the site was in the process of being updated for the new curriculum. This meant that the course outline immediately available was completely useless to me, and also that half the links in the enrollment page went nowhere - or rather, to a smug-sounding declaration that my bookmarks must be obsolete. My bookmarks!? Your goddamn fancy online enrollment system! Anyway, I noticed a little "archives" link in the handbook and cunningly deduced that I could access the outline I was given by looking at an old handbook.

...then I discovered that my first two subject choices for that stream were already full. OBVIOUSLY. And my third choice turned out to have a prerequisite... which turned out to be one of the subjects that was full. I am not sure what it was doing on that subject list in the first place if its prerequisite was ALSO first listed for that semester. So, long story short, I'm totally doing Cinematic Cultures. Should be fun.
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I do not know why everyone always mentions Brad Pitt in the context of "lol sexy" when the man is HILARIOUS. Whenever he plays a total douchebag in a movie I am crying with laughter. In other words go see Burn After Reading because it is brilliant. I went with Liza a few nights back completely at random (it's sort of refreshing for the time between the suggestion and the movie to count less than an hour). She insisted on the largest popcorn size available - which turned out to be called Maxi. Now I don't know about you but I for one would neither think "maxi" should be bigger than "bucket" nor associate the word with anything other than feminine hygiene products, but enough of that...

No, okay, seriously. The Bucket size should actually contain enough popcorn to FILL A BUCKET, otherwise what is the point? The only thing that should be bigger than a Bucket of popcorn is a Metric Fuckton of popcorn (which we would totally have got.)

...(is this popcorn superabsorbent? Does it have wings? Is it advertised by a comical beaver muppet? SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT.)

Anyway, after rolling in the aisles for a bit and feeling sorry for the Only Guys In This Movie Not Getting Laid Club (I for one was anticipating a little more solidarity on their parts, but you know. Rocks fall.) we went back to my place where my mother pressed tea and embarrassing childhood photographs on us and Liza plotted to glue things to the ceiling after being ambushed by the Blue Exercise Ball of Doom. It was nice to catch up, Liza and I have this weird sort of friendship where we just totally don't talk for months and then there is Surprise Bonding.

Now I'm trying to arrange concurrent study at UNSW so as to be able to take music as an elective. Trying is the operative word there, the website is sort of baffling. Eventually I found the page for Misc Enrollment but they appear to have accidentally all their links, so I am going to have to go in in person tomorrow.

The i'm in for a Weekend of Doom with Melissa's birthday party followed directly by horse riding at ten in the goddamn morning, after which I'm taking Cassie to see Waiter Painter, which is a play TROUTS put on that I totally meant to do crew for but forgot to reply to the email *looks sheepish*

Tally ho!
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My flist has been exploding for the last few hours - well, since like four am this morning - well, all week, honestly. Well... okay, the USA has the longest and loudest election campaigns ever, but today. Today my flist has been INUNDATED both by Americans and otherwise, but have I joined in the kerfuffle? Nay, I have not, for I had a 2500 word essay to finish by this afternoon which I started... well, let me tell you, you don't wanna know how late I started it. I had to do a semiotic analysis of a song, which, as far as I can tell, differs from a regular analysis only in that certain keywords must be used and Roland Barthes namechecked a lot. (Next up for Friday, postmodernism essay in which certain keywords must be used and Michel Foucault namechecked a lot. Joy.)

The upshot of which is that I have had The Mountain Goats' "Lovecraft in Brooklyn" playing on repeat for about twenty four hours, and my desk is covered with big hardbacks proclaiming "signification ablaze" at me in gold lettering, and my back hurts, and I had to look up what a mason jar is on wikipedia. BUT I AM DONE. FINISHED. FINITO. What's more, I'm actually PROUD of this essay. I think, knock on wood, I think it's GOOD. I haven't felt that way about a piece of academic writing in years.

Coincidentally, the same could be said of U.S. elections. Good work, you guys, and congratulations.


Jun. 4th, 2008 05:38 pm
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*breathes out*

So that was semester one of uni. God, that last essay was so. Fucking. Bad. Probably the only actual fail-worthy assignment so far, thankfully, but urgh. I think I learned my lesson about leaving things to the last minute.

Text message from my mum this morning:
Mag hei the last on Uve gotta move it move it you can do it eat banamas mum

Now, for some closure, a list of Ways The Internet Has Infiltrated My Education:

1 report about Livejournal.
1 analysis of an ad on Youtube that I got from Feministe.
1 essay about fandom.
1 use of "for the lulz" in a powerpoint presentation.
1 semester of fucking around online instead of doing my work.


The End! I will not think about uni any more this week at all. Have some palate cleansers:

Hilarity: Internet Party and the sequel, Internet Intervention.

Zomg: 5 L. Ron Hubbard lies (aside from, you know, the big one), and while you're there, 6 most bad-ass stunts ever pulled in the name of science.

In more solemn news, illustrated stories from the China earthquake.
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Haha oh [ profile] bandom_recs. I wrote comment fic! About Robot Patrick!

...instead of my Power and Change essay plan! Woo!

No, really, it's yet another case of the thing that's NOT THAT HARD RLY but I just don't wanna.

And that video clip was just begging for it. Well, so was [ profile] greyandgrey really. I couldn't resist!

It was probably a better procrastination method than tetris. DAMN YOU, ZIG ZAG BLOCKS.
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Oh man, why don't I have more Vampire Weekend music? They did a cover of Exit Music (For A Film)! That's awesome! Speaking of music, sometimes misheard lyrics are cooler than the real ones. I speak specifically of Panic At The Disco. I mean yes, "like moths upon old scarves" does make more sense in context than "like mouths upon old scars" but... *sigh*

So, my Rethinking Culture tutor thinks my first assignment was absolutely wonderful except for that little thing where he can't mark it higher than a Pass because there were no references. OOPS. He actually drew a sadface on my eval! No lie! It says "you've _spoiled_ an otherwise terrific piece of work :-(" at the end. It also contains the phrase "But.. but... only one inclusion of cultural studies material?" I can just see him making a sad puppy dog face at my essay. ROFL.

Today was sort of made of fail in general. The temperature plummeted at some point while I was visiting my grandparents on Monday, because when I walked back to the bus stop I was shivering. I also woke up a few times in the night because I was FUCKING FREEZING, and then again at 7:15 because I forgot to reset my alarm clock from yesterday's morning wake up call. Then I naturally fell asleep again until TWENTY PAST NOON at which point I rolled out of bed going SHIT SHIT SHIT ONE PM CLASS.

I figured I could make it if I got the twelve thirty bus, which left no time for breakfast, so I'd drop by Oporto's along the was to take advantage of their convenient All Day Breakfast. alas! Twas not to be, for they have taped over the "all day" on the sign with a sticker that says "until eleven am." THANKS FOR NOTHING, DELICIOUS PORTUGESE CHICKEN MAKERS. I ended up getting a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich from the crappy little cafe at the bus stop. It's not actually crappy in the traditional sense, it's actually quite nice looking with like focacias and stuff, but apparently they do not understand the meaning of "sandwich." In my experience a sandwich generally has two pieces of bread on either side of the filling, for ease of one-handed eating on public transport. Also so that the cheese doesn't STICK TO THE PAPER BAG, FUCKERS. It wasn't even that good.

Anyway, I missed half the lecture. Sad, it was on subcultures. I felt very awkward in tutorial because I had many opinions I couldn't quite put words to. I didn't know the topic until I got there and hadn't had time to think about it. I wanted to mention fandom, but then I was kind of like " the hell do I explain this? Nobody here will have any clue what I'm talking about without like, a whole essay of background." In the end I just said my internet niche was kind of a confluence between the geek subculture and the pop-punk/emo subculture. Which was a bit simplistic but. Whatever. Maybe I'll write my final essay on this topic, if it still bugs me.
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Guys, guys! Guess who just got back a distinction on an assignment I wrote in a couple of hours on the morning it was due? Under the word count, lacking two of the three in-text references we were asked for, somewhat less than objective, and wrapped in the finest quality formal academic BS language: Distinction and a fairly nice illegible teacher comment.

Who the hell told me universities fail people?

Okay, I'm thinking this is a subject-specific fluke because my teacher is... shall we say, not the most interesting person in the universe. I would go so far as to use the word "bland." I wouldn't be surprised if she's been there for ever and ever and by now just marks based on whether something "feels" like it's worth a distinction. Because a Journalism kid who'd already gotten an assignment back reckons there have been a couple of fails in his class. And I don't see how those people could possibly have put in less effort than I did.

No, I need more data! I'll have to wait till my last two assignments are marked. Then I'll have three minimum-effort info points, which ought to be enough for an instinctive benchmark. And yes, I do intend to try a bit harder on the next batch, if only to avoid the stress of last-minute frenzies.
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Wow. Okay. Hey guys! This is me coming down off a three-day essay frenzy. This mostly consisted of realising I have two small essays due on two consecutive days about three days before, saying OHSHIT and then playing tetris a lot.

Wooow. My brain.

On the bright side, now I can has a benchmark! See, in high school I knew how to judge my own work, I could say oh yeah this'll get like seventy... whatever. Uni has a different system and I don't know yet what constitutes a pass in terms of quality. So now I have a couple of data entries for "minimum effort" - not that I plan to do that again anyway, I'm starting my next assignments immediately (or, you know... the day after...), but when I get these marks back I'll know what I can get for last-minute work. Which is really all you need to judge quality against :P

Some links:

A few funny pictures.

From Neil Gaiman's blog: Penetrating Wagner's Ring. Hard.

This video is sort of... funny? Adorable? Horribly accurate? I can't tell?

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My class Communication and Information Environments has a common theme of technophobia. Experts Advise Caution. "New" Media - Good Or Evil? Video Killed The Radio Star - And It's Coming For You(tube).

For heaven's sake. We still write with pen and paper when we've had typewriters and computers for decades. I'm sure it's decreasing a little the more portable computers get, but it's not obsolete or redundant by any means. Similarly I always think the people bewailing the internet spelling DOOM for the printed book and the CD have an air of willful hysteria about them. This next change is the harbringer of the apocalypse, no? Well, THIS one then - fine, THIS one. The elusive End Of Society As We Know it is always just over the horizon. I'm doing the reading for our first essay and apparently Andrew Keen thinks Wikipedia spells the death of Encyclopedia Brittanica and its ilk - while simultaneously being unreliable tripe and nonsense. Funny how the new thing is always utter rubbish AND YET taking over the world. Luring us in with its seductive dodginess and shitty quality OF TEMPTATION. Kids these days!

This guy just makes me sprain my face for rolling my eyes, honestly. I'm going to have such fun demolishing him in my essay tomorrow. (Yeah, it's due Wednesday and I've done a paragraph. No worries! It's only twelve hundred words! *manic grin*)

PS: Two new friends in Writing: Style And Structure who speak Russian and think Russian is awesome respectively. Random! ("Oh, I'm not Russian. I just think Cyrillic is really cool looking, you know?") Also I'm glad I'm not claustrophobic because the lifts are pretty narrow and the one in the humanities building unexpectedly had no lights on today.Me and some guy get in and the doors shut on total darkness except for the eerie red glow of the number lights. Beat. "Well, this is awkward."
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Aaah, dammit, I broke my streak on not having public-transport-related breakdowns. Seriously, Alexandria, what the hell? Oh no, but FIRST, I trecked up a massive hill in order to get to the bus stop in the first place - asking for directions twice because the first lot consisted of "just walk up that street" (and I mean UP, sheesh) and said street turned out to be a dead end full of clothing warehouses (what!?) - and then I discovered that I didn't have my mobile on me and couldn't tell my dad I was late. So I went to the payphone which was directly in the midday sun and thus 1) really hot and 2) really hard to read the screen of. And then it turned out my dad's phone was off. Then I turned around and saw my bus, and sprinted back down to the bus stop only to arrive JUST as it pulls out (completely ignoring me). Insert one mild breakdown. I catch the next bus.

"Do you go to Alexandria?" I say.
"Where in Alexandria?"
"Bourke street!"
"Yeah, sure."

Twenty minutes later, I've been watching the street signs for the word "Bourke" and I suddenly realise we're in Botany.

"Um, didn't you want to go to Alexandria?" Says the bus driver.
"Yeah." says I. "Uh, nevermind. I think this expedition was a failure, I'll just stay on this bus till Eastgardens and go home."

Which I did. So that was the first one of the year - setting a decent tone, I guess, almost three months in and nothing major. And I managed Parramatta for Diana's birthday in complete calm, so there!

Now I have to post on my CIE blog. Yes, one of my assignments is a blog. We're in small groups and we have to discuss this week's textbook chapters there. CIE, by the way, is the most boring subject in the history of the universe. It's full of old people trying to talk about the internet and coming off as slightly bewildered and desperate to keep up.

In the interests of science I will now reproduce some of my notes from a CIE lecture and tutorial. Please imagine the following spread out on the page and surrounded by little squiggles and arrowed-hearts and smiley faces and geometric patterns and pacman ghosts. And a rectangular cat. And swans. And fucking fibonacci!

this is how bored I was )
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I've had a fun couple of days! On Tuesday I went down to the Roxbury to watch an improv comedy show and discuss plans for a theatresports group with TROUTS people. Why is our drama club named after a fish? I don't know, maybe they wanted to upstage NUTS and SUDS in the Weird Acronym Olympics. Anyway, Full Body Contact No Love Tennis was absolutely hilarious, and made me really miss theatresports so I hope our thing works out. Also I finally made friends with some drama kids - now THERE'S my kind of people. On our way out we were accosted by a refugee from a costume party who demanded alcohol in honour of her twentieth birthday. We coughed up twenty cents and a pat on the back.

Wednesday was the semifinals of Scream(!), a rock band competition in which Alex B is kicking ass. Her competition included her boyfriend's band (who were decent aside from me being completely unable to hear their lyrics), a band whose lyrics made me wish I couldn't hear them, a band whose lead singer attempted Stage Antics but succeeded only in waving her hair up and down rhythmically, and a band whose songs consisted entirely of guitar solo. At that point I had to leave because my lift to Bexley (wherever the fuck that is) had a ten year old in the car and thus couldn't stay for the whole show. But I got to see Alex's band, Talkbox, which was sort of the point of the whole endeavor. They're actually pretty good, and will be in the Grand Finals in a few weeks.

And finally tonight (well, last night, as it's sort of two in the morning again) I went to the TROUTS auditions for Signal Driver, an existentialist sort of Aussie play for which I intend to crew (because I probably shouldn't take on the responsibility of acting in first semester, for one thing they expect you to show up to all the rehearsals). We get to paint a giant bus shelter! Henrietta and I both put our names down for art direction and/or general set/props work, although the director intimated that crew may get drafted onstage in the event of a critical dero shortage in the second half.

Exciting stuff! Also I've been experimenting further with the eyeliner, but that's photographs for another post.
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THREE. Three SGHS people I did not expect in my classes. Not a one that I said a word to during high school, though (well, apart from this, KaYtEE), so I continue to find my New Writing BFFs elsewhere. Mostly boys, the last few classes. Perhaps it's a reaction to six years at an all girl's school?

Of the three classes I've had so far, Writing: Style and Structure is definitely going to be my favourite - which is a good thing considering this is the professional stream for the course I chose! The others are looking okay, though. Get this, a thirty percent assignment in Communication and Information Environments involves blogging. We have a small group that discusses the readings online each week, and in May we hand in our three best and three worst "responses", one time we kicked off the discussion, and a 500-word rationale on both. No, really.

I demonstrated my sad lack of brain-to-mouth filters in Rethinking Culture. The tutor asked us for examples of Cultural Texts (this is going to be a fairly wanky topic, I can tell). TV, books, advertisements... "Okay," he says, "I'm thinking of something a little more off-the-wall..."

And I blurt out "Graffiti!"


"Because... it's... off the wall... um nevermind."

Tutor: "No, no, that's, yes, not what I was thinking of but certainly graffiti is a cultural text..."

That is a common occurrence for me. Captain O reporting, out.
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Much as my failure to have a smashing party while my parents were away sucks, it was sort of cool not to have to shower all weekend.

Uh, in less TMI news, I had my first Writing class today! The coordinator presented the lecture and all I can say is thank god she isn't doing all of them, because sure, she can write, but that monotone pretty much means I don't remember a word she said. Tutorial was more successful and promised great things to come. We're in the engineering building for no readily apparent reason except perhaps to piss them off by arranging all the desks in a lopsided circle.

Meanwhile, two people from my school have unexpectedly shown up in my course. One of their mothers also showed up next door because she coincidentally owns that townhouse - what the hell?

PS: My dad has an axe. I'm not sure what it's for, but it's little and sort of cute and leaning on our wall. *shrug*
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O Week, for those not In The Know, is short for Orientation Week, a sort of hi this is your uni there's the bucket now go meet people event. That week is actually next week, and at UTS it is more accurate to refer to it as "O Day" because it's actually just Wednesday. The rest of the week, however, is devoted to the provision of Helpful LecturesTM such as Academic Language And You - We Give A Fuck About The Oxford Comma and Excel, More Excel, Advanced Excel and Super Saiyan Excel Virtuoso X Treme. This week is split between various sessions of Official Welcomes for all new students, one of which I attended on Monday.

I headed over to the uni with yet another example of facial punctuation (dare I say punktuation?)1. The session was hard to miss what with the flock of Peer Networkers in bright orange T shirts waving at us manically and forming a sort of guard of honour pointing towards the Great Hall. There my soon-to-be fellow students and I were greeted by a bearded eccentric old man in a strange robe who gave us this magical talking hat... by which I mean, we milled around until the orange shirts directed us into orderly rows of chairs and a disembodied voice asked us to rise and welcome the Official Party.

At this point I began to experience a sort of deja vu... )
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I am now enrolled in my first year of university classes! Sadly Communications has a high bullshit ratio - each semester in this year has one writing technique class and three classes with names like "power and modernity" and no electives at all. I could have done with even just one elective this year. I don't really need contemporary culture and rethinking culture, do I?

It's still raining. It hasn't stopped at any point since this morning. Strength and stamina, oh my. I wore the trench coat. I also gave into an impulse created by the concurrence of my increased eyeliner proficiency and [ profile] bandom_recs and drew mirrored question marks on my cheeks. Just because I could. Then I arrived at UTS, filled in a bunch of forms, convinced the IT desk that I do in fact exist and thus need an email account, and went to get my student ID only to discover that, oh hey, they've gotta take your photo. Um, says I. Whoops, says I. Uh... does anyone have a tissue?

My quick trip to the bathroom to scrub at my face with that weird pink stuff from the soap dispensers proved to be fortuitous for I returned to the photo station just in time to make friends with Girl November1, who goes by her middle name, Fei Fei, on account of it being somewhat less silly sounding than "Novi." Personally I think it's cool to be named after a month that isn't April through August. She was lamenting the timing of the photo that would have to last her three years when her braces were only meant to last three months. We bonded over the general madness of ID photos and went to lunch. By which I mean we wandered vaguely in the rain until we stumbled upon Chinatown, where we shared some noodles and compared the respective sogginess of our shoes.

And I came home with really wet ankles, and now it's time for pilates!

1Tangentially, what do people think on the use of pseudonyms for folk who feature in my journal entries? I've noticed at least three people on my flist do this, but they usually have much larger reader bases than me. I mean, I don't think my friends are really in danger of stalking from randoms who find my journal, right? And it's not like I normally use last names. So is this a silly affectation or a good idea?
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One unexpected thing about short hair is you have to cut it a lot more often. I used to go to the hairdresser once every four months, tops - now it seems like I just cut it last week and it's already shaggy. Boys must spend so much on haircuts. I've been trying to grow it out all my life, so this is a change. When I was a kid I really wanted that Ukrainian hairstyle with the plait pinned across the top of the head. It's very cool, but I never got my hair long enough to do it properly, and it's really too unruly for that to have worked anyway. Maybe if I'd straightened it. Anyway, I think this style suits me better, but I'm still not used to going into a hairdresser's without worrying they'll take too much off cos I'm growing it out. Hell, the shorter the better, means I won't have to come in again too soon. That's really odd.

I am in the process of enrolling at UTS - this involves reading a lot of waffly documents about appropriate use of uni computer and email facilities or: You And Your Subpoena. Ah, bureaucracy.

Items recieved:
1 Student ID.
1 unit of waffle from Vice Chancellor re: UTS Embracing Divertingly Diversity.
1 enthusiastic message from UTS Union to remind me that there is more to life at UTS than just study.
1 declaration of whatnot for my records.
1 confirmation of enrollment.

Whee, higher education!
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You may be aware, by this point, that an evening out with Captain Oblivious has a certain nightly Fail Quota to fulfill. Last Tuesday's formal, fun as it was, was no exception. I got my first hint as to the size of the fail with the arrival of my carpool buddies. Now, Diana and Nicky showed up no problemo, but Min had some difficulty with the front gate. And with the intercom. And apparently with all three of our mobile phones, because she solved the problem by having her dad pick the lock. As you do.

In which my fixtures sustain no structural damage. The same cannot, alas, be said for my glasses. Or my dignity. )

I have no good non-watermarked images yet, but here's my group! Aren't we adorable! Jenny is projecting her Sleaze Aura once more. But we love her and we know she can't help it.

So that was the long-awaited Formal post. A good time was had by all, including the asshole who stole my hat. As an official end to my high school life it was strangely fitting in representing it - quirky, blurry and full of fail, but in good company. Cheers, guys!


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