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Name:Captain Oblivious
Birthdate:Aug 10
Location:Sydney, NSW, Australia

In Soviet Russia, colourbar loves you!

"Negative square root of two!"

By your powers combined, I am... Captain Oblivious! The following is copied directly from my livejournal profile and is in the process of being updated. Many of the links go to my LJ [ profile] maggiebloome, to which this journal currently cross-posts.

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Welcome to my castle. Please do not step on the furniture, the ego is quite fragile and we had it re-upholstered only last week. To your right is the Hall of Tales, where visitors may gather round the fire and quaff their mead while listening to tales of great glory, ineptitude and glory (fire and mead not included) (glory also not included). Also exhibited there is the Epic Flail (of JUSTICE). To your left you will find the Library, in which the (relatively) finest works of poetry, fanfiction, creative description and some pencil artwork of varying quality are available for your perusal. My fanfiction can also be found on AO3, and some fanmixes at 8tracks. Discussion, squee and constructive criticism are all more than welcome. For lighter entertainment and headscratching (head-scratchers not provided) please step into the Maze, (by clicking this link or any other you pledge that Cpt. O. &co are not responsible for any risk to life/limb/sanity and furthermore in the event of your death/injury/permanent scarring/psychic damage you are not allowed to sue, curse, swear vengeance upon, haunt or otherwise inconvenience the owner, other guests or the general state of the premises). Finally, in the event of a total breakdown of communication, civilisation, ettiquette, the molecular structure of the universe and/or life as we know it, all guests are politely and firmly encouraged to gather in the War Room (coming soon!) for further instruction.

Please, come in, make yourself at home!


Some things, which should never have been lost, were forgotten... Happily, we have Captain Oblivious to the rescue!
--[ profile] drjon

[ profile] maggiebloome is a small sphere caught in a slow yet manic simultaneous upward and downward spinning; it is much like a tiny, free-roaming planet, with a purple atmosphere containing many various shiny objects with dangly bits and gears. Its surface contents have proved an unending source of fascination to scientists, who are known to regularly disappear into unknown depths when previously unnoticed doors open unexpectedly and swallow them whole, never to be seen again.

Oh, and that thing on her head: A small blue kitten. [ profile] maggiebloome lures potential victims explorers near with the power of its cuteness.
--[ profile] woodburner

Cap'n Oblivious is, well, the cap'n. Of obliviousness. Obviously. Why are you asking? Has she done something? Is someone hurt? I just knew this would happ- oh. You don't say. With a purple bowler hat? Really?
--[ profile] active_apathy

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a perfect circle, absurdism, alexisonfire, alkaline trio, all your base, amanda palmer, amateur psychology, amusing topiary, anything that purrs, armadillo!, awesome hats, azdak, bad tony hits necromancer with spatula, badly drawn boy, bag full of ocelots, batman, being warm, black wristbands, bondage allegories, boostle, brand new, bukkit chains, bunnies, burn notice, cats, cheekbones, chokers, cobra starship, cool scarves, counting crows, crack!fic, delightful berets, discworld, doodling in notebooks, drag, drawing, duct tape, eloquent political essays, empires, ender's shadow, enter shikari, escrima, exclusive nontheism, explodescow, exploding trousers, fall out boy, fingerless gloves, firefly, free things, fuck you i'm an armadillo, general chaos, globes, good news week, good omens, hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, hornblower, hugs, human rights, janelle monae, ladybugs, legions of the undead, living upside down, magical realism, matchbook romance, memetics, mindless self indulgence, motherfucking snakes, muse, my chemical romance, oblong bits of paper, old british navy uniforms, panic at the disco, placebo, poetry, post-apocalyptic survival scenarios, pretty androgynous people, procrastinating, punctuation, punk rock, punktuation, radiohead, rain, reading comics, really creepy poetry, really long-winded interests, reason, red dwarf, regina spektor, revolutions, rock-climbing in corsets, role playing games, russell's teapot, sandman, satire, shihad, short stories by kelly link, singing, skins, slash, small fuzzy things, small leaks sink ships, snakes, space cowboys, spanish guitar, speculative fiction, stories, street to nowhere, sugar, superdickery, system of a down, taking back sunday, talkbox, tally hall, taunting emus, tea, the dandy warhols, the dispossessed, the dresden dolls, the dustbunnies are revolting!, the mars volta, the matches, the merchandise will be silent!, the mountain goats, the perks of socialism, the redemption of althalus, the stainless steel rat, the used, the weakerthans, theatre, theatresports, thigmoo, tiny tiny matchboxes, tiny whiskey bottles, to hell with ettiquette, transmetropolitan, travis, umbrella academy, unique interests, untidy, vehement discussion, vexation on vacation, weezer, whipped cream, woe is me, writing, your mom, zombie contingency plans
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