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You know what's adorable? Mel and Diana Ultimate Fakebook.

Ultimate Fakebook are a band, or should I say were a band, as they broke up before I found them, but they were so very, very cute!

Perfect hair is all we really need
We spend so much of our energies on recipes
Life's success, it can be guaranteed
With a modern style, you can go the mile's perfect hair!

Another song has a chorus that I couldn't make out at first, until last night it suddenly clicked that they were singing "George Lucas is the force with us?" and I just went hee. SO. ADORABLE.

I leave you with the text to the song that I spent months singing and unable to figure out who it was by.

I bought your record, and I felt crestfallen
By the borrowed blisters of an old time zone
Cuz I remember when the backbeat wasn't programmed in
and heroes were still human and messed up

And they rocked on real drums [twice]
don't let this carry on, dear son
Real drums forever...

I guess I can't say much, cuz you got me dancin'
But if this ain't new disco, it sure as hell comes close
And I'll smile if you win, but now you've got me wondering
if this means you're inspired or washed up

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THRICE LYRICS - Under A Killing Moon

Because it is the freaky? )


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