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So I finally went to see the last Harry Potter movie last night. I had several aborted first starts - I booked a midnight screening that turned out to overlap with a family holiday because I don't understand other people's definition of which day midnight is part of, I went to a Let's Watch Deathly Hallows 1 And 2 gathering where everyone gave up after the first one, but at last! Success! And a really awful milkshake!

I thought it was an excellent movie - even the epilogue was well done, considering it was, you know, The Epilogue. And I have for some time been planning a mixtape for Draco Malfoy, partly out of fanon nostalgia but mostly because the movies do so insist on lovingly panning over Tom Felton's really quite effective HALP!face. (Incidentally, I vaguely met the guy in passing at the last Supanova which I failed to write about here, and he is in fact a genuinely awesome person. Ironic casting choice ftw!) (When I say "vaguely" and "in passing" I mean "we were in the same room for a while and he addressed a small group of people of which I was one in a friendly and jocular manner, I am not trying to project a hob-nobbing with the stars image here.)

Anyway, so here's the mixtape.

I was a little disappointed that I couldn't find a song that really summed up the Malfoy family relationship and the way they grew over the series. I mean Narcissa's priority is very obviously keeping her child safe, and I find the reversal in Lucius Malfoy really interesting - the actors showed it very economically in the movies, the gradual but huge realisation that they have gotten in over their heads and now all they can do is try to stay afloat.

But I guess not many people write songs about that sort of thing.

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In other news, my final semester of university has begun! I've got one day a week at UNSW for my Linguistics elective, and one and a half at UTS finishing off the writing stuff. I say and a half because Independent Writing Project turns out to meet fortnightly, on the basis that we're not really doing anything except workshopping and it's better to take two weeks and bring in more work to discuss than to do it in little spurts. Screenwriting is shaping up to be fun, our teacher is a stand-up comedian and has good taste in short films. Linguistics is fun as always (my lost major creys ;_;) and I like my teachers - the lecturer is an adorable old butch lady (who I think must have been strikingly attractive twenty years ago) and my tutor is Italian and pronounces my name right!
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Mix: Cheerjerkers
Length: 17 tracks
Warnings: Erm, you may go a bit starry-eyed for some of these songs and therefore be slightly unproductive for an unknown period of time?
Other Notes: Hopefully this will cure any blues you may have contracted from my Tearjerkers mix. 8tracks licensing rules mean you can only listen to this in the order I've put it in once. As always, if you like these artists make a note to spend some money on them at some point in time. This used to be a bit more disjointed, with half of it songs that were basically About how You Should Cheer Up Already, and half of it just random stuff that made me smile. I realised that the first lot actually get on your nerves a bit when they are that concentrated, so I cut most of the less subtle ones, and I cut a few from the latter category too that didn’t fit. So yep, this used to be much longer, have some
Bonus Songs: Banned From Argo, which always makes ME smile, but didn’t really fit anywhere and I thought I’d have slightly fewer injokes. And Cheer Up (You Miserable Fuck) which was the original title of this playlist. I actually like it better than the Frank Turner song in there, I couldn’t decide between them for a while, but in the end this one was too sorrowful in the verses.

Have a listen, and tell me in the comments about the songs I don't know that always cheer you up!

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Mix: Tearjerkers
Length: 18 tracks
Warnings: Y'all can be the judge of whether an hour or so of sad music will be detrimental to your emotional state, but also sad songs tend to be about specific things which are sad and some of which are triggery, so please drop me a comment/message if there's something in particular you're avoiding right now and I will tell you which song to skip.
Other Notes: 8tracks licensing rules mean you can only listen to this in the order I've put it in once. As always, if you like these artists make a note to spend some money on them at some point in time. If not one song on this list makes you feel a bit like weeping, it is entirely possible that we have irreconcilable philosophical differences. You may want to follow it up immediately with my Cheerjerkers mix. Also, I had to cut this playlist down ridiculously to fit it into a mix. So therefore have a
Bonus Song: No Gringo

Have a listen, and tell me about the songs I don't know about that always make you cry in the comments!

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Okay, so it's been another ~omgweek~ and tomorrow I shall make a long post about it. Meanwhile, have another mix! This time somewhat better organised than the last one - I think I will go back and put that one on 8tracks and edit the post with my commentary as well.

This one is for [personal profile] eldabe's Lian Harper fix-it fic, Don't Tell Me Not To Fly. Read it here!

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Today, in lieu of deciding between a 21st, some sort of club thing, a Magic draft and my nebulous Wicked Lottery plans, I have opted to sit in my room and fail to get things done. Well done Maggie!

On the bright side, I get to show off my leet photoshop and music association skills?

This mix is for a story called This Land Of Steel by [personal profile] rustydragonfly, which you can now reas at [community profile] ladiesbigbang I've only been able to read a draft so far, but it was pretty good! So anyway have some music to go with it :)

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