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Nov. 25th, 2009 01:09 am
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Augh, that was a week. DONE. SO DONE. My planned Week Full Of Stuff finished and then there was more stuff. I was just at Stan's farewell party because he is my bff and he is fleeing the country to be a Microsoft corporate whore for the summer, but THAT WAS THE LAST THING. from now on I am just going to vegetate. VEGETATE. VEG-E-TATE.


*cough* hey internets. Have some Things Wot I Found.

Cut for images. Bands, gloves, shoes, The Shat )
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Okay, so something happened to my saved draft? And now I have to go find alllll those photos alllllll over again.

Headpig is not happy about this situation.

So yeah, post is STILLLL upcoming. In the meantime have a macro wot I made.

PS that first one is doing the six degrees of internet separation rounds - look, Mary Borsellino linked it! :D I almost feel internet famous :P
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Hahaha you guys.

*cough* oh yes i did. on Twitpic


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And apparently by "tomorrow" I mean "unspecified date in the future" lol. Uh I just thought I should pop on and let y'all know I am not in the part of my country which is just slightly a little bit on fire at the moment, nor the bit that's underwater. It's actually raining lightly here, but I am nevertheless regarding it suspiciously. I totally didn't hear about it till last night as I stayed up watching South Park at Stan's place and then ended up staying there the whole next day. We watched a hilarious Russian movie in which a young Finnish bloke called Rayval gets his Russian friend to take him along on a Real Russian Hunting Trip. Featuring Sweaty Naked Dudes Vs. Drunk Bear for your entertainment. Wonderful! (Also for SOME REASON we ended up googling sexual positions for pregnant women. Look I DON'T KNOW OKAY. And for the record "pregnant sex" = terrible choice of search terms, Stan.)

And then I came home and the death toll was in the hundreds. It was rather unsettling. Anyway I don't know anyone who's in danger or lost stuff (according to [ profile] drjon there's info on donations and stuff here) so... I guess I'm just gonna go right ahead with the belated Forster post. But, holy crap, shit down there is just fucking razed, you guys. Holy crap.

for anyone who cares about my hilarious beachside adventures with Nicky )

Anyway, that was that. For once I actually wrote about a long offline period instead of putting it off so long I forgot about it!

In other news, Lily finally sent me the file for one of the songs we recorded at her place a few weeks ago. Bone Weather, rough acoustic version. What do you guys think!? I sort of need to work on my low-pitch wail. Or, you know, warm up at all :P now, to find a drummer and a bassist! Also hopefully a keyboardist/second guitarist, but we could do a band comp without those. It's really lame to go onstage without a drummer.


Dec. 27th, 2008 09:31 pm
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Ho, the internets!

funny pictures

moar update in a bits :P MUST CATCH UP ON FLIST. SO MANY SKIP=S.
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This is somewhat too late to be at all topical, but I couldn't resist the pun.

Today's Did You Know: the Wikipedia entry on masturbation has exactly sixty seven separate references at the end, not counting Further Reading and External Links. Indeed.

So the Economy finally hit. My dad's been laid off at a really inconvenient time and is currently playing stay-at-home dad and frantically sending off resumes to try and catch the, like, two day window before everybody in his field buggers off for Christmas. Meanwhile I... have written a resume and created a profile. It's surprisingly difficult to make myself go through with even the tiny social interaction that is an email with a resume attached.

Also I am convinced that Stephen Colbert would make a wonderful supervillain. Lex Luthor lite, with better hair, as it were. Jon Stewart would obviously be his arch-nemesis. Instead of a white cat to stroke he's got a bald eagle. He already talks to his gun on the show, and I can totally see him as the sort who'd feel like it's his prerogative to take over the world, without exactly thinking about what he'd do with it afterwards. Clearly this would be pure awesome. [ profile] doctorv agrees.
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I return from Gathy's early Christmas do! I has a vodka. I was going to post about the Mountain Goats concert last night but I am actually drunk and tired so, I won't.

Expect it tomorrow though. And... need anything moistened? Made damp? *giggle*
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Where have I been this week, o worthy citizens of Livejournal? making lolcats. Also: Sulking, procrastinating, horse-riding, play-watching, more procrastinating and sulking, watching movies and reading fanfiction, with small breaks for rolling around in pain on Sunday, Tuesday and Saturday. For three entirely unrelated reasons. Ladies and gentlemen: my week! )

This weekend was pretty much the antithesis of last weekend, I did absolutely nothing except suffer debilitating cramps and devour the internet. Colbert Report fanfiction, you guys, seriously. SERIOUSLY. *hums* I read a Daily Show/Doctor Who crossover and I liked it... ALSO, masses of youtube clips, and was delighted to learn that Stephen Colbert is a D'n'D nerd who speaks Elvish. I actually seriously heart these guys for all that I never expected to read fanfic about them (I should have. THIS IS THE INTERNEEEETS). Despite the awesome deadpan I especially love the irony-breakdown moments when their own hilarity gets the better of them and they just crack up giggling, because it's rare to see people just having so much fun on TV. Also, they sing! (I absolutely adore Colbert's willingness to make a complete fool of himself on camera. It's adorable.)

Aaaand since then I've pretty much just been messing about with lolcats and failing to write my resume. What's new with you, internets?
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My local pizza hut is a comedy of errors. I dropped in on my way back from my grandma's and decided I may as well sit in the warm and wait for my pizza, during which time I eavesdropped on Italian Guy With Failstache lecturing Dorky Little Blond Pizza Noob about how Pizza Is Srs Bznss, and chewing him out for slacking off while a harried-looking Asian dude tried to referee and take everybody's orders at the same time. It was like walking onto an episode of Fat Pizza, I swear.

It was a sweet pizza though, aside from the way the cheese constantly tried to escape and stick to the bottom of the box instead of the bread. Then I finished off the bottle of not-quite-champagne I got for my last birthday and now I am sitting here drinking tea and watching Spaced with my cat. Try and gauge today's level of trauma from that.

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Ahahahahaha it's adorable!

lol so true.

I love this website. So much ROFL.

And finally,

cut for image and people sick of me blathering about bandom )
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Okay. Okay. There are bars on the doors and windows. My parents and brother are safe, they apparently encountered no zombies on the way home. Rumours have it that the army is finally getting round to doing something useful. Most importantly, I can has weaponry.

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For God's Sake )

Also, something I forgot to mention about Aleksei Ivashenko - he's a small-time actor. He mostly does voice-overs. so, basically, if you ever, god knows why, end up watching a Russian-dubbed movie? He's Bruce Willis, Hugh Grant and Donald Duck.


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