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hello! this is a yuletide letter!

I am a fan of broad tastes, and I'd like you to write a thing you really want to write, because I think you'd be better at that than at trying to shoehorn in highly specific details of mine that you're not into. With that in mind, I'm putting down as many options as possible for each fandom, and none of my fandoms are long and difficult in case you want to switch once you get here. I'm going to use big fandoms as examples of my general likes but don't worry if you don't know them, I don't want to replicate their dynamics, they are just illustrations.

I like the kind of angst where people repress their feelings because they're convinced they are unworthy of having feelings (c.f. That Particular Fanon John Sheppard), not the kind where people fail to notice that someone who is obviously into them is into them (c.f. every single fic where an intelligent human utters the line "but... you're straight!"). I'm also a big fan of slightly farcical comedy - I like Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams and the Middleman and Ouran High School Host Club. If you feel like writing porn, I'm open to that happening either in conjunction with repressed angst or the comedy... or by itself xD and I like d/s, manhandling, people who snark in bed, people who are normally very controlled losing their fucking shit, and mess. Oh, and threesomes solving everything, as you may have gathered from my prompts. I prefer ~true~ threesomes to ~no homo~ threesomes but see above about you writing your best when you believe in that's a lot of things! hopefully something in there speaks to you. Obviously the angst lends itself better to stuff like Drive and Casablanca and the lols to stuff like Wild Zero, but I trust you to make good decisions. I'm not opposed to schmoop or domestic fic, either, as long as it's in character.

now, on to the fandoms!

1. Casablanca: Rick/Ilsa/Victor, aka Threesomes Solve Everything V1. I don't care how you get Rick to stay in Paris, I just want everyone to argue very quietly in a safehouse and fight nazis and bang a lot. It would also be cool if there's a role for Sam and/or other movie characters if it makes sense - not sure if Sam would've stayed with Rick or gone ahead to Casablanca and written letters.

2. Drive: Standard/Driver/Irene, aka Threesome Solve Everything V2. This move made me cry a lot and I'm not sure if I want you to replicate that or fix everything xD so whether all or some of the people who die in the movie still die in this AU is up to you - it's a finely balanced dynamic, so see what you can do. The important thing is threesomes.

3. Cry For Judas. Oh man. This video. This video, argh. I just. TINY SATANIST. I know everybody has multiple theories as to whats actually going on there, plotwise...

...and I mainly want to hear about yours, but here are some of my speculations in case they mesh/give you ideas. Okay, so I want a cute (and possibly angsty? but DEFINITELY CUTE) story about Tiny Satanist and her pet rat and her sister and and and. What is her relationship to John Darnielle? Is he a figment of her imagination? A relative? A demon she's conjured up? I kind of like the idea that Tiny Satanist could be a trans boy and John could be a vision of his future self, but then the whole grisly bit at the end of the video doesn't really make sense in that case... anyway, I'm sure you will come up with something awesome. Feel free to take the whole satanism thing in either a figurative or literal direction!

4. Wild Zero. Hee hee hee, Wild Zero. I'm just going to link to my original yuletide letter on this topic. As you can see, this is the ultimate crack fandom. If you're here from the dyw letter spreadsheet, you should seriously consider downloading and watching the movie, whether you end up writing me a cracky treat or not. It's just amazing.

5. My Beloved Detective. Okay! Russian-made genderswap Holmes, yes please! Firstly, the whole movie is on youtube.  Secondly, I have created English transcripts here. Some amazing things about this movie:
I am definitely wearing my femslash goggles, but I will accept Shirley/Jose, especially if it's Shirley in drag. I'd be quite interested to hear  about the adventure on which he fell in love with her...
some things i liked about the movie:
  •  The way Shirley takes it all so seriously and finds it hard to get her head around Jane not feeling the same.
  • The ridiculous look at how British media/culture looks to outsiders/gets stereotyped – I mean, the poodles! xD
  • The, let’s face it, tuxedo drag. I really quite like the tuxedo drag.
  • The long-suffering villain/incompetent minion thing Lester and Biggs have going.

6. Danger Days. I think this universe is really fun and silly, but also has potential for angst. My request for a story in which Grace is the kid of Korse and Jet Star's sister is probably in the latter direction, but take it as you find it - I'd also be happy with a cute on the road fic, Grace bonding with Show Pony, a bunch of communal childrearing or whatever.

MAXIMUM ROCK AND ROLL CROSSOVER OPTION: to get even more optional than the optional details, I think the Wild Zero and Danger Days universes would cross over really well. Then all we'd need is Avril Lavigne and the Bearshark... 
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