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Against a backdrop of toothed gears and wheels in gold, silver, and copper marches the text 'The Dead Isle: FULL CAST PODFIC PROJECT' with a tiny 'deadislepodfic @ LJ/DW' in the bottom right corner

[community profile] deadislepodfic: podficcing [personal profile] copperbadge's new novel the Dead Isle with a full cast
The year is 1880, and Jack Baker is a young, driven student at Harvard University for Engineers. In this America, industry depends on "Creation" magic rather than machines, and most engineers are train repairmen, not inventors like Jack. Even his Creationist friend Clare thinks Jack's genius is going to waste at Harvard. There is one man who knows how to put Jack to use, however: famous novelist and sometimes spy Ellis Graveworthy, who wants Jack to come with him to England and build him a flying ship. Graveworthy has been ordered to cross the heavily-guarded coast of Australia, the "Dead Isle" which has no Creation, and which sealed itself off from the outside world more than twenty years before. Rumors abound that Australia is building a war fleet, intent on conquest, and it's Graveworthy's job to stop it...

A special call out to any other Australians who read my blog - the project is experiencing a shortage of Aboriginal voices, so if you know anyone of aboriginal descent who enjoys a good steampunk/revolution story, maybe toss this their way?

what else is new? Still working on my thesis (if by working you mean procrastianting), organising some stuff for the writers' society, tumbling a lot... I went and saw the Sydney Uni Science Revue, which was excellent as usual. I've never really seen another revue that manages to completely excise racist/sexist/homophobic jokes. There were a few that just fell flat, but everything else was hilarious. They made an entire octopus costume just for a three-second spongebob/get off my lawn joke!

What's happening in dreamwidth/LJ land?


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