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so yeah tumblr's definitely eaten me. if anyone's still hanging out exclusively here, er... sorry ;_; feel free to ping me in comments if you'd like to catch up and/or exchange tumblr urls.

also I'm going to put a yuletide letter here, because that's a thing I still do :3

if you are a yuletide human here looking for the letter and it's not here yet, my past letters are all in my fandom tag! I've recycled some fandoms and I think last year's says good things about my general taste.


Thank you for being my yuletide writer. I want you to have fun so I have tried to include a reasonable variety in my prompts while sticking to things I would be genuinely glad to receive. If I've missed something crucial please feel free to comment anonymously or contact me through the mods/hippos!

If I've asked for a romantic pairing, I'm happy to read sex scenes but they are not compulsory if you don't like writing them!

1. Drive

oT3 fic please! up to you whether they all bang before the shooting or whether you AU it so Standard survives (the latter is my happy place, but I can enjoy being sad). or, if you fancy being super mean, an AU in which Standard survives the botched job and then everybody bangs and then later everybody dies. I will cry and then probably pledge eternal allegiance to you. TBH though absolutely any OT3 AU will delight me. yes including the infamous coffee shop AU

OK so this is one of my consensual non-monogamy would solve everything movies. If you don't want to write some variation of Standard/Irene/Driver, I promise I won't be mortally offended to see this on the pinch hit list - alternatively, the other movie I've requested for is up on youtube and the Tiffany Aching subseries is short enough to speed-read if you don't bother about the rest of the Discworld, and my Vorkosiverse request could be done after reading just the two prequel books. Now, as indicated above, I'm happy to read either sad or happy endings - I like a bit of angst but I'm also very fond of fix-it fic. So please do go wherever your muse takes you on this one!

2. My Dearly Beloved Detective  

Request: It's Sherlock Holmes genderswap. Do what it says on the tin. Holmes/Watson or Holmes/Jose acceptable. Cunning disguises huge bonus, especially with genderfuckery.

Elaboration: I'm pretty dedicated to some kind of fandom developing for this movie - I have in fact done a rough English transcript and posted it on tumblr. I've also rambled a bit about the characters in previous letters - assume that still holds! Crossdressing is hot and disguise-related silliness is hilarious, so the Gentlemen's Club is prime material for fic, but really, the main reason I want there to be a fandom is to see what other people think about this movie, so write about whatever fascinates you most.

3. Vorkosigan Saga

Request: I want Barrayar Civil War adventures, as per the second Cordelia book. More bisexuality, more beheadings. (not necessarily specifically beheadings, just Cordelia being a badass) other characters I like who were around then include Simon Illyan and Alys Vorpatril. Also happy to see a bit of Miles, Elena or Gregor if you feel like using Auntie Cordelia Story Hour as a set-up.

Elaboration: I struggled a bit over this nomination because you might have signed up to write those characters without reading the prequel books... please feel free to contact me through a hippo if it's causing problems! I just really liked the series more the earlier in the chronology it went... Everything seemed to get tied up really neatly (and heterosexually) by the end. Basically I'd like to hear more about Aral's bisexuality - it can be either pre-Cordelia or in a non-monogamous AU - and/or Cordelia being A Fucking Commander. I actually cheered out loud at Vordarian's beheading scene. (we have much less canon on Drou, so if you want to focus on her so you can make stuff up more, that's also cool!)

4. Tiffany Aching series

I'd like to hear about Tiffany visiting Preston at Lady Sybil's Hospital. I think her reactions to everything would be awesome. Bonus points if one of the Igors there is working on sex reassignment surgery, considering the kind of transplants they do in canon it would be weird if nobody had tried this. If you don't want to write about Ankh Morpork or haven't read the appropriate books, no worries - I will be ecstatic to read any sort of Feegle shenanigans and Tiffany hitting stuff with household objects. Other Discworld canon you could work in if you feel like it includes Esmerelda Margaret Note Spelling of Lancre, Omnians, and the irrational terror inspired by Granny Weatherwax in all creatures great and small.

Elaboration: Yep, I've pretty much nailed it in my request. I love Discworld, I love the satire and I love the characters, I like the serious themes but I'm also super into just how fun so much of it is. At the same time I'm well aware of Pratchett's limitations and reckon it's kind of fandom's job to embroider over them. It's a series created by metaphorically  dumping a bunch of fantasy tropes into a laundry hamper and Rummaging, so I think that's entirely appropriate.
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