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Slowly, things come into order. I have scheduled singing lessons, and a tattoo. Tomorrow I'm making overdue medical appointments. I am caught up on Anthology work for now. I successfully wrote a [ profile] yuletide story in the Mirrormask fandom entitled The Point Of Keys. I also recieved this cute (and longish!) Obernewtyn story.

I'm going through my least-listened files in Winamp to rate and playlist stuff, although it keeps listing TV shows there because, obviously, I don't watch most of more than once or twice. I am getting into Jawbreaker, which is odd because when I first looked them up, years ago, on hearing and loving Brand New's cover of Accident Prone, I was horribly disappointed by how amelodic they were. I suppose my tolerance for less-than-perfect vocals has increased. Level up in punk rock? xD

Yesterday I went to [personal profile] shorelle's birthday party. It was in the park behind my old primary school. Odd. I skinned my knee really badly on a concrete driveway there; and my hip, through the flimsy summer uniform. For years there was a roundish white blob on my knee where it healed. (The whole of my legs are super pale so it evened out eventually.) Avi and I were going to go look around the old place, see if it was like we remembered it, but in the end we didn't.

I left the house in black jeans (I didn't say my legs were inexplicably pale). On my way to the bus stop it suddenly occurred to me that it was about thirty degrees out and really, it was a bit ridiculous that I hadn't owned shorts that fit me for years. I mean, I've worn skirts more than twice a month this summer! What the fuck! So anyway I made a little detour to St. Vincent De Paul's, and spent $25 on two pairs of shorts, a skirt and some grey boxer shorts that say "i <3 [the lady sign you see on restrooms] forever." Hilariously those were on the women's rack, despite obviously being boys' shorts. Either the Vinnies employees are unusually progressive in the gender and sexuality department for a religious charity, or they're stock-stereotype and kinda dumb to boot, so filed it under "ladies" because the heart on it is pink.

(I've been meaning to buy boxers for pajamas. My grandma gave me a horrifyingly pink pajama set for christmas, like seriously Barbie doll Hot Pink allll over, and I was dubious about the size (well, the size is all I TOLD her I was dubious about) but she said no, look, there's a little ribbon you can tighten the waist with! But, it turns out the little ribbon is purely decorative :P so there, grandma!)

Anyway, I left the store in my brand new-to-me short shorts, which were a tremendous relief, and headed off to the park, where i ate lots of fairy bread and played scrabble. People were vaguely in costume, and mothers with small children glared at us because we were sitting on playground equipment. Then we moved on to the house of Claire, whose birthday party it was jointly, and I finally learned how to play Settlers of Catan, which is really fun! I am a fan. It doesn't hurt that you get to spend the whole game saying things like "damn, I've got wood but there are no sheep near me..." and then snickering madly. I also drank a lot of punch, karaoked the fuck out of some Lady Gaga and proceeded to leave my scrabble board, my phone and my bag containing the shorts I'd just bought AND MY PANTS behind when I left. So that was super clever of me. I ended up walking home from the bus stop in the rain (and in my short shorts) because I couldn't ring my dad to pick me up. I sang Karma Police at the damp and empty streets as I often do to pass the time. I'm sure my neighbours were entertained.

Today I played some Magic: The Gathering with Justin, Stan and Avi. We were going to play at Avi's, but after driving to Stan's house to prod him out of bed it turned out he was feeling too ill to get in a car without posing a danger to the upholstery, so we relocated the game to his place. This meant we had to sit on the floor, which my back disapproved of, but whatever - good times were had by all! In the first round I got soundly thrashed by Avi's ridiculous acceleration deck, but I managed to beat Stan once, and then came into my own against Justin by a combination of playing lots of islandwalkers (which were only useful against him, since he had blue in his deck) and the amazing luck of drawing a card that SURPRISE!negates all of his attacks for that turn at once, in every single game I played against him. I'm pretty sure that about two of the people who follow me here understood the last half of that paragraph. Level up in geek!

Anyway, I also played some Civilisation V on Stan's computer, reawakening my love for the series, so now I have to get it for myself as soon as I have a five-day stretch when I don't have to do anything much, so, probably in 2017. And on the way back to Maroubra (I fucking love being Justin's neighbour, car lifts home from all sorts of things!) we dropped by Claire's to pick up my pants and whatnot. Except Claire, it turned out, was now in Canberra, so we had to ring someone else who was in her house, lol.

Annnnd when I got home it turned out that my mother had tried to ring my phone last night, and so either that guy or some other random dude who happened to be near my phone at the time got a lecture on taking care of me properly and not letting me walk home late at night, with no chance to get a word in edgewise in order to inform her that he was not in fact my boyfriend but rather some random guy at a party who now knows better than to answer other people's mobile phones. This is, sadly, Exactly The Sort Of Thing My Mother Would Do.

EDIT: lol for some reason this posted backdated to last month? I swear I did not mean to do that... I think maybe I had the post window open for longer than I thought. Oops! fixed now.
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