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Second batch of popcorn was sort of burnt, but at least we got the margarine right! Also, I introduced Stan to the joy of S'lesses. He pronounced them genius.

S'lesses, for those who have forgotten, are made by placing in the microwave a marshmallow on a cracker, heating it till the marshmallow starts to expand and then placing another cracker on top. It is delicious. My stomach complained afterwards about the fatal combination of pizza, popcorn and marshmallow, of course, but sooo worth it.

But I'm A Cheerleader was lolarious. So was the half a season of Scrubs we watched after! Also Stan introduced me to Dragonball Z Abridged on Youtube and I returned the favour in the form of Marvel/DC Happy Hour, so it was a lulzy evening all round. As per usual I am now covered in dog hair. BIIIIIIIIIIIIIM.

What else of interest has happened this week? Jess's birthday drinks were fun. I got there early (by which I mean only fifteen minutes late) and spent some time sitting on a couch waiting for Jess to show up, being stared at by some old people and a moose skull on a plaque. But then everybody arrived and fun was had! Avi showed up in a new matrix-y coat with zippers everybody proclaimed "gaaaay" but I thought were awesome. I had a brief awkward moment with a guy I gave my number at a party once a year or two ago and then proceeded to ignore because of My Issues - I dealt with this by pretending I could not quite remember where we had met, an ever-so-mature strategy which nevertheless allowed both of us to save face and participate in the awkward small-talk of "nobody else I know is here yet, how about that footy then." Later, I challenged Stan to the failiest game of pool in the universe. Seriously, I kept on accidentally setting them up for him, and he kept on missing, and so did I, and by the end Sasha had to step in and pocket Stan's last ball out of frustration. Not that this helped because Stan then spent about ten turns trying to sink the eight-ball while I took shots at my remaining five fricking balls. Astonishingly I managed to slowly, slowly sink all of them, and then sink the eight-ball before Stan could. It was seriously the worst pool game in the history of everything. XD

In nonfaily news I got an essay back! It was the Intro to Short Fiction one I'd procrastinated on to the point of absurdity and handed in two days late and two hundred words short. The teacher opened the class by warning us that they had marked this with Pass as a baseline according to the criteria, so you really had to be better than "satisfactory" to move up a grade and la la la, and was just sinking down in my chair think I passed or maybe I failed omg and then she refused to give them back until the end of class, NICE GOING THERE. But to my surprise I got a credit! Even after marks deducted for lateness! And then she anonymously mentioned something I'd done as an example of What To Do! I was like sweeeeet!

In conclusion, did you know that Stan did not know Spinal Tap was not a real band? UMLAUT. WE NEEDS MOAR.
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