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Big day yesterday! In the morning I acted as my mum's proxy in attending my little brother's primary school mother's day assembly, as she had to work. This involved sitting through a lot of alternately excruciating and hilarious speeches from five year olds whom love their mums because they give them lots of hugs and kisses and always buy them things and do the dishes. My principal task was to take photos and video of my brother (during the bits where there were sappy songs and wavy hand gesturesm not while he was propping up his head looking bored witless by the speeches, for which I sympathised with him). I realised this was going to be less than successful when the kids filed in and sat down en masse, with Timmy up the back. Just as I worked out the zoom function on the video, a teacher came down the front, placed a chair directly in between me and Timmy, and sat in it, for the purpose of conducting the aforementioned handgestures. I nevertheless persevered, shooting Timmy's vague and mostly tardy moves over her shoulder, when the granny in front of me didn't turn her head and obscure my line of sight with her nose. Then I ran out of batteries.

Fortunately I was compensated in tea and scones and vaguely shifty looks from parents trying to decide if I was a scandalously young mother. Then I went off to watch Star Trek with [ profile] perfectdays (<3) - would you like my thoughts on yaoi? Yes, yes you would.

Like Wolverine, this movie was high on Awesome and somewhat lower on Good. All the actors were great, and so were the special effects, and I get the impression that it's done pretty damn well both as a Star Trek AU for Trek fans and as a new introduction to the universe for Trek noobs like us.

Things I liked: Kirk being badass, baby!nerd!spock, Quinto!Spock and his ~emotional conflicts, Scottyyyyyyy! hee, the big explosions and action sequences, daddy!Kirk's heroic sacrifice, Bones constantly sticking needles into Kirk XD

Things I loled at: Spock's mommy issues, the sheer amount of practice Kirk got at dangling off cliffs, Chekov's accent (I know it's an homage to the original, but that guy was German! You're Russian! You can do it properly! You sound ridiculous!), the fact that Sulu JUST HAPPENED TO HAVE A SWORD ON HIM and JUST HAPPENED TO GET THE ONE GUY WITH THE SWORD IN THE FIGHT, Uhura and Kirk mispronouncing her name at the start so it sounds like Ahora (ummm :P), OMGWTFEVILPOLARBEAR, the whole thing with the creating a black hole and then HANGING ABOUT, DOO DEE DOO, NOTHING TO SEE HERE, the way Romulan mining ships in the future apparently have a compulsory evil spike attachment.

Things I went :/ at: the fact that Uhura, as the one female main character, starts out as a potential love interest for Kirk, briefly becomes interesting and is then relegated to Spock's Love Interest for the rest of the movie. There were a lot of scenes whose main purpose was Make Kirk Look Awesome and other stuff fell by the wayside - the seams were especially showing in the barfight scene, with Uhura kind of... standing around going "guys guys can't we all be friends" for ten minutes, because they'd written her into the bar scene for witty banter and then obviously didn't know what to do with her once they moved into the fight scene, cos, duh, girls can't fight...

Fanfic it made me want to write: Kirk/everything, obviously. Spock of course, loooots of tension there, and I was sad Kirk didn't ask about SPOCK'S first name. But there was room for a good buddy!sex fic with Bones. Also I thought Spock/Uhura was actually really good, if the rest of her character hadn't taken a backseat to it it would have been my OTP. Nonslashily, I sort of want a dark AU of an AU in which Spock is the orphan of TWO planets, because ;_; Spooock!

Then I went to Jess's for her birthday Shabbat Dinner With People Her Parents Don't Hate. There was awkward mouthing of prayers I barely remembered, spicy food, arguments about God, Jason waffling like a privileged asshat about aborigines and Rudd's stimulus package, tea, and Liza showed up late and cured my hiccups. Twice.

Now I am off to her general birthday drinks, but before I go this video is amaaaazing and reminded me of this sciffy story that [personal profile] amber linked me to.
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