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It's a beautiful day. My room smells like wet cat, probably because it contains a wet cat. They say the formal was good. Except the ones that say it wasn't. Nicky was pissed off at the world today because she had to get up at five for training which ended up not happening. I would be too. It's actually kind of funny, though.

Rachel was crying in drama. I felt kind of bad because it was clearly neither controlled nor wanted, and I know what that's like, but I would have felt weird going up to offer my sympathies. In part because I do know, and were I in her position I would not want random classmates I barely talk to coming up and asking me if I was alright, and such things. I'm also a little disturbed that while part of the reason it made me uncomfortable was that it makes me sad when people are sad, the other part was because I didn't know why. I mean, I know technically why, but I don't know what happened. I mean, I couldn't exactly ask her, and Zoe claims to be sick of following the whole saga, which means there is a saga, but... is it weird, that my main problem with someone crying in class is that I don't know the story behind it?

All I can say is I'd better fucking grow up to be a writer. It's clearly that or psychopath, since they're the only other people I've ever heard of thinking like this.
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