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Here’s another turn of the screwed-up from my favorite source of sex stories, the Christianity Today newsfeed: “Ligonier Suspends R. C. Sproul Jr. over Ashley Madison Visit.” The subhed tells us: “Reformed leader admits accessing adultery website ‘in a moment of weakness, pain, and from an unhealthy curiosity.’”

So this is another scandalous story of yet another conservative white Christian revealed by the Ashley Madison hack to have been an adulterous liar cheating on his spouse, right?

Actually, no. Not at all. This is the story of a guy who once visited an adult website in 2014. He’s not married. He used to be, but, as CT’s report mentions, parenthetically, “(His wife died of cancer in 2011).” As though there were anything parenthetical about that fact.

There’s no scandal here. The man isn’t an apostate or a heretic, a betrayer, a deceiver or a sinner. He got lonely. Treating this like a scandal is just cruel and wrong.

And just because the guy himself is making this grounds for public confession, elaborate contrition and self-flagellation doesn’t mean we have to join in, taking turns with the whip.

In a blog post this morning, Sproul Jr. said he accessed the site “in a moment of weakness, pain, and from an unhealthy curiosity. … My goal was not to gather research for critical commentary, but to fan the flames of my imagination.

“First, I felt the grace of fear. Second, I felt the grace of shame. I was there long enough to leave an old email address. And within minutes I left, never to return,” he wrote. “I did not sign up for their service or interact with any clients. I have always remained faithful to my wife even after her passing.”


PulpYDBTake a moment for gratitude here. This could’ve been you — raised and groomed for leadership in an ultra-Calvinist sect that conceives of God’s grace as something that reveals itself to us primarily through fear and shame. Imagine what it would mean to have been indoctrinated (literally) to believe that grief and loneliness aren’t natural, human emotions, but sinful flaws through which Satan works to tempt us. (To fully appreciate that, understand that you would have been taught your whole life that those adjectives — “natural” and “human” — refer to something dirty, wicked and depraved. Thus, Calvinism.)

Granted, it might’ve been better if the guy had instead checked out, say, eHarmony, where a kindly old evangelical therapist could have introduced him to someone who shared more of his general outlook on life. (Although, alas, eHarmony notoriously refuses to deny Arminians from access to its services.) Or he could’ve tried “Collide” — that new “Tinder for Christians” app that still strikes me as a parody that accidentally took on a life of its own. Or just like, you know, any of the normal dating sites that normal people use.

And I’ll also grant that it may have been less the “grace” of a guilty conscience and more the recognition that the site was a money-siphoning scam that kept Sproul from actually signing up. Or maybe he just realized that a site catering to cheaters and swingers and sugar-daddies wasn’t quite what he was looking for.

Whatever. The bottom line, again, is that this poor man’s wife died of cancer four years ago. If “grace” is to mean anything real — anything other than a doublespeak euphemism for heavy burdens hard to bear — then we should cut him some slack and extend him some grace to be lonely and grieving, even if that sometimes leads him to seek some fleeting spark of connection or intimacy in sub-optimal ways.

“With the revelation of the hack has come the revelation of my sin. I recently informed the board of Ligonier Ministries, which has handled the matter internally, having suspended me until July 1, 2016,” he wrote. “I also informed my presbytery which is also handling the matter internally. And now the world is informed. My sin, sadly, has impacted those who are innocent — my colleagues, friends, and family. I have and will continue to seek their forgiveness. I covet your prayers.”

I can’t speak for Sproul’s colleagues, friends or family, or for his presbytery, but it seems to me that they should be seeking his forgiveness more than the other way around. His “sin” has not had any more impact on them than his grief and loneliness apparently did. Which is to say that his supposed sin hasn’t affected them at all.

Yet that doesn’t seem to be stopping them from requiring his public confession, display of contrition, and punishment. Maybe if he re-enacts Cersei’s walk of shame they might deign to re-accept him, but even then it seems as though he’ll forever be tainted, in their eyes, by the shameful sins of grief and loneliness.

On the other hand, a yearlong hiatus from Ligonier Ministries might do this guy some good. Stepping away from having to promote and defend its toxic theology might even help to restore his soul.

Gen Prompt Bingo Round 8

Sep. 1st, 2015 06:17 pm
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An Image of Puzzlewood with Gen Prompt Bingo Round 8 and the url genprompt_bingo.dreamwidth.org superimposed over it

[community profile] genprompt_bingo is a low commitment multi-fandom, multi-media bingo challenge.

Its aim is to provide bingo cards of gen-style prompts to be used as inspiration in creating fic, images, meta, fanmixes, vids or any other kind of fannish activities. Although the prompts themselves are "Gen" (i.e., no prompts are specifically about romance or sex) fills may be of any genre, style or rating.

Prompt lists are renewed once a quarter (1st March, 1st June, 1st September, 1st December). New cards can be claimed then even if a previous card has not been completed.

Round 8 is open

Ladies Bingo 2015-2016

Sep. 1st, 2015 06:15 pm
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Ladies' Bingo Round 2015-2016 (Round 3) Sign-ups

Event Description: [community profile] ladiesbingo is a bingo challenge for creative works about the relationships between women. It runs for seven months (from September until March).

The motivation behind the community is to encourage people to make creative works focused on female characters and their relationships.

Round 3 (2015-2016) is now open.
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Posted by bev

You’ve got to love how they made the front and the back views consistently awful.



Whoa, now that’s a thigh gap! Thanks, Raquel, for spotting this hilarious disaster on her new package of undies.

The post InteRose Underwear: That’s Not How Thighs Work appeared first on PSD : Photoshop Disasters .

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Posted by Fred Clark

I’ve been reading the newsfeed from Christianity Today,* which means I’ve been reading a lot of stories about sex.

It’s not quite the case that every article in that newsfeed is about sex, just most of them. Take away all the obituary pieces remembering the white male worthies who once served as president/founder of various ministries in this rapidly graying subculture and much of what’s gleaned in CT’s “Gleanings” blog is just a long list of sex stories — affairs, divorces, scandals, birth control, abortion, unhidden horror at unhidden LGBT people, worried reports of licentious societal decline, surveys alleging the sexual apostasy of youth, and various other articles lamenting that human bodies include any parts within the strike zone.

16868422470_4107751c73_zSome of that is to be expected, of course. “Social conservatives” have always been sex-obsessed moral scolds, convinced that kids these days are exhibiting the signs of moral decline with their promenading and that hip-shaking race-music they learned from Elvis. Aron. Presley.

But the sex stories of Christianity Today are also stranger than that. There’s usually also something unexpected — something just a little bit off and a few degrees askew. These sex stories have an uncanny quality.

I mean that precisely. I’m thinking of the theory of the “uncanny valley,” the idea that “when features look and move almost, but not exactly, like natural beings, it causes a response of revulsion among some observers.” This is why clowns, realistic mannequins, Final Fantasy animation, and ventriloquist dummies can creep people out. And it’s also why there’s something disturbing about the almost-but-not-quite-human sexual ethics being defended — if never quite articulated — in all those sex stories at CT.

Let’s look at our first example: “A Christian College President Falls.”

The college in question is a small, two-year Southern Baptist school in South Carolina. It turns out the president was having an affair with another member of the school’s staff. As a result, he was forced to step down — with the school ham-handedly trying to cover up the reason for his sudden resignation by claiming it was due to his “health.”

This isn’t really much of a story. Most people have never heard of this guy before — heck, most people have never heard of this college before. And there’s nothing particularly unusual or newsworthy about this man’s infidelity, or even about the glass-houses hypocrisy of his affair.

The one interesting element here is the way this man’s affair was revealed — post-resignation and hush-up attempt — by a video shot by his own son and then posted on YouTube. There’s fodder there, I think, for someone looking to write a script deconstructing those 20th-century novels of adulterous academics written by people like John Updike — retelling that cliché from the perspective of the betrayed spouse or children. But this “news” story still isn’t really any of our business. It’s not really news.

So to play up the claim that this is newsworthy, CT tries to portray this man’s “fall” as part of a trend affecting all of society. But here’s where we find that uncanny twist. That larger trend, in CT’s view, doesn’t have anything to do with the ongoing pattern of repressed social conservatives exposed for the hypocrisy of their private lives. Of course not. For CT, the trend can only be the same trend they see everywhere — the narrative of decline that sees libertine liberals threatening to turn America into Sodom due to their no-co-pay birth control and their equality under the law for LGBT people.

Thus we get the weird, aggressively dishonest framing of the story in CT’s subhed: “Video of apparent affair surfaces as Christian higher education leaders are debating sexual ethics standards.”

Ah. This stalwart conservative man’s adultery, you see, is linked somehow to the debate over “sexual ethics standards” that those nefarious liberals have forced upon us all. That debate is the context for this man’s affair — perhaps even the cause of it.

This strange context-setting subhed is wholly unexplained by anything in the first 27 paragraphs of this story — wholly unsupported by anything in the actual story itself. But if you skip all the way to the bottom, you’ll find this odd appendix tacked on:

The controversy over Epting’s alleged misconduct comes at a time when North Greenville and other Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) members are already dividing over issues of sexuality. Union University, a Southern Baptist school in Jackson, Tennessee, recently left the CCCU in protest of the decision of two colleges — Eastern Mennonite University and Goshen College — to affirm same-sex marriages for staffers. Other CCCU members have threatened to quit if the CCCU does not remove Goshen and Eastern Mennonite as members by August 31.

Thanks to those evil liberals at Eastern Mennonite and Goshen College, none of us is safe — not even at some obscure Southern Baptist institution tucked away in South Carolina. These liberals have created a disturbance in the Force. By questioning the “sexual ethics standards” that anchor our faith, they’ve put everything up for “debate.” Now, because of them, all that was once solid is melting into the air.

This is why, as social conservatives have been telling us for decades now, same-sex marriage can’t be thought of as a simple matter of live-and-let-live equality under the law — something that neither picks our pockets nor breaks our legs. Here is the evidence that same-sex marriage threatens to destroy every existing Christian marriage between one man and one woman. This poor college president was innocently going about his good Christian life there at North Greenville when suddenly he was swept away by the powerful current created by those same-sex marriage condoning Anabaptist liberals. They put his marriage up for “debate,” you see, and now his marriage has been destroyed and it’s all their fault.

And this could happen to any of us now if these liberals are not stopped.

Who can blame Union University President Sam Oliver for fleeing the CCCU? He’s not just trying to protect his institution from association with those Mennonite infidels, he’s trying to protect his own marriage and his own family. Oliver, like the headline writers at Christianity Today, recognizes that any failure to expeditiously “farewell” such infidels will inexorably lead to his own son eventually videotaping him in flagrante delicto with someone other than his own wife — perhaps even with another man, because legitimizing “debate” over sexual ethics standards untethers everything, our sexual orientations as well as our ability to remain faithful to our spouses.**

You may be thinking that there could be some other way of linking the administrative upheaval at North Greenville to the larger debate between the social conservatives of the CCCU and those liberal outliers at Eastern Mennonite and Goshen. You might even think that those liberal schools’ choice to affirm the faithful same-sex marriage commitments of its staff and faculty somehow honors marriage in a way that the hypocrisy of Southern Baptists lying about their leaders’ adultery fails to do. You might even think this evidence of alleged hypocrisy by the self-appointed bearers of “sexual ethics standards” undermines the hyperbolic claims of people like Union’s Oliver.

But, according to Christianity Today, that’s just crazy talk. That kind of thinking just reinforces the pernicious ripples of debate emanated by the dangerous liberals of Eastern Mennonite and Goshen. And as long as such “debate” is allowed to continue, then we can expect even more stories like this sad affair from North Greenville — stories of good, godly, conservative men swept away from their faithful marriages by the ungodly currents of liberalism.

- – - – - – - – - – - -

* A publication that believes gay and lesbian couples are “destructive to society.”

** Oliver has other reasons to fear the nefarious influence of association linking his school to these dangerous Mennonites. Allowing his school to associate with these peace-church institutions, after all, likely contributed to the recent murder on his own campus. “Former Union University student pleads guilty to murder,” reads the Baptist News headline. But let’s not forget to add the all-important CT-style subhed for context: “Forensic evidence of shooting surfaces as Christian higher education leaders are debating violence ethics standards.”

Midriver | Michael Donaghy

Sep. 1st, 2015 02:55 pm
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- and is a bridge: Now to either then:
child to lolly: spark across the wire:
lover to the target of desire:
Lambeth to Westminster: back again.
Verb's a vector not a monument,
but someone skipped a stone across this river
fixing its trajectory forever
in seven arches after the event
- so stops halfway and, neither there nor there,
but cold and rained on and intransitive,
watches London switch from when to where,
why to silence in the traffic jam,
thinks I can see the borough where I live
but here is temporarily who I am.

Writing Like A Motherfucker.

Sep. 1st, 2015 02:31 pm
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Posted by eden riley

Anybody who knows me knows that I'm a pretty tough cunt. I've had to be, to make it through to 43 years on the planet so far. My birthday last March was the worst birthday of my life - that includes my 4th birthday when my mum hurriedly ushered her girls into a car to get away from a violent alcoholic husband. At least at the end of that day I got to sleep in the safety of a bed at my grandparents house.

I don't even like the number 43 - too odd and spiky. Fuck 43.

I started this year off with the best intentions upon which the road to hell was paved. As I've written on this site before, I'm a recovering alcoholic and addict. A wealth of stories and pain and shame and guilt and blame perch on my heart most days. I relapsed in February of this year and have been briefly relapsing on and off since then until seventy-eight days ago. A lot can happen in seventy-eight days. People can rip your heart out. People can get spiteful, mean, and even.

And that's just me.

People can fuck other people behind beautiful spouses backs and then when they get found out turn it all around and I sat there in the local court yesterday thinking, how did it come to this? Why am I the bad guy? Am I the bad guy? What about all those other cocksuckers who did me wrong .. should not they reap the havoc of their evil deeds too? Why do people get away with being violent and menacing? Why have I given all my power away for fifteen years - slowly, gradually, like the ever-present drip of water on a seemingly impenetrable rock?

Back in February I tried to take myself away, an ambulance called to make me stay. And I'm still here can you even believe this shit. I've had three different people approach me in the past month to tell them the story of my resilience but I can't. Not yet. One day, soon. But I'm still in the woods and beware of goldilocks red riding hood bearing food because sometimes she comes knocking with her freshly-baked wares and eats your family all up and was the insatiable wolf all along. Yeah you. Sue me.

So anyway, who have I even portrayed myself on this web log? Who actually am I? Guess I'm just as guilty as the next person of polishing my life up, talking up only the good parts of myself - oh, the shit I've overcome and the endurance and the kind but fucked up heart and spirit - go, you lighthouse! Shine and lead the way! Truth is I'm just as much of an arsehole human than everybody else. I got my flaws, and boyo boy have I not been crucified for them this year. A pile on when all I really needed was a pylon to lean on. But I guess that's what my backbone is for. My neck is still sore. I hate needing things. I hate things. I hate objects. I like meaning and the moon and laughing so hard your sides ache and I like weeds and penis graffiti and the love in my sons eyes even after everything.

Admitted to myself I needed to admit myself and entered a pretty crap treatment facility a few months ago. Put in the wrong ward, kept getting lost, woeful therapeutic sessions. I arrived on the first day after packing up my house and putting all of my possessions into a storage unit .. to be greeted by a psychiatrist who within ten minutes told me I didn't need to be there and oh I had Borderline Personality Disorder too. I sat there in shock. Then spoke.

"So, I've packed up my entire life and left my children to come here and get help but you sit there in your suit and tie and tell me I don't need to be here and label me with something I diagnosed myself with in my early twenties? A label which is now defunct, by the way. Thank you so much for your help."

We never really got on - funny that. I walked out of his office like the arrogant fuck I am but I was really crying because the hell I didn't need to be there? Where do I need to be? It takes a lot of effort to "get help." I mean that's what people tell people in crisis to do, right. "Just get help." 

Getting help is easy. Getting the right help is nigh on impossible. That's the hardest part - getting the right help you need during the crucial time you need it.

My friend Hail Mary full of Grace came down a few days later and drove me to the Black Dog Institute where I had an emergency appointment with Professor Gordon Parker who knows his shit so much. His office was INCREDIBLY fancy. Soft leather couches. Asked me a series of seemingly innocuous and abstract yet understandable questions and bang - Bipolar Disorder II. I have it. I believed him. After being first diagnosed two years ago, I actively sought out professionals and people who would agree with me that of course I do not Bipolar because I did not want to have Bipolar. But Bipolar has me - always has. I was born with it. My whole life suddenly became clearer. I was immediately put on the correct medication for the first time in my life and in just a few days understood all of my behaviours and feelings and mood swings and mania and depression very, very clearly. And how I have used other things and behaviours to mask it all, alleviate, inebriate.

So - I believe this is called "owning ones shit."

Who am I? I'm a person with a raging low self-esteem but somehow thinks she can do big things. I've been an ice-cream scooper, a waitress, a receptionist, written ads for radio and tv, earned big bucks working as a high-class escort, earned little bucks on Centrelink, tried every drug under the sun and you know what? The drugs never lied. They stole almost everything from me but they never lied, not once. Not like the people once closest to me. I've been a telemarketer, a magazine editor, a stay-at-home-mum, a wife, a barmaid, a courier, a data-entry clerk, a born-again christian, an atheist. I've had more suicide attempts than anyone I know and back in February was the biggest and this has been the most awful clusterfuck of a year but what if it needed to be?

You know what happened the other day?

I couldn't light the fire. It took me four and a half hours. Went outside for twigs, pinecones, searched the recycle bin for cardboard. I cried so hard. I've cried more tears than one of the many oceans in the world I cannot name because who understands geography when they go to ten schools? There's water and there's land. We are all One but this planet is so fucked up by corporate greed and consumerism and poverty and billionaires who build casinos instead of hospitals and schools in the poorest parts of the world. Yeah I'm looking at you Jamie Packer. Own your responsibility and stop raking the cash of peoples lives destroyed by gambling addictions to use it for your own selfish empire. The meaning of life is to help other people, not amass your own pile of objects and sit there counting all the dollar bills that will one day line your coffin.

But the other day - I did not and would not give up on lighting that fire. I was cold. And alone, hungry, no car, no washing machine, no structure of a family unit because when I left for air I came back to find all the doors locked and legal action raining down from the sky above. Cool story arseholes. I guess just because I've stopped lying doesn't mean the people around me will stop.

Eventually that fire became a roaring mass of hot coals and it warmed the whole room until I was in a sauna and winter finished yesterday but for me it's just beginning. The body remembers what the heart wants to forget. Two years today exactly since the last time I saw my brother and excuse me if my grief offends you but my grief is a part of me now. It hurts. I have to invite it in like an old friend. Talk to it at the dinner table, feed it, give it what it wants. You can't take out an AVO on grief. You can't stop pining for the people you love most in the world who are dead. I grieve alone now. For me, there are no stages. There is only pain. Anyway, nobody here makes it out of here alive isn't that a relief? Fuck eternal life. I'm sick of being simultaneously terrified of living and dying. I choose life. I choose fire. I choose to not give up, just for today. I choose to fight for the right to see and have my boys in my life so help me god I have been a crap mother sometimes but I'm the only mother they will ever have and nobody will love them like I love them. Not nobody not no how.

I choose to believe that the past seventy-eight days have been meaningful and necessary and so fucking hard I do not ever want to go through another seventy-eight days like them again. They are the bedrock upon which the rest of my life is built and if I have to spend the rest of my life repenting for my sins I will. But I've decided to step off my crucifix to use the wood to build a bridge to burn that motherfucker down to light my way for the rest of my day. We only get one day at a time.

This is who I am. I will not give up. Nobody can defeat or harm me if I own my own ugly awful dark truth so there it is, in black and white. Fight my fire with your fire and see who burns brightest. No wonder my brother wrote in his suicide note that he couldn't handle the stigma. Stigma blows - just ask me when I'm standing at school waiting to pick up my son. Stigma can go suck a bag of dicks. Stigma kills people and I will not be killed, I will not be defeated. Nobody can touch you if you tell the truth. Stigma can come from the people who are supposed to love you forever, for better or worse, whatever comes first.

My name is Eden, I'm seventy-eight days clean, I have Bipolar Disorder. I have fucked up. I am atoning. I am trying. I will not give the fuck up. Even though I honour my brother's decision to take his life away, I will not take away mine. I'll continue being the inappropriate, impromptu, infernally irritating unrelenting human being that I am. The people who have harassed and bullied and blackmailed and been violent to me this year didn't win and finally the litany of my comebacks is over. I'm the me-est me I will ever be and fuck anybody who tries to use myself against me. It's all here in black and white - whatcha gonna do now, Clarence?

I won. There's a true strength in me I never knew I had. Beware the power of a woman who does not give a fuck. My name is Eden and I do not want to die. I got too much shit to do and I don't give a fuck if I go the rest of my life doing it alone. I never needed the people I thought I needed. I have recently amassed my own posse of special beautiful kindred Spirits who accept me and love me, genital warts and all. (Kidding - I don't have genital warts but I did have a bad case of crabs once. Complete with the CUTEST teeny nippers.)

Good luck fighting me now. Fuck you. And fuck me too - I'm not perfect. I didn't expect to still be here. To all of you wonderful beautiful hurting fucked up people struggling to make sense of yourselves and the world - don't worry. Keep going anyway. To be a well-adjusted member of society means you are sick because we are living in a sick society. But don't give up. I know it's tempting. My brother gave up, gave in, jumped from the burning building of his own mind and I still don't know how to accept the suicide of somebody you love without agreeing with it.

If you're still here, there is a fucking reason why. You just gotta find it. It has to be there somewhere, that's the rules.

So there's all the things I shouldn't write but wrote anyway. Life's too short thank god. My friend Megan keeps telling me the world isn't finished with me yet - good. Because I'm not finished with the world. Not by a long shot.

Namaste, cocksuckers.

Have I Actually Been Eaten By A Bear?

Aug. 31st, 2015 09:54 pm
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posted by Neil Gaiman
Amanda is now 8 and a bit months' pregnant, and she wanted to have our baby off the grid, in the middle of the woods with nothing and nobody around but midwives, a doula, and me.

Which seemed like an odd idea when she first floated it by me, but has come to strike me as more and more sensible in the last few months, especially when I would look at my deadlines. It's been a mad year anyway, and more and more things have crept onto my schedule: the idea of going off to a cabin in the woods and writing, away from phones or emails or any distractions seemed increasingly attractive. So I get the best of all worlds: undistracted time with Amanda, undistracted time with Amanda and the baby (when he appears), and relatively undistracted time to write.

Photo by Kyle Cassidy,  last Friday.

Except, the birth-month is September. And September is the month when everything is happening.

It's still ridiculously cheap on Amazon, for three books you could not previously get in these editions in the US.

The last issue of Sandman Overture will come out in September (although not the hardback collected edition of the whole thing. That comes out on November 10th -- my birthday, oddly enough: details at http://bit.ly/OvertureDeluxe )

And, more personal for me even than these, it's the month that the Humble Bundle happens.

You know what a Humble Bundle is, don't you…? It's a bundle of Digital Stuff (usually games, sometimes eBooks or Graphic Novels) that goes out to the world on a Pay What You Like basis. Sometimes you can get hundreds of dollars of stuff cheaply.

But I think it's fair to say there will never have been a Humble Bundle like this before. Why ever is that? you wonder. Ah,  you will have to be patient. It's going to be remarkable.


I'm going to be away. So I'm planning to learn how to use the various timed posting things on Twitter and Facebook and here on the Blog. People will think I am back from the woods, but no, I won't be. Magical timed postings will be going up to let people know what's happening.

(This may also result in a few tone deaf postings in September, as I apparently plug the Humble Bundle or Sleeper and the Spindle immediately after I hike into town to find internet to tell you that the baby has turned up. Forgive me if they happen.)  

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Chapter 4, Page 68

Aug. 31st, 2015 02:47 pm
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Page 68. The party gets bigger.

Live in the Atlanta area? Why don’t you attend the Decatur Book Festival this weekend and get some books from me and Reed Black at tent #719? Here’s info on where I’ll be.

The Oath Anthology is going strong and has a little over two weeks to raise at least $7,000. Want to see a story featuring Lucille and her awesome prosthetic limbs? Back it, maybe!

Complementers! It's time! #2

Aug. 31st, 2015 09:22 pm
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Bang-makers! If you have put a bang in the collection, you have been checked off! You are officially done until the week before reveal, when we'll be poking our noses in to make sure your bangs are complete. Feel free to report in on your progress, but it is no longer required.

Complementers! You are officially on deck! Your official poking and prodding begins now! So it is now vital that you respond to everything you signed up for. If there is something you're not going to complete, for any reason, please let us know - either in the comments here or on the Contact A Mod post. If you have posted your complement to the AO3, you have been checked off and do not need to check in again until the week before reveal (when we'll be looking at all the works for completeness).

Just a reminder, please take a look at the notes about posting and a posting tutorial.

If you have any questions or concerns, please Contact A Mod.

Team Podfic: [personal profile] kisahawklin [personal profile] lunesque, [personal profile] nagasvoice
Team Panacea: [personal profile] mnemmy, [personal profile] james, [personal profile] nagasvoice
Team UFO: [personal profile] nagasvoice, [personal profile] kisahawklin, [personal profile] donutsweeper
Team Clay's Eleven: [personal profile] mific, [personal profile] kisahawklin
Team Love in the Time of DADT: [personal profile] soniclipstick91, [personal profile] kisahawklin, [personal profile] nagasvoice, [personal profile] maharetr
Team Dirty Magic: Alas, [personal profile] lisaroquin has had to bow out. Any complementers are welcome to still post their updates here, and their works to the collection, or not, as they wish (as are any other complementers of withdrawn Bangs) [personal profile] mific, [personal profile] nagasvoice, [personal profile] maharetr

New fic: In Silence Sealed

Aug. 31st, 2015 08:32 am
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For [livejournal.com profile] salt_burn_porn: In Silence Sealed, Sam/Dean, NC-17.  [livejournal.com profile] fiercelynormal tagged me with “piercing.” After a hunt, Dean can't hear, but he can still talk. Warning: may induce diabetic coma.

TV thoughts

Aug. 31st, 2015 08:30 am
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Killjoys )
The Strain )

So, what else should I be watching in the sff line?
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This exchange took place more or less verbatim, including “I feel so bad for you.” Aglet is quite empathetic, though sometimes his empathy is out of proportion to the suffering I didn’t know I was experiencing.


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