Feb. 23rd, 2010 07:41 pm
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I think I have some sort of persistent opportunistic flu infection that pops right up as soon as my immune system is compromised by stress or leaking or lack of sleep. grah. hate. Also I have had a weird skin reaction to this lotion my gran brought back from Israel. Fuck you, dead sea! However this resulted in hilarious twitter conversation yonder:

jk_rockin: you're allergic to the Dead Sea?
me: Apparently so! This does not bode well for any undead israeli boys that want to sweep me off my feet in the future!
fishmouse: Better a vampire than a zombie anyday.
me: yeah I'm pretty sure EVERYONE is allergic to zombies :P
me: oh man, imagine if you were allergic to the kiss of death! talk about adding insult to injury!
me: MOOHAHAHA, NOW YOU ARE VUN OFF USS! ...and svellink up somesink awful. Armand, is zis supposed to happen!?

Further such hilarity occurred IRL last night, when I showed up at Jenn's Batcave (a warehouse full of amazing giant piles of junk, omg I wanted to put on a snorkel and wade in) for adventures with hairdye! But first, a scenic detour to the Shire. "Hey Jenn... I think I am on the wrong train. Where is Panania?"

Anyway I have a red skunk stripe now. Oh did I mention I got a superdykey haircut last friday? I did that, yes. It is. Interesting. I can never quite impress upon a hairdresser that MY HAIR IS A LITTLE CURLY and they keep giving me styles I have to straighten bits of otherwise they look ridic. But anyway I have a red fauxhawk with an S-curl and brown lady-sideburns with almost-shaved cut-outs behind them. I like it but I don't think short and rectangular is really my thing in general - next time I will let my hair grow out much longer before I go in, give them something to work with. On the other hand, it looks excellent under hats! :D

A meme I tagged long ago and forgot about:

Reply to this post asking for words and I'll give you five I associate with you, which you then talk about in an entry on your journal!

From [personal profile] amber!

slam poetry: hahaha I am not sure why you associate this with me? I have done it all of twice. I find it interesting how rhythms are different when you're writing poetry to speak aloud, than to look at on a page. It's a matter of long and short beats, internal rhymes and consonance. Whereas book-poetry is less about how the words sound aloud and more how they look on the page, what kind of beats a space, a line break, an indent create. I think the best poetry combines the two, really, but I can't quite express the process.

Russia: ZE MOTHERLAND. lol. I identify as Russian without any particular tie to the place we call Russia, I think that's common to a lot of immigrant kids like me. It's about the language, the food, some little customs and cartoons. Family history plays a part, too, anyone whose family spent a few generations in the Soviet Union generally has a fairly russo-unique set of "grandpa stories" and interesting familial neuroses.

The actual place is by all accounts a corrupt racist alcoholic winter wonderland, but I'd still like to go back there some time just for the novelty of getting by in a language other than english.

neutral_omens: Ahh that old game. A Good Omens based "let's throw some characters into a place and see what happens" roleplay, albeit much smaller than ones like CFUD and la. We actually got together in OOC-chat and worked out bits of plot :P also, it was HILARIOUS (or maybe I just thought it was because I was sixteen). Angels, wizards, demons, an antichrist and some random bewildered humans in a hotel that used to be a satanic nunnery cum paintball retreat? OH yeah. I played Newt Pulsifer, toying with a proto-accident-field-superpower that has inspired a comic book character who now lives in my head. At some point I will script the first issue and find an artist for that.

Here are some of my favourite threads I was in: John Constantine and Newt Pulsifer vs. the Cellophane Beast was fun times, as was American Gods character Loki prodding Newt's Special Fail Powers. That one also resulted in a hilarious AU drawing based on what else could have fallen through the ceiling (hint: there was nudity).

Amanda Palmer: lol this list was given me before Evelyn Evelyn drama drama went down. I should have done it then, I could have gone on about her voice and lyrics and audacity and ability to connect with people instead of her privilege and public relations failure. And after all I said in the last post I STILL ended up arguing about it with strangers on the internet. God, both sides, too! I guess I am just one of those CAN'T SLEEP, SOMEBODY IS WRONG ON THE INTERNET people, regardless of whether that person agrees with me or not. Well, you know, you don't want people who agree with you to be wrong, do you?

Honestly I am more disappointed in the way Amanda has handled this whole fiasco than with the concept of the record. Like, sure, that was problematic, but as an initial provocation on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is accidentally saying "stand up for yourself" to a wheelchair-user and 10 is Spartan social darwinism, Evelyn Evelyn is maaybe a three. She could totally have salvaged that situation, but instead she's managed to make everyone who started off going "amanda I love you but I feel a little uncomfortable with this" feel like she sees no difference between us and people who tried to censor Oasis/think her photography is "goffic snuff porn"/hate her for dating Neil Gaiman (disclaimer yes I know those are all different people). For somebody who has cultivated such a feeling of closeness with her fans that just feels like a bit of a betrayal.

Also I am a little disappointed in the manner in which many people pursued this complaint against her in the first place, but that's a whole essay on effective privilege-checking that I want to save until tempers are less frayed, so that I can use this as a specific in the general case without putting people on the defensive.

And speaking of defensive don't even TALK to me about the people jumping in with "it is your responsibility if you feel offended because we choose our feelings" (more or less verbatim from one) because OH MY GOD. Alternating fury and motts at those people, why must you remind me that just because somebody likes the same stuff as me does not mean they are not a douche? (also mottsy because it reminds me of times when I have leapt to the defense of something without thinking, although I can't recall specific instances right now, but that just makes me paranoid!)

talking-really-fast: it's. a thing I do? XD I think out loud, and thoughtspeed is always faster than we are physically capable of forming words, so sometimes I trip over myself. Also sometimes people say "okay now say that again only use a spacebar" (not in so many words). Aside from that it's not much of a thing one way or another. Now talking really LOUD is a real problem I have, whereby I forget that I have a volume setting that can be adjusted until someone goes OMG STFU MAGGIE. (I feel that is a good note on which to end this post.)
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Mrgh, still lagging behind the update train I am. I've a little collection of links from the past week or so that I'll post after this even though they are no longer new so some of you may have seen them.

I'm home again after a week of doooing stuuuuffff, the last few days of which involved me only returning to my house to sleep, and that only half the time.

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It is a neverending source of bafflement to me, these days, the way my life lines up in flowers for the theoretical social butterfly inhabiting my incidental position in the space-time continuum. I spent a good deal of time as That Kid who reads in the library at lunch time - in fact, true story, one of my teachers had to gently remind me that I had a library card in order to convince me, grumbling, to read the book under a tree in the park instead1. Then I graduated to spending lunchtimes in a computer room, in the general vicinity of some other kids who could loosely be termed friends because we congratulated each other on our high scores in Icy Tower and mutually complained about Geography assignments.

Somehow something I always thought of as popularity snuck up on me. Somehow I do things on weekends, now, and text message people, and lend them clothing or leave clothing at their house by accident and tell them get it back to me next time I see them. Somehow multiple people want me at multiple events in multiple places at the same time with disturbing regularity. My cup, literally, runneth over. Part of me still doesn't believe it.

And so two things: One! I am always pretty cheerful about having to maneouvre around double-bookings in my social calendar because I have double bookings in my social calendar wth :D srsly. And two! I am kind of bad at saying no to people. I want to do EVERYTHING. I want to go to things just because people ask me. I'm still not very good at reciprocating, you know, despite having evidence that people like me in them asking me to spend time with them I can never quite convince myself that they like me enough for me to ask them to spend time with me. So I want to take allllll of the opportunities to spend time with people without having to flog my brain into invitation gear - it is just less stressful.

All of which is an exceedingly lengthy lead-in to explain why I spent most of last night in transit between Newtown and Annandale, trying very hard to be in two places at once.

cut for my return to my trademark Very Long Story From Last Night )
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So last week I went out for some delicious eurasian food at Apandim Uighur with some of my Russian friends (and Sam. She is an honorary Russian, Liza once put her brother in a cage.) It was fun! I've written about the restaurant before, some of my parents' friends know the owners so we've been there for anniversary parties and the like, but this was my first time going with friends. The ordering process, it was so much simpler! The five of us threw in suggestions, and then Liza conferred with a waitress to check various spice levels before ordering two plates of rice, one plate of noodles, one of dumplings, THREE PLATES OF MEAT SKEWERS and a salad.

"One salad?" I asked, smirking.

"Fine, two salads," said Liza. "And naan!"

We later ended up ordering an extra plate of rice because we'd nearly finished it by the time the meat arrived (the rice was sticky, slightly sweet and contained soft bits of carrot, we basically just tipped it onto our plates and hoovered it down). Basically I am saying we ate a lot and it was awesome. I only managed two skewers of meat myself because I had filled up on delicious noodles and whatnot by the time they finally brought them out, but it was okay, there were two dudes at our table and they made up for me.

...and then we went for ice cream, because we are reckless fools XD

Well, I shared a crepe with Toly, because we both recognised that we were overdoing it just slightly :P I felt like I was going to explode. EXPLODE. Like a meat pinata. Enjoy that mental image, guys.

Anyway, the point of all that is that something we talked about as we were sitting in French Riviera nursing our wholly extraneous desserts has born fruit today. But have patience! I shall come to it.

I delighted Sam and Toly with the pertinent plot points of a genuinely fuckin' awesome movie I recently watched, Guitar Wolf: Wild Zero (Aliens! Transsexuals! Zombie make-outs! Rock'n'roll! Lightning guitar pick shurikens! ACE! DO IT!) with the result that I am now dedicated to arranging a viewing party at some point in the future! (Seriously guys, I love this thing with completely insufficient irony, [ profile] jk_rockin's hunch that it was relevant to my interests was COMPLETELY ON THE MONEY.)

Then we somehow ended up talking about porn, possibly traumatising some random strangers sitting at the next table (I tend to forget that a phrase like "but it was just fifteen minutes of some guy jerking off in an elevator" is earmarked for the INSIDE voice), and THEN we got to talking about messy rooms (NO CAUSAL RELATIONSHIP) (I SINCERELY HOPE) and the upshot of all this is that today Liza came over and helped me clean my room.

There will be before and after photos eventually, right now it is not finished (there was TOO MUCH STUFF, she's going to have to come back another time) (she has threatened to make that time eight am tomorrow morning but I call bullshit, she will not be awake :P) but YOU GUYS. I HAVE THROWN AWAY SO MUCH PAPER, OH MY GOD.


Why was I keeping trigonometry exams from 2004? WHO KNOWS! What was the original purpose of that one weird plastic thing? WHO CARES! Why do I have a picture of myself lurking awkwardly in the background of a photo with Cathy Freeman? WHAAARGAAARBL! Full story once the job is finished, I just wanted to squee about it and somehow ended up writing about delicious noodles and shouty rock stars until two thirty in the morning. As you do.
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Today I spent two hours watching daytime television waiting downstairs for the dude who bought my bro's old crib on ebay, and he finally showed up just as I gave up and went upstairs and switched on the computer. Bah! I did however discover that there is a surprisingly large volume of Australian fantasy TV shows with hilarious props (and a puppy). Also hilarious: The Naked Chef. That dude is ridiculous! (Caveat: not actually naked :/ oh well)

Having finished yuletide feels so amazingly good. It's like this whole year wasn't a productive write-off because I finished something. Something I made a committment to, on time, not half-arsed. I think it bodes well for 2010. I want to make sure I set up systems this summer, habits to carry me through the winter slump, to keep things going. I never want another six-month fell-off-the-face-of-the-internet hiatus, because if I can't post here then the anxiety must have a goddamn stranglehold on me. I want to pick up the guitar again, and draw things, and motherfucking write.

Although at the moment I am just bumming around because my parents are on holiday for a week! With my brother! Things are going to stay where I put them again :D

I never posted about my Hellfire adventure! Gothing [personal profile] frostickle up was hilarious, but eating a burger while waiting for him was a bad plan - I was terribly sober for most of the night. I even slipped some vodka in my tea while I was putting eyeliner on David, but to no avail! I was nervy and awkward all evening. I have discovered that I am quite good at dancing in, you know, the general vicinity of people - still freeze up a bit when they get close though. Somehow despite this... I... you guys, did somebody write "please invite me into your bisexual kissing orgy" on my forehead while I was unconscious and I haven't noticed? Or what? :P

*cough* ANYway. The scenery in the club was awesome (skin, chains and latex being the mode), and the atmosphere very safe - they even had a little list of rules which specifically advised dudes to let women hit on them instead of the other way round, because of the high lesbian ratio. Later a dude got up onstage with an acoustic guitar and sang a little song about getting drunk and throwing up on someone. I loled. I made friends with a random in a hat, my photo was taken by a girl covered in christmas lights and I saw a woman dressed as a catholic priest with a little dog. It was a fun night! I went home around four, got up again at one o'clock to go audition for a production of Ruby Moon that some people at my uni, although apparently unaffiliated with TROUTS, are putting on.

Then on Sunday I met up with the Internets and had lunch at an extremely asian steakhouse where they bring out the meat on a hotplate and you sort of cook it as much as you like. Then we went to Kinokunia, where we loled at the Ouran Host Club manga, which is exactly as metatastic and hilarious as the anime.

Now I am hibernating ^_^ although I feel like I SHOULD have a party, or SOMETHING. Maybe that ancient-TV-shows marathon? It has been a long time since I've watched the Addams family.
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What do I do as soon as I start posting again? Stop posting :P naturally. I have had a busy couple of weeks, internet! Let me tell you about it! With pictures, mostly linked in-text for the benefit of anybody who’s capped or something, because there are rather a lot of them. This entry’s written in fits and starts so a couple asides are out of date, particularly the one pertaining to my stab wound, but I’m leaving them in anyway :)

did I just say that about the stab wound to make you click the cut? maybe I did, maybe I didn’t… )

So that was that. Next post: a meme and a macro and some awesome statuary, plus tales of my further clubbing adventures if all goes well (or hilariously unwell) tonight (and David actually shows up :/)
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The sky was taunting us. Not two days ago I had been convinced that summer was coming early, but on the day we set off for Newcastle with tents and sleeping bags in tow the clouds appeared to have settled in for the long haul. “Come to TINA they said,” I grumbled, heaving my backpack into Natalie’s car. “We’ll all camp out, it’ll be fun. Oh yes.”

We continue... )
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No sooner does my ludicrous week of assignment deth finish than begins a ludicrous week of social overclocking. This is preferable, but I don't think my room is getting tidied any time soon.

I am writing this in a computer lab at my uni, so I sadly won't be able to include pictures at this point in time unless they were already online: but rest assured - there are indeed pictures. I'm hanging out here because I had to be in the city at noon to be photographed by the extras agency I signed up with like, last year, who still haven't got me any work, but that's cool because they don't have a sign-up fee. They want to have a current picture on the books whenever possible - I emailed them about a month after I cut off all my hair and dyed it red, and we have collectively failed to fix it for about three months. But that's done now, and good thing too because my original photo there was really pretty awful considering they had a professional photographer called Pierre and everything. This time it was just the receptionist with a digital camera and I am pretty sure it's better. Did I mention I dragged a giant bag-full of library books down there? I was going to return the books first and then show up, but I was late, so I had to schlep them all the way across the city to uni afterwards. I have no idea why I borrowed quite so many books. Some of them were not even related to my assignments - when did I think I was going to read them?

Anyway, I'm still here because I'm going to see Wicked this evening with Stan and Des and David. I'm excited! So I shall use the time before they show up to try and paint you guys a word-picture of quite how hilarious my week has been and is going to continue to be.

cut because oh my god how much stuff can happen in one weekend? )

And then I came home and discovered that I got quoted three times in last week's ljdq. My weekend, dear internet, was fucking AWESOME.

But the thing is. This week? Directly out of hibernation? Today I see Wicked. Tomorrow Avi's having a hotpot and wine night. Friday is the TROUTS end-of-semester party. Saturday is Nicky's birthday party.

I may actually die.
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Oh my god has it seriously been a month since I updated properly? FAIL, maggie, FAIL. In reparations (and also in honour of the upcoming Supanova con) I bring thee a hilarious Star Trek macro gif! (be patient if it loads slowly it is EPIC)

I'm a doctor, not a cut tag! )

As Supanova promises to be an epic weekend of geekery and vodka I figured I should sum up the past er um month (*hides*) now or never, so here goes Stuff Wot I Have Done (In Vaguely Chronological Order) )

And that, more or less is that! I leave you with an awesome video! Barring drunk-posts from [ profile] le_culdesac's house, where I am staying for the duration of the con because fucked if I'm catching a bus AND a train every day at seven in the morning, this will probably be the last you hear of me till Monday or Tuesday. I must try to post at [ profile] apathy_games tonight, and also this thing called Fictioncrush that some Whitechapel folks have been working on, and also prepare cosplay clothes to bring with me tomorrow. Ooh, and I should post that macro to ontd_st! *bustles*
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Second batch of popcorn was sort of burnt, but at least we got the margarine right! Also, I introduced Stan to the joy of S'lesses. He pronounced them genius.

S'lesses, for those who have forgotten, are made by placing in the microwave a marshmallow on a cracker, heating it till the marshmallow starts to expand and then placing another cracker on top. It is delicious. My stomach complained afterwards about the fatal combination of pizza, popcorn and marshmallow, of course, but sooo worth it.

But I'm A Cheerleader was lolarious. So was the half a season of Scrubs we watched after! Also Stan introduced me to Dragonball Z Abridged on Youtube and I returned the favour in the form of Marvel/DC Happy Hour, so it was a lulzy evening all round. As per usual I am now covered in dog hair. BIIIIIIIIIIIIIM.

What else of interest has happened this week? Jess's birthday drinks were fun. I got there early (by which I mean only fifteen minutes late) and spent some time sitting on a couch waiting for Jess to show up, being stared at by some old people and a moose skull on a plaque. But then everybody arrived and fun was had! Avi showed up in a new matrix-y coat with zippers everybody proclaimed "gaaaay" but I thought were awesome. I had a brief awkward moment with a guy I gave my number at a party once a year or two ago and then proceeded to ignore because of My Issues - I dealt with this by pretending I could not quite remember where we had met, an ever-so-mature strategy which nevertheless allowed both of us to save face and participate in the awkward small-talk of "nobody else I know is here yet, how about that footy then." Later, I challenged Stan to the failiest game of pool in the universe. Seriously, I kept on accidentally setting them up for him, and he kept on missing, and so did I, and by the end Sasha had to step in and pocket Stan's last ball out of frustration. Not that this helped because Stan then spent about ten turns trying to sink the eight-ball while I took shots at my remaining five fricking balls. Astonishingly I managed to slowly, slowly sink all of them, and then sink the eight-ball before Stan could. It was seriously the worst pool game in the history of everything. XD

In nonfaily news I got an essay back! It was the Intro to Short Fiction one I'd procrastinated on to the point of absurdity and handed in two days late and two hundred words short. The teacher opened the class by warning us that they had marked this with Pass as a baseline according to the criteria, so you really had to be better than "satisfactory" to move up a grade and la la la, and was just sinking down in my chair think I passed or maybe I failed omg and then she refused to give them back until the end of class, NICE GOING THERE. But to my surprise I got a credit! Even after marks deducted for lateness! And then she anonymously mentioned something I'd done as an example of What To Do! I was like sweeeeet!

In conclusion, did you know that Stan did not know Spinal Tap was not a real band? UMLAUT. WE NEEDS MOAR.
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Big day yesterday! In the morning I acted as my mum's proxy in attending my little brother's primary school mother's day assembly, as she had to work. This involved sitting through a lot of alternately excruciating and hilarious speeches from five year olds whom love their mums because they give them lots of hugs and kisses and always buy them things and do the dishes. My principal task was to take photos and video of my brother (during the bits where there were sappy songs and wavy hand gesturesm not while he was propping up his head looking bored witless by the speeches, for which I sympathised with him). I realised this was going to be less than successful when the kids filed in and sat down en masse, with Timmy up the back. Just as I worked out the zoom function on the video, a teacher came down the front, placed a chair directly in between me and Timmy, and sat in it, for the purpose of conducting the aforementioned handgestures. I nevertheless persevered, shooting Timmy's vague and mostly tardy moves over her shoulder, when the granny in front of me didn't turn her head and obscure my line of sight with her nose. Then I ran out of batteries.

Fortunately I was compensated in tea and scones and vaguely shifty looks from parents trying to decide if I was a scandalously young mother. Then I went off to watch Star Trek with [ profile] perfectdays (<3) - would you like my thoughts on yaoi? Yes, yes you would.

Star Trek spoilers )

Then I went to Jess's for her birthday Shabbat Dinner With People Her Parents Don't Hate. There was awkward mouthing of prayers I barely remembered, spicy food, arguments about God, Jason waffling like a privileged asshat about aborigines and Rudd's stimulus package, tea, and Liza showed up late and cured my hiccups. Twice.

Now I am off to her general birthday drinks, but before I go this video is amaaaazing and reminded me of this sciffy story that [personal profile] amber linked me to.
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I have a haircut! It's pretty cool. But my internet is still capped :( so no pics. Instead, have llamas.

Also I totally have a 1500 word report due on Wednesday. I should be doing it now but I thought I was just hopping on quickly before my relatives arrive for my dad's birthday, except they are... not arriving, and not arriving. I got him a Three Musketeers graphic novel, incidentally. I was in Kings Comics to gett my Free Comic Books Day comic and I was like heeey.

In other news, Sam Starbuck i.e. [ profile] copperbadge, writer of some of my favourite Heroes fic ever, not to mention a shitload of excellent HP fanfic and Discworld fanfic, and of course the famous Torchwood LOLcat Fic, just self-published Nameless, his first original novel, edited and designed with the help of LJ readers.

Christopher, the only bookseller in the small farm town of Low Ferry, lives an uneventful life -- until one day he encounters a shy newcomer named Lucas, and accidentally sells him the wrong book. What follows is a journey for both men, in vastly different ways, set against the strange, ritualistic, magic backdrop of a midwestern winter.

You can check out more about Nameless at his blog post:

or buy Nameless from Lulu here:

I was one of the followers of his journal who read Nameless one chapter at a time and flooded the poor man with constructive criticism, and it was pretty awesome to watch this thing take shape. If recommendation is insufficient motivation to buy, it's also currently available as a free PDF. I myself intend to buy the book as soon as I a) fix my Paypal account and b) figure out how much it's going to cost me given conversion and postage. Lulu refuses to give me an invoice in AUD. It is annoying.

Aha, i has a grandma! Time for foods, oh my god, I am so hungry!
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I have this vague plan to go to Supanova in June as Delirium, from Sandman. This plan involves a lot of fishnet and dying my hair orangey-blonde with rainbow streaks. Now because it's a month away I haven't given much thought to the specifics, but then...

Lily: Do you need your hair bleached? My friend Yoko is an apprentice hairdresser and she needs practice with non-Asian hair! It's really cheap because she's a student!
Me: ...
Lily: Her boss is this really famous guy who does six-hundred-dollar haircuts for famous people!
Me: ...kay?

What the hell, I figure, I should get some feeling for what my hair does when it is bleached. So long story short I show up at this salon with Lily. It's called RAR or RAW or something trendy and guttural like that. We hang around for a bit on the fancy cushions waiting for Yoko. Six Hundred Dollar Haircut Guy swans in. He is a bit camp but inexplicably wearing navy tights with suspenders. He's coordinating several students and junior hairdressers, by the look of it.

Further Adventures OF Hairdying )
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Um right so. Twilight drinking game was fun! I blame Edward's hair for my subsequent headache.

Right now I am procrastinating on two items: 1. essay due Wednesday on an incredibly open topic WHERE DO I STAAAART and 2. going down to the junction for to return a DVD my dad left with me before fucking off to new zealand with my mum.

Other things my parents left behind: a total lack of margarine and a shitload of zuchini. What do I do with this much zuchini, you guys? I have been replacing the marga with avocado because leaving the house ew. But I have never eaten a zuchini! In fact nobody in my house regularly eats zuchini, so I do not understand why my mother bought like twenty of them right before going on holiday!

The main reason I am not returning the DVD, aside from general leaving the house ew, is the torrential rain outside my window. It is seriously niagara falls out there. My grandparents, brother and cat all got caught in it, because my grandparents, brother and cat all leave the house.

To be fair I barely spent a consecutive twelve hours in this house for most of the last month, so this week I am perfectly justified in hibernating. The trouble is not having to GO anywhere seems to equate in my brain with not having to DO anything, so this essay is not turning out well.

Incidentally my sodden cat looks like a hedgehog and has taken shelter in my lap. It is extroadinarily fun to give a cat a noogie when the fur on the top of its head is sticking up like a twelve year old boy that's got into his dad's hairgel. I have been trying unsuccessfully to think of a way to relate this to twitter without sounding vaguely dirty.
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Eep, that makes three, count'em THREEEEE consecutive nights of rock'n'roll. You know that wesbite, "fuck my life"? I want one called <3 my life omg. Oh hey, I ask and [ profile] snarkaddict provides!

Talkbox at the Harp )

Diana's birthday )

Zombies vs. Vampires Party of Massive Fucking Win )

Finally, go here and fight my weird sprite thing. They're adorable! STAB STAB STAB.

And an RTMI video from [ profile] drjon:

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hahaha, and the overbooked schedule continues! This is the first chance I've had to update all week. I had a big assignment due wednesday, in between rehearsals and random items, and to top it all off my internet's capped until the eighth so everything is loading at a snail's pace. The best I've been able to manage is twitter :P forreal, I tried to log onto my internet banking today to transfer money into my new ING direct savings account, and it timed out on four separate occasions, each requiring me to go back to the homepage and open the window again. Youtube is totally impassable.

On the bright side, the assignment went well! I am very confident in it. This is a very strange feeling for me.

Last night me and Lily and her guitar went to a thing Facebook called Massive Jam Night at Tailor's on Central. We haven't played together for a while and so getting up on stage proved beyond us - well, I was for it but Lily chickened out. I could've gone up by myself but I was completely sober - I forgot my passport the one time the bartender actually asked for ID of course - and frankly terrified. So we just sat and watched some randoms jamming. A couple of really good performers and bands went up - one of them was very My Chemical Romancey except their lyrics were. Well. Frankly awful. But the music was good and the singer's black hair-dye was HILARIOUS. It didn't suit him at all! It turned out the event was organised by Tenielle who I went to high school with - random coincidence ftw!

After a while it started getting a bit smokey so we went outside. I was still trying to convince Lily to go up, so I said what if we practice a bit out here first? We sat down on the kerb behind some sort of fixture with plants in and ran through Bone Weather until we managed to simultaneously not forget words/chords, but she still refused to go back. That was okay, though, because at that point three random dudes rocked up and we had a musical interlude.

They started off by asking to see the guitar. I was naturally suspicious but Lily defused the situation with a Mr. Bean joke and they put their stuff down and sat on the kerb with us and talked about music. Two of them were brothers, and one or both were almost certainly flirting with Lily - while recommending bands one of them insisting on giving her his number, ostensibly because he's a drummer and we really do need a drummer, but let's just say I See What You Did There. The third guy was very drunk - he earnestly asked me if I'd seen Donnie Darko no less than three times and spent some time trying to play Bright Eyes and Radiohead on Lily's guitar. (He was actually pretty good except for not remembering half the chords. We did a Karma Police duet, it was kind of awesome.) Then he got up (with the guitar) and wandered off to serenade some poor random girl who was only trying to cross the street. One of his friuends reassured us that if he tried to run off with the guitar he (the friend) would "tackle" him and I replied (much as that would be hilarious and possibly kind of hot) that for a guy that drunk I could likely chase him down myself.

Later he got up and approached with his arms out to hug what I thought was some random guy but realised when he hugged back was actually somebody they knew. Then he came closer and I realised it was somebody I knew, Jonathan, who I went to primary school with and who was there because he also knew Tenielle. Small world!

Anyway, then the random guys left (insisting on hugs, which was obviously awkward for me, but explaining would have been more so), and obviously nothing was going to top the random musical interlude, so we called it a night and went home.

Good thing too as I had to get up early this morning for yet another rehearsal! The play is next week argh what! And now I am off to see Alex's band Talkbox play at the Harp, and I have no idea where the Harp is, but 131500 is my saviour!
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And to round off the latest Big Damn Week, I went to a Cafe Carnivale performance with my parents and Stan. It was sort of an eastern-european women themed night, so my parents insisted I come and I insisted Stan come because doing entertainment with my mum is sort of aggravating - I'm glad they brought me now, though.

The first act was the best. It was a Ukrainian and a Belorussian woman, the first, Larissa Burak, with a large Bandura and the second, Lucy Voronov, with a Belorussian instrument whose name I didn't catch that was sort of like a stripped-down piano with no keys - she hit the strings with a pair of elegant little wooden sticks, curved at the ends, that she held between her knuckles, as well as plucking and muting with her hands. Oops, I looked it up and it's called a Belorussian cimbalom. Interesting. Larissa had an amazing soprano. Round and smooth like a high-class yawn, it was a cathedral-arch voice. She would have been a heroine back in the golden days of Opera. They performed traditional Eastern European songs, Lucy's graceful hands ablur with speed.

Next the Marianna Ensemble, so named because it consists of sisters Maria and Anna Okunov. They played Ukrainian ballads and I think some original pieces and misc. on a guitar and a violin. Stan and I were at the side of the stage next to the violinist, and she was fascinating to watch. Her arm was like an extension of the violin, skin rippling like a time-lapse sky, and occasionally she'd lift one or both heels off the ground as though clearing for take-off.

Finally an elderly Aussie lady called Jean Louise? I think? got up and sang some songs in Italian and English. She had an amazing voice but we all agreed that her choice of songs was... sort of odd. Bluntly they all kind of sucked. Really straightforward lyrics, no poetry to them whatsoever, and the tunes were fairly ordinary, and for some of them she had a guitarist accompanying her with weird finger-picking that didn't fit the rhythm at all. The only songs I liked were the blues song she finished on and one of the Italian songs, which she said was about Sirens and which sort of set my imagination racing. She definitely had some friends/fans in the audience though, there were a few shout-outs and whatnot.

In the breaks we chatted with Alex and Liza who were there because Larissa used to be their singing teacher, bringing their boyfriends and also some guy I didn't get introduced to. Afterwards we dropped Stan off and I came home and stayed up on the internet like a moron, which meant I woke up late and did the same thing last night, and oh god I am so sleepy. I had to get up this morning to go to rehearsal. :( And I spent all of yesterday totally failing at my advertising assignment, so I felt guilty when I was doing other stuff even though I wasn't getting anywhere, so I couldn't post here. I just wrote down some vague notes about the concert. And I've incorporated all of them in this post except for "by your powers combined, i am captain salad" because I cannot for the life of me remember the context to that one.
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Reading this and watching this, both are brilliant.

Just got back from rehearsal. My campaign to convince the director to scrap the final two lines from my Hey Kids It's A Moral speech at the end of the play on the basis of shiteness, triteness and jesus-fuck-rewrite-this has succeeded. Score! +2 Subtlety.

My uni's theatresports group has started up again. Out of last year's complement there was only me and Janek, who has taken over running things as whoever organised it last year has graduated or something, and Cale Bain, who used to come and teach us stuff, is busy with his live shows and journalism awards and stuff, so the two of us are pretty much just jamming with some noobs, which is actually pretty fun. Plans to attend inter-uni stuff as our uni is crap. The trouble we have booking a room from the fucking student union, I swear - it's not just the impro, TROUTS proper and the Writer's Society have had this shit pulled on us as well. Twice now we've booked something by phone only to discover it was not written in the correct place and so some other group showed up later and booked over the top of us and nobody told us till we got kicked out in the middle of auditions/meetings.

Meanwhile I stayed up late Wednesday night to finish a fairytale rework in 800 words for Intro To Short Fiction homework, tall order much, but it went over well! I shall post it later. But all these two am bedtimes have wreaked havoc on my alertness level, I keep forgetting I've scheduled things to go before my afternoon classes and hence ACTUALLY HAVE TO GET UP AUGH. Tomorrow is sleep ing day though! If my parents let me.

Last night I had the following exchange with my mother (in russian):

Mum, peering through my door: Look at this junkyard you never learn omg
Me: What junkyard? There are two sweaters and a sock on my bed!
Mum: I didn't say junkyard. What are you reading my mind now?
Me: ......

This sort of thing happens all the time, although not usually WITHIN THIRTY SECONDS UM and she always defends her position vigorously. Leading source of conflict in the household aside from her micromanagement issues.

As I expected, twitter has sucked me in. It's not so bad though, I don't really think stuff like "these A Perfect Circle lyrics really do say "fucking tomatoes" and nothing will convince me otherwise. I refuse to google! For the lulz!" is worth saving up for an LJ post and I can always just ignore it if I'm horribly busy.
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On Wednesday we held the first Lofty Words night of the year and it was wonderful. I ducked out of Advertising early to help set up - we tried to steal the mic and speaker from the people who had the space before us because they just sort of left it there, but the somebody showed up to fetch it, so we got another mic from the guys at the bar. First up was a blond guy called Shivv Rath - named and raised by hippies, y'know - who was in the same position I was last year, first performance ever. Except he could play guitar! I went up and had an encouraging word afterwards, god knows I needed it. His voice was a bit shaky at the start and lyrics had clunky bits but both showed a lot of potential.

Next up we announced open mic. Me and David from my writing class were judging, although he also got up to read something out noncompetitively when it became apparent that only three people had screwed up the courage, and one of them had a poem about having sex with midgets while another was not even with us. His friend briefly dragged him up from the suits networking thing downstairs and insisted he read out a poem he wrote in high school English class. It was really awful, at least the guy with the midgets understood rhyme and meter. (...there was also a nun involved, you guys. Seriously!)

Then the first scheduled performer showed up, Popi Silk. Apparently she's a rising star on the spoken word scene in Sydney, she went to high school with Writesoc president Hannah's sister and is about my age, kind of tiny and vaguely androgynous. I'd never heard of her but I was very impressed with her stuff, it was totally compelling and had a beautiful rhythm to it. Another performer was a girl from our uni whose name escapes me now but had an awesome coat and even more awesome poems. One that really caught me was about Australia vanishing from maps, it was like a really good sciffy short story.

The main musical attraction of the night was the literally dread-full Danger Jones. He was very good, his voice is amazing whether he's covering Bob Dylan or playing his own sentimental but catchy tunes. After he was done Hannah gave me some books wrapped in purple crepe paper and told me to hand out prizes for open mic. Dave had left by then, but we'd come to a vague agreement in between gossiping about writing and politics and laughing at Dave's drunk actor friend Dave's Dave impression. So I handed a book to the winner-by-default and then gave the other one as a special "WTF Prize" to midget guy.
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Today my dad and I set up my new computer! Stan promised to help seeing as he's the one that convinced me to actually build it from parts, but we literally could not find a two hour block over the next two weeks during which we were both free at the same time. So instead my dad and I squinted at instruction manuals and I sent Stan occasional MSN updates such as "fun fact: the quick start guide is written in French, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Bahasa, Viet, Turkish and two Arabic languages. The full technical instruction manual is written in English" and "should I be more worried that my dad dropped the hard drive?"

In the end it booted up so we must have done it right! But I did not finish installing Windows on it because then it was time to head up to Kensington for Gathy's 21st birthday party. There was a bar tab but I started off the night by actually paying for a screwdriver in the hope that crappy on-tap wine would taste better if I was already sort of drunk. It sort of worked! The party was good fun. I caught up with the Russian~ crowd. Aryeh stole my hat. I had a lengthy and hilarious discussion with Toly in which I regaled him with the awful capslock poetry of one of my tutoring students and he in turn explained to me the premise of the novel he wrote while in Norway photographing moss. Both of these were ridiculous but I shall not explain them here on the basis that This Is The Internet and Someone Will Find It (a corollary of Murphy's Law). In the first case it is professional ettiquette whereas in the second the issue is that I really was quite drunk and honestly don't remember if he was serious when he enjoined me not to tell anyone what the novel was about. Suffice to say that Sasha walked up to us around the bit where I was earnestly asking "but what about misc. soup?" and just shook his head and walked away.

I also met Alex's new boyfriend (who was from New Zealand and could have had a Jesus-face off with Avi), and a whole bunch of randoms (the vodka helped). And I ran into someone from my high school who turned out to work at the hotel! I mean ran into quite literally here. Then I ate a lot of cake and explained to some total stranger that me and Stan had judged her breasts the second best in the room, which is going to be embarrassing tomorrow morning when I am sober. Or, well, let's face it, since I have no idea who she was, probably not. Besides, she was flattered. Privileges of femaleness.

Around midnight the place closed up so we got kicked out, whereupon most of the crowd dispersed and Liza tried to ride a skateboard while tipsy and in stilettos. Then I caught a bus home to discover I had chocolate in my hair and my parents had sprung a scheduling change on me for tomorrow's family thing, which meant I had to change a tutoring shift at short notice AGAIN, rar. Anyway, now it is three am, so. sleep tiem nau!

PS: Speaking of New Zealand, this is the best ad I've seen all week. Sheep + LEDs = genius!


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