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Amanda Palmer at the Opera House: wheeeeeee. AFP always puts on a good show, and while I'm not that into the music of her pet projects/opening acts, their showmanship cannot be faulted. Jane Austen Argument are adorable and the Baltic Sea Gentlemen have excellent comic timing and hilarious faces. And an accordian.

And of course Neil Gaiman came out to read some stuff, which was awesome (megafauna :D) and slightly terrifying (after reading the intro to Smoke and Mirrors, where he sheepishly explains that the sexy story in it took him years of writing a paragraph, blushing, and putting it away for a month, it feels incongrouous to hear him say "fuck" out loud in his impeccable British accent).

Amanda was lively and entirely at home on the stage, as always - even when her skirt/train thing got caught on a speaker, and when she forgot her setlist, and when her "make out with random audience members during Missed Me" plan encountered what appeared to be an awkward grabby dude (we were up in the circle so it was a little hard to see what was actually going on if the spotlight wasn't quick enough). She also told a cute little story about one of my favourite covers from Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under, On An Unknown Beach. Apparently it's from an obscure CD that was given to her by a music nerd when she was 18, and it's by Peter Jeffries, a New Zealand artist who is now a music teacher, and she has been looking for him in vain ever since. She earnestly requested that if anyone in the audience knew him, or ran into him, they should let him know that she covered his song.

The theme of the show was "Bogans vs Artfags" but, you know, it's Amanda Palmer - most of the fans went with the Artfag side. I considered going half'n'half to bring balance to the force or some shit, but let's face it - my wardrobe is not skewed heavily towards the thongs and australian-flag merch end of the scale. I went with the colourful stockings/whacky face make-up/weird wobbly butterfly clips concoction instead. The stage was crowded with theme stuff, though - there was an esky, a grill and a Hills Hoist, and a rack of whacky costumes, and a dummy in a gaga-esque dress, and all that.

Afterwards most of us made a speedy dash for the bathroom (it was a long concert - the encore included ladies in spangly dresses for Map of Tasmania and Oasis) (yes, that IS a rainbow flag with some pubes on it, why do you ask?) (also one of the dancers did a rap rebuttal about how shaving was okay xD) and then joined the others in the signing queue. I didn't actually bring anything to get signed, but I wanted to show Neil my tattoo, since he'd been blogging about seeing a similar one. He was delighted, and spontaneously hugged me and then pointed it out to Amanda. (They were signing at one table, which made it all the more convenient for Jess to wheedle them both into signing one side of her chest each. Classy as always xD)

I am told by my friends that I actually squee'd, but I don't believe them. Anyway, I hustled them off to get food as soon as that was done, because I was about to faint or cry or something. This ended up being me scrounging off of Avi, because the only thing open in Circular bloody Quay at midnight is McDonalds, and a little vegan muesli bar with promise of instant noodles in forty minutes is basically preferable. We hung out chatting at Avi's for a while, then everyone remembered their various 8am wake-up calls (suckerrrrs) and dispersed. I ended up waiting at a bus stop with some bats for half an hour, most of which I spent spamming twitter and singing random bits of songs that were now stuck in my head.
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