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So anyway, I have clearly not kept up with my good intentions of updating lots. I should really stop waiting for my life to calm down to do stuff like this - all signs point to not any time soon, so I may as well figure out how to work around ALL THE THINGS for blogging. I have been keeping up on reading blogs, but not really commenting - sorry guys, I'm always either feeling like I have nothing relevant to say, like you've forgotten who I am since I haven't updated in so long, or like it would be awkward to comment because the post is two or three days old in the time it took me to read it. But I am reading! I have reverted to lurkerdom. Sorry :( I'm going to try to both post and comment a bit more, but we know how that has turned out in the past :P

I'm writing this first bit chilling at a dinner party on someone else's laptop while I wait for stuff to happen. By stuff I mean food. Since the last entry I have had a fairly solid block of social life and work.

On Thursday I went to a gig at the Annandale with Alexander. It's not my favourite venue, the sound quality tends to be dodgy and the floor sticky, but my boyfriend had been trapped in the New South Welsh countryside for almost a week because his cousins keep on getting bloody married, and he was insistent on heading to this gig as soon as he got home because everyone performing was Relevant To His Interests and some hadn't played as a band in a long time. I nearly fell asleep during the first hour because the room was super stuffy, which is what eventually forced me to give in to Al's relentless quest to make me dance. Having sat and observed "the moves" for a while I settled on one that's kind of like the regular "jump up and down" mosh only one leg at a time and with kicks, and which appears to be a regular of the vaguely ska-enjoying folk punk scene. I also discovered that the Rumjacks put on an excellent live show - not a huge fan of their music, but that is some stage presence there. Other bands present involved bagpipes and a lagerphone (google it) so it was pretty awesome on a conceptual level. I was the only girl there in suspenders, yet somehow did not stick out at all. This should tell you everything you need to know about that particular scene.

The next morning Al roped me into accompanying him to a bunch of bed shops for to pick a new mattress - he's been without a bed for about a month now, so this is a bit of a relief. Soon, I will be able to sleep on something other than a rolled out mattress on the floor when I am at his house! Then I continued to Broadway, where I met up with excellent moral support [profile] jk_rockin and GOT A TATTOO :DDDD

here it is after it's healed up more now :D

Everyone at Tattoo World was really friendly and professional, it was pretty great. YaYoi, the artist, did an amazing rendition of Matthew just based on a printout of this page. Jenn kept me company during the wait and then knitted things while YaYoi was poking me with needles, which, incidentally, ranged in pain from "scratched too hard at a mozzie bite" to "fuuuu an ant bit me." There were plenty of pauses, though, so not too bad overall. Now, a week later, many of the scabs have peeled off and it really looks like something that is part of my skin. It's kind of amazing. (Unfortunately I am kind of terrible at not scratching things, but I hope that by dint of scratching ~sort of around and next to it~ and restraining myself to light poking I have not actually damaged it. It looks okay?)

I went right from there to uni so I could finish going through all the manuscripts on our longlist, because we'd decided to collate each of our top 25s, runners up and vetoes by Friday evening. That took a while, and at some point during it the gladwrap-and-masking-tape construction YaYoi had put over the tattoo sprung a leak, so my shirt ended up a little bit bloodstained. Anyway, once I was done with that I collected Alexander again and we headed to Tallulah's housewarming party, still with the fresh tattoo bleeding slightly under some gladwrap. This did not prevent me from showing it off, of course, and neither did my costume's button shirt and tie. (Fifties theme: Alexander wanted to come as a pair - The Scourge Of International Communism and The House Committee On Unamerican Activities, and I was the latter... hence the suspenders, which I'd worn Thursday mostly because packing two pairs of pants was a bother and the pants for the costume sagged too much without the suspenders.)

I was late to the party and so missed some deep frying cookie activities, but that was okay because I just ate the dough. I chatted to (and ogled) some ~circus people and failed to drink any alcohol on the basis that my humidity headache had caught fire during the tattooing and alcohol doesn't mix well with painkillers. Nevertheless, the last half hour before I left somehow involved the traditional Circus-related puppy pile with kisses. I don't even know how this stuff happens :P well, I mean, I do: it happens because Circussoc. And in this particular instance, because Jess and Tallulah were trying to persuade Tallulah's new (male) housemate to make out with a dude, via the time-honoured "we will if you will" deal. The rest of us just sort of got pulled in by make-out gravity. (Jess has a LOT of make-out gravity. I swear to god someday I will end up actually sleeping with her, and then Avi will point and laugh, or possibly curl up in a ball and whimper. Which is the appropriate response to your ex fucking your foster-sister-esque childhood friend again? I forget.) Mind you, Justin and Brent proved oddly resistant and kept up a running commentary/side conversation across the room the whole time. Brent can be forgiven considering the high X-chromosone ratio of the proceedings, but Justin's abstention could possibly be reverse-engineered to power some sort of renewable energy device. *cough* SO ANYWAY-

Saturday involved some ill-advised karaoke, which killed my voice just in time for a singing lesson on Monday (I'm so clever!) and Sunday I played some more Magic: The Gathering. Fortunately Justin was driving, because it turned out to be at Simon's house IN FUCKING MOSMAN. For those of you who do not live in Sydney, Mosman is a ~hoity toity~ suburb some distance away from mine, and contains no housing commission buildings, but rather a lot of houses which are ENTIRELY TOO BIG. Simon's house is one of these. The first thing I noticed upon walking in were the extremely high ceilings and very wide hallway. Everything except the polished wooden floor (and some rugs and things) was white. The second thing was the small child standing in the middle of the hallway and staring at us.

"Hello, small child," I said to the small child, who looked at me for a bit longer and then proceeded to somersault away down the hall.

As the others gently mocked me for calling a small child "small child," I made my third observation, which was that I was extremely hungry. This led directly to the fourth observation, that Simon's kitchen was not only huge and white, but also had no handles on the drawers and cabinets. They were, in fact, pressure-sensitive drawers, which I discovered by leaning on the counter and being ambushed by cutlery. "I just thought it would give the kitchen more space," said Simon's mother, because obviously what that house needed was MORE SPACE. and ambush cutlery.

Midway through the M:tG game I realised that I was now playing The Nerdiest Card Game Ever with three people I'd kissed at some point or another (one in high school, and one er, on Friday :P). Pretty sure two of them had kissed each other too (just because: Circus). So uh. Go team nerd!? It feels a bit bizarre to me, but Circussoc does have a bit of a Pokemon approach to friendly makeouts, so I suppose once I started hanging out with them it was sort of inevitable. On the way home I ended up having an indepth discussion with Justin and Avi about open relationship ettiquette, vis-a-vis gender, and have concluded that boys are weird. Go team told-you-so-in-kindergarten :P

The next few days were a blur of buses and meetings and things, and I barely spent two hours at home till very early on Thursday morning. We've been running over the deadline for finalising submissions that got into the UTS Anthology, so we had to have two four-hour meetings this week to get it down and done. I have now learned to hate committees. In between all this I had a singing lesson in parammatta (because, idk, no singing teachers live in the east, it appears: and I had a voucher for this one from, dinner at Al's, dashing home to babysit, coming BACK to al's because it's closer to UTS for post-meeting crashing, dashing home AGAIN to help my mother micromanage the cleaner (nothing I can do will stop her from doing it, but if I'm there to move heavy things and get shit off my floor so he can wash it, she won't get angry at me), and then returning once more to Tallulah's for a vegan dinner party (that same dinner party at which I began writing this post, in fact) featuring tasty vegetables, sauce in mugs and a bizarre soy-avocado mousse concoction. This naturally turned into yet another Magic game, since enough of us were interested and somebody JUST HAPPENED to have been carrying some boosters around (my friends: NERRRRRRDS).

So yes, that was A LOT OF THINGS. I have conveniently split them into sections using The Magic Of Cuts (although it will be of most utility to DW users on their reading page or anyone browsing [personal profile] bliumchik, because of Dreamwidth's handy little triangle cut thing). It has been a fun week, but I am also glad now that the weekend is appearing sedate. There was a party on Friday as well, but I had to babysit, so instead of flailing at people on a beach I played scrabble with a sevenyearold. And I lost, because I kept telling him what words to use. It's just really frustrating to play against someone who keeps putting down "at" :P

I'm just gloriously lazing around my room and immersing my brain in the internet, while outside my window my new neighbours yell incoherently and splash about in a kiddie pool with all their housewarming guests.

SO, PEOPLE WHO INEXPLICABLY STILL READ MY BLOG: if you have gotten this far, or even if you have skipped all of the random anecdotes, Answer Me These Questions Three!

1. I am submitting a sample Advice Column to my student magazine, hoping to write a monthly one this year! Give me sample questions to answer in it. They can be serious or humorous, preferably some mix between the two - you can post them screened if you like. LET ME ADVISE YOOOOOUUU MOOHOOHAHAHahem.

2. Who wants to volunteer at Armageddon Sydney? I'm not sure if it's too late or not, but the form is still up on their website... I'm thinking of applying but obviously it's more fun with friends!

3. What hilarious horrifying yet realistic tattoo shall I tell my dad I'm thinking of getting before revealing my comparatively classier one so that he doesn't freak out about it? (nothing will stop my mum from freaking out :P)
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