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Guess who fell of the edge of the world again? I have got to stop doing this. You know, that or accept it and make it part of my ~journalling style~ or something.

Too much stuff has happened since my last post (A MONTH AND A WEEK AGO, HOLY SHIT) for ye olde post of recap to be anything more than tl;dr, so I'll just give you a miscellany:
  • I had a couple of those EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING AT ONCE weekends, including a particular day on which three separate parties were scheduled and all I wanted was to curl up with a book, and managed not to explode spectacularly all over the furniture!
  • I saw Scott Pilgrim and Tomorrow When The War Began, both were pretty great and I will elaborate below!
  • Stan and I baked bread! It was delicious!
  • I printed some zines!
  • A dude from Writesoc who I spent entirely too long thinking was a lesbian suggested that I edit things for money! Specifically his as-yet unfinished movie script! So that was odd!
  • My mother had an epic meltdown and did non-permanent damage to my worldly possessions!
  • I bought stockings from We Love Colours and they are excellent! Also some awesome fishnet gloves~
  • ...which I immediately wore to a Musical themed costume party and dripped wax on, as my assigned musical was La Boheme. It's the Opera that Rent is based on, and shares with it a catalytic Candle Lighting scene, you see. The only candle I could find was a shallow flower-shaped one, which promptly broke, and I spent the party periodically attempting to fix it using the heater mushrooms. (The rest of my costume consisted largely of a skirt, a beret and ALLLLL OF THE SCARVES. Other notable efforts included Elphaba from Wicked, Sweeney Todd & Mrs Lovett, Frank'n'Furter, Rocky, Marilyn Monroe, the chef from South Park and a Cat from Cats.)
  • (Both Marilyn and Elphaba were dudes.)
  • I bought a Smashing Pumpkins ticket!
  • I went to a stand-up gig with, among others, my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend, my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend's current boyfriend and girlfriend, and the girl who would shortly become my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend's new girlfriend in addition to same (but without my boyfriend). (That is, without my boyfriend both at the gig and in the harem.) Try saying that out loud three times!
  • I accidentally a WHOLE pudding!
So that was some things that happened! and now hopefully when more Things happen that I want to write about I shall do so in the immediate aftermath, rather than summing them up for twitter and then forgetting about them. *cough*I have also been linkblogging on tumblr, and have signed up for too many writing/BB complement/other things, some of which I am currently working on. I'll be posting the complements over the next few days/week as they have, like, deadlines, lol :P BUT [ profile] bitternarration and [ profile] miss_sapphy rest assured I have not forgotten you!

And now my spoilery thoughts on some movies!

Scott Pilgrim: Eeeee, it was pretty awesome. I felt like the ending was not very good as compared to the comic, but it's kind of understandable since the comic was not, in fact, ended :P when they were writing the movie.

I loved the little meta nod with the guy going "the movie was great but the comic was better" at the party! And am slightly horrified to find myself Being That Guy. I totally understand the problems of compressing six volumes into less than a couple hundred minutes, but I felt like Roxy and Envy in particular suffered disproportionately from the compression. Like you can totally understand why they moved the Roxy knee thing from Ramona to Scott but WOW, SUDDENLY A BIT SKEEVY THERE.

but lol, nevermind, I am just going to not think about that and squee over Wallace and Knives some more :P

Oh my gosh, SO AWESOME. Congratulations to The Kid From Home Alone's Brother for being ABSOLUTELY PERFECT AND AMAZING as Wallace. (Hey, in the scene when he stole Stacey's boyfriend, did anyone else go " that Daniel Jackson? Oh my god that's Daniel Jackson!"? ...Anyone?)

And Knives was the most adorable little stalker ever, all of her scenes were kind of wonderful. I loved that they let her kick some extra ass at the end in return for the bits they cut out.

Tomorrow When The War Began: om nom nom, splodey things :D no but really, it was a pretty good movie. The actors were excellent, the special effects were great, the camerawork and all... pretty great. My one complaint is that I really want to break into the scriptwriter's house and confiscate his sledgehammer. Some of those Noble Speeches were bordering on ridiculous. Plus, the soundtrack seemed to be focusing more on Incorporating Every Iconic Aussie Tune Ever and less on stuff like... smooth transitions and whatnot. Oh, and as Alexander pointed out, it may have been in the books but considering the modern political discourse it may have been, shall we say, unwise to mention that the invaders' motivation involved land and overpopulation. Jussayin.

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