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Well, it's been a bit of a week. On Monday night I noticed an odd lump on the left side of my neck, just at the base of my skull. Having been sitting in front of the computer all day, I thought it must be a tension knot, despite never having had a protruding one like that. BUT THEN I felt two tiny ones right next to each other lower down on my neck, kind of like someone had surgically implanted smarties beneath my skin when I wasn't looking. Naturally I was a bit freaked out, I mean, what? LUMPS? NECK CANCER! But then I told my mum, who immediately took over ALLLLLL OF THE WORRYING DUTIES and flailed around calling all my grandparents and This One Friend Of Hers Who Is A Doctor. I promised to make a doctor's appointment forthwith, which turned out to be Wednesday, so she decided to continue to panic.

On Tuesday I went to [ profile] jk_rockin's birthday (om nom nom yum cha). There were copious dumplings and chinese broccoli and Melbourne people, and when the yum cha people started clearing all the tables around us and giving us expectant looks we wandered out and sat around in a food court squeeing at cat macros and talking about politics. I love having internet friends IRL, seriously.

Eventually I had to wander off down to my uni to audition for our drama society's major production for this year. We're doing What The Butler Saw, which is a British farce somewhat reminiscent of Faulty Towers, and I'm pretty sure I'll end up at least understudying Mr. Prentis. Fun times! I'll be crewing if I don't act, as usual. The play is very witty, although may contain traces of rape jokes, but not egregiously. You know. There's rape jokes that make you want to avoid leaving the joker alone with your little sister, and there's rape jokes that are merely in questionable taste or potentially triggering. The difference being largely in their implied attitude to the people involved, and good British farce tends to be misanthropic as opposed to specifically misogynistic (or, well, it's a safer bet than American humour, anyway).

ANYWAY. I stayed over at Al's house, although he had an early start for uni the next day, as in while I was sleeping, which meant that I spent some time hanging out alone at his house, procrastinating on going out into the pouring rain wearing the light jacket that had been totally sensible the day before. During this time a man from the post office rang the doorbell in a yellow vest, and I had to politely explain that I DON'T EVEN GO HERE probably wasn't allowed to sign for it as a person who does not live there and is not related to anyone who does. But is the only person in the house at the moment. Yep. So that was awkward!

Eventually I stole Alex's jacket and made the dash for the station, after which I proceeded to spend a ridiculous volume of time on buses. See if you can keep track: First I went to Justin's house in Maroubra, because I'd left my umbrella in Jess's car on Friday and she said she'd pass it on to him at a Circus meeting. I hung out with him and his living room full of drying jeans and dog until it was time to hop another bus to the local public school, where I picked up my little brother, took ANOTHER bus to grandma's, walked home from there to change Al's jacket for one that a) fits me and b) has a waterproof hood, then got on STILL ONE MORE BUS to go RIGHT BACK WHERE I STARTED and see the doctor at my uni's medical center.

The doctor poked my face and announced that I had an infection in my sinuses, which must have spread to the glands in my neck. Let me tell you, internet, I DID NOT KNOW I HAD GLANDS IN THOSE LOCATIONS. There is a big lump BEHIND MY EAR which I can't stop running my fingers over, IT IS SO WEIRD. But hey, it's not neck cancer! So this has been an exciting lesson in anatomy for all of us.

Incidentally, my eating patterns for that day: toast in alexander's inexplicably egg-free kitchen. Half a passionfruit at Justin's (because I said "What are those weird brown things in that bowl" and he said TRY ONE and I raised my eyebrows at it and poked it with a spoon) (FUCKING PASSIONFRUITS, HOW DO THEY WORK). A small amount of um this russian thing involving minced meat and carrots and stuff wrapped in a capsicum and boiled, idk, at my grandmother's. And FINALLY at FIVE OCLOCK a fucking chicken burger which I ate in the doctor's waiting room. LET'S NOT DO THAT AGAIN.

My mother doesn't believe the SSU doctor, of course, and is insisting I visit Her Doctor Friend, Just In Case. I was a bit skeptical myself at first, because I HAVE HAD MANY A FLU AND NEVER HAVE THEY RESULTED IN NECK LUMPS, but then I realised that I am in fact achey and squinty like I get when I have the flu, it just seems to have skipped out on the whole runny nose and sneezes kit and kaboodle, which I can't say I'm ungrateful for.

It is a bit weird though because I keep forgetting I'm sick - today I went to UNSWs Foundation Day shindig and ate pancakes and fairy floss and got my caricature done and hung out with [ profile] hiverious as well as my boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend (who were arguing about whether he can use her as precedent for his "my exes are allowed to hook up with other people in my bed" rule, don't ask), but eventually the cold and the loud music got to me and I remembered that OH YEAH, I HAS AN ILL, and went home to sensually caress my electric heater.

Thing Of The Day: RIOT NRRD, a webcomic linked from Tiger Beatdown, which is SO VERY ADORABLE. I mean its name is RIOT NRRD, for fuck's sake. It basically does what it says on tghe tin :P also JOSS WHEDON PUPPYYYYY. I totally made a DW feed :P

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