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If you've been reading my journal for a while, you're probably used to my dropping off-radar in the aftermath of big events - I usually spend about a week feeling like I can't post about anything else till I've posted about the event, and after that I feel like I shouldn't post until I have enough time to write a massive catch-up entry. I hear Dreamwidth may be implementing a multiple-draft-queue new entry page, which might alleviate this problem somewhat. (Also, I could just use notepad files, it's only a few extra steps. Passive barriers: consistently surprisingly powerful.)

Anyway, in this case uni started right after I came back from Melbourne, and I am always a twitchy messy wreck the first week or two as I'm forcibly reminded that real life involves constant interaction with people who are not close friends or otherwise people I can assume like me, but I'm settled in now so here's that belated post about Soundwave! And, uh. Highlights of. The next. Month or two? I'M SORRY. This post has been accumulated in bits and pieces, so excuse any chonology weirdness. Under the cut, of course, this is going to get long.

Okay. Melbourne Soundwave! Many of you are probably aware that Soundwave is a major Aussie rock festival! Some of you are also aware that the Sydney version has consistently resulted in people complaining about the venue and organisation. Upshot: Most of my festival-going friends were going to the Melbourne one and not the Sydney one. I therefore decided to put aside my irrational hatred of Melbourne (spawned by my attempt to brave the city alone for the 07 Aussie Discworld Con) and accompany them!

(them being, of course, [ profile] jk_rockin, [ profile] mishka_jayne and [ profile] heythatscool)

It is a testament to how much better travel is in company that even though this time, like last time, I'd got my period just in time, and unlike last time also had a horrid cold (I swear my body just DOES NOT LIKE Melbourne), this trip was totally free of panic attacks!

The plane trip was NOT FUN, though. Sinus congestion and rapid altitude change are a killer combination that tends to result in you feeling like alllll of your headbones are trying to escape (in different directions). Especially on the descent. I was seated next to a sympathetic old dude who understood my plight, and behind some random dudebros whose plane-landing conversation I mistook for noise from the flight attendant's walky talkie. This is how bad my hearing got while I was busy crying, swearing under my breath and blowing my nose ineffectually.

On the bus to the city from the airport, listening to my phone's mp3 player on shuffle: in quick succession Defying Gravity and a Matches song containing lyric "I'll blow my brains out through my nose." I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE, RANDOM PLAYLIST. The only thing missing was Radiohead's The Bends.

And as soon as I arrived I gave [ profile] heythatscool my cold. Sorry Nat!

I spent my first evening in Melbourne sitting in a hotel bed and shaking (Nat and some Melbourne peeps that had come over brought me dinner) and watching hotel room television. Our hotel had a tree channel. It was sponsored by some tree charity or something, and it consisted of nothing but ads for that charity. You would think they'd tell us interesting things about trees, or something, but no. Little cartoon trees and exhortations for cash.

I felt better on Thursday thanks to a lot of panadol and vitamins and sleep, and we went and caught a tram and had breakfast at a dinky little hipster cafe out in the suburbs. Oh Melbourne. I ordered French toast and they came with cream and some sort of pomegranate-seed concoction. It was quite bizarre. O.o Sweets for breakfast! Also they had parasols and fashion magazines and babies. (Just, you know... lying around :P)

Then we had a wander about the Melbourne city streets, including hilariously faily attempts to meet up with Internet Friends. Now, Melbourne is home to two dudes I've made friends with on the Whitechapel forums, Tanuki and Ruzkin. Via twitter, Tanuki informed me that Ruzkin worked in a bookstore in the Melbourne CBD and I should drop in. He then managed to completely accidentally direct me to the wrong bookstore, where I awkwardly said hello to a total stranger with a beard and an intimidating blank stare who I figured must be Ruz on account of every other clerk there being over fifty, twice. That was embarrassing, thanks Tanuki! He made up for it by leaving me an awesome bottle of vodka at Ruzkin's store (which I found eventually, it being two hundred metres from my hotel *facepalm*) although we didn't manage to sync up and drop in simultaneously. But I at least met ONE internet friend, who is awesome, and recieved a delightful surprise Noble Russian Vodka (the label informs me that is it BEST CONSUMED WITH CAVIAR) which I aim to crack open one of these days when people get used to the uni schedule and start having parties again. ...or, okay, possibly during winter break, for god's sake, people!

Anyway, I met various Melbourne people, who were great, and photographed some sparrows, which infest the Melbourne streets like pigeons (but significantly cuter). Also, bought some oldish comics with baaaaby John Constantine in them, and some zines! Melbourne has an actual zine store, with zines in! Oh, Melbourne. (I got a faux-FedGov pamphlet on Dealing With Your Mutant Powers, it's awesome. I plan to get my red pen out, write some notes in the margins and leave it inside a graphic novel at the library. It will be excellent.)

And then... Soundwave! Fuck! Soundwave! How can I describe my first, awesome, Rawk Festival experience?


Yes folks, all four of us had the flu by this point, which I feel very sheepish about. Nevertheless, we soldiered on to victory! By which I mean the bleachers. I wormed my way through the crowd for Creepshow (Canadian something ending in -billy, fun times!) but sat down through Taking Back Sunday (Adam Lazzara looked sad and kind of drunk from what we could see on the screen). It was stupid hot on top of the illness, so I spent most of the day with my fan out, waving madly.

I finally got to see the Weakerthans, who were just as adorable live as they sound on record, and played some of my favourite songs. Also their not-main-stage status enabled us to get right up close, which was pretty great. Not so Placebo, for whom I crept slowly through tiny gaps in the giant mess of humanity in front of the stage, and who were a tiny bit underwhelming considering how much I've always liked their music. Excellent performance, don't get me wrong, but they basically just stood there and played for most of it. Still fun times though!

And then I got a delightful surprise in the previously not-too-impressive AFI! Their performance was directly after Placebo's and on the next stage over, so most of the crowd just sort of shuffled sideways awkwardly. I went with it. I was then charmed at twenty paces by Davey Havoc, and spent some time jumping up and down excitedly - it was wonderful! I don't understand what happened at all, their music has never particularly grabbed me, but there is some sort of magic afoot in their live show! By this point the ridiculous humidity had entirely overwhelmed my cold, and it is quite hard to utilise a hand-fan while jumping up and down in a crowd. Luckily I had come prepared - I wore my sturdiest, least see-through bra, which is so sturdy and opaque that it is basically like a bikini top but not waterproof. Thus equipped, I made like a dude and took my shirt off for some much-needed ventilation. It was great! I am now resolved to use my ~wiles on a clothing designer at some point and arrange for the existence of a line of "outdoor bras" because it is SERIOUSLY UNFAIR that dudes can just whip it off whenever they want! We live in goddamn Australia!

*cough* ANYWAY. At some point in all that I ate most of a small yet expensive pizza, and also bought a t-shirt that proclaims RASPUTIN IS MY HOMEBOY, which I have been enjoying since. I coloured the eyes in orange with some fabric paint markers. Funny story - I was actually entirely convinced that marker was red when I picked it up in the shop, when I paid for it and when I uncapped it to make Rasputin eviller, and now I cannot understand how I ever failed to realise it was orange. Not that this is a problem, I'll just have to buy another one that's red so I can do blood.

Shortly after AFI we ended up leaving because of flu-related deth, so I didn't get to see Enter Shikari, but honestly I probably would not have enjoyed it in my exhausted state.

That's all quite achronological, but suffice to say THINGS HAPPENED and before I knew it I was back at Melbourne airport, flirting awkwardly with a scruffy lip-ringed dude from San Francisco over my comic and failing entirely to remember to get his number or anything clever like that, and then sitting through STILL MORE BENDS ARGH even though the cold had receded some AND I was wearing my earplugs! INSERT PITHY SPIDER JERUSALEM QUOTE ABOUT HEAD BONES HERE.

So that was my Soundwave trip! It was pretty great, overall, despite the cold, which opens up whole new vistas of me actually leaving Sydney ever, provided I am not doing so alone. Hurray!

Since then I have been:
-procrastinating heavily on university, despite the fact that all my classes this semester are BRILLIANT
-going to parties and being my hilariously awkward self
-making out with some people despite this
-doing TROUTS and WriteSoc things (more on this later! this entry is long enough already)
-going to MOAR CONCERTS (ditto!)
-failing to go to other concerts because I fail
-obtaining a ~boyfriend (!!) (funnily enough, neither airplane dude nor one of the people I made out with at the aforementioned parties)
-buying things from the internet, including a T-shirt depicting A CAT WITH LASER EYES, FUCK YEAH

I'm going to try to actually post things here more often. Since my Grand Return coincides neatly with the beginning of Three Weeks For Dreamwidth I think I shall disable comments on LJ for these three weeks. Don't worry, LJers, I still love you and OpenID is very simple :D

Date: 2010-04-26 05:42 pm (UTC)
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Yay concerts! And boyfriends! And suchlike things! But not the Martian Death Flu.


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