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What do I do as soon as I start posting again? Stop posting :P naturally. I have had a busy couple of weeks, internet! Let me tell you about it! With pictures, mostly linked in-text for the benefit of anybody who’s capped or something, because there are rather a lot of them. This entry’s written in fits and starts so a couple asides are out of date, particularly the one pertaining to my stab wound, but I’m leaving them in anyway :)

First up, my uni friend Fei Fei’s 20th birthday. Fei Fei is exactly as bouncy as her name and had a Teenybopper themed party. She told me to come as a background character from High School Musical but… yeah, no. I don’t think I even own a pink beanie. So I decided to come as That Weird Goth Chick, figuring there had to be one in at least ONE of those movies. That silver thing in my hair, by the way, is an awesome snake accessory that I found at a market which is technically meant to be worn as a necklace, but sometimes I like to wrap it around the back of my head and wear it over my ears. I was double booked that night and put in an appearance at Sam’s picnic as well, and she thought I was wearing “ear bracelets.” I am pretty sure there is no such thing as ear bracelets, but if there were I would be so on that. Not many ear accessories for us non-pierced folk, you know. Anyway, I mention the snake because we had some fun with it and “Scary Spice” Neha’s afro wig - there it is peeking out of the wig (and yes I am indeed throwing the fangs up Cobra style XD) and then we got started on the snake in the bush jokes… yep. Fun times. Later we ate cupcakes and watched Hairspray :D

About six of us slept over at Fei’s place that night (I kipped out on the floor to avoid walking to the station in the dark [and not-so-sensible boots]). The next morning her mum made us an awesome breakfast of poached eggs and bacon and toast, and then we went op-shopping – I bought the skinniest skinny jeans in the universe and an awesome goth coat (purely decorative, it’s useless as a coat but then it is summer).

I’m not sure what happened to the rest of that week, to be perfectly honest – there was a laser-tag outing in there somewhere (I alternated between the worst and second-worst kill-ratings, thank you, I’ll be here all week). Then on Friday I was, wait for it, double-booked again! I planned on once more showing up to one thing and then leaving to go to another, but it turned out the first (a so-called “hipster clusterfuck” by people who I’m pretty sure are aware of what clusterfuck actually means, but it is presumably used in an ironic fashion, because hipsters :P) had been postponed to later that evening and now coincided perfectly with Alex’s birthday party – after I’d already got to the city in my skinny-as-fuck skinny jeans, mind. This, incidentally, was the Alex most recently mentioned on this blog, not one of the other two, although I cannot differentiate him by initials since he shares them with the other male Alex. However, this is the only non-music-playing Alex with whom I am currently acquainted! To recap from last month, he is a giant bearded communist hippy whom I met at state Drama camp in year eleven. I gave him some duct tape and a Stanley knife wrapped in a pretty red ribbon XD (he used to fix shoes that were falling apart with duct tape, it was awesome. His current shoes are too new for it, but it’s only a matter of time!)

The party was good fun – a lot of people used the word “bourgeois” as an insult, there were kebabs and good music, and I drank rather a lot of vodka and kissed some strangers, which was a new experience for me (the strangers, not the vodka, obviously). I am not sure whether it bears repeating – on the one hand, I am not sure it’s really me, but on the other hand, human contact and the sky did not fall down! I am told some people acquire romantic partners in that fashion, even! This seems unlikely, given that my buddies of the evening were a girl who only makes out with other girls while drunk and a boy who is basically in every sense a puppy (enthusiastic, slobbery, sprawls on people, long floppy ears hair…) but I suppose, statistically speaking, those who do it often enough are bound to come up with something? Meh. Alcohol alone, in any case, does not appear to mediate my issues to the point of my being able to initiate contact, so it’s probably not a viable strategy for me.

The next day was Lillian’s birthday party, which was an entirely different and much classier affair in a hotel with champagne and canapés. The theme was ”Once Upon a December” so I finally wore the bizarre and awesome op-shop strapless cocktail dress I’ve been hanging on to for a while, because… it was red/greenish :P and it was pretty great! It is just tight enough that I didn’t worry about slippage, but I could still breathe! I also discovered that Small World Syndrome had a node located at Lillian that I had overlooked due to the giant one attached to Avi: three separate groups of my friends were represented there, including Shelly from my high school (in adorable angel wings). I didn’t drink much champagne, figured I could use a break (and also not a huge fan of fizz), but Melissa took advantage of the open bar like a champ, tried to pick up a gay dude and went home to pass out, which was great (mostly the bit where me and David got a text message that said HE HAS A BOYFRIEND D:< and lolled.)

The next Wednesday was probably the most awesome of the lot, because we had, wait for it – an UNBIRTHDAY PARTY. Inspired by Alice and her name-coincidence with Carroll’s protagonist, we all dressed up as Wonderland characters and went out for tea. It was awesome. I went out earlier that week and bought some black and white face-paint, figuring I’d need some next year anyway for a cosplay project that I am keeping as a surprise ;) and… here we all are (aside from the latecomers)! From right to left my new friend Aurelia as the Mad Hatter, Alice as Alice, Sam as Dark Alice, myself as the Cheshire Cat and Desiree as the Red Queen! Also Qi and Avi, who didn’t dress up, so we assigned them Dormouse and Caterpillar respectively… I don’t know, it just fit :P

The plan was to go to the Tea Room in the Queen Victoria Building, an ancient and stately shopping centre/misc city-based services houser, but we discovered upon arrival that the Tea Room had been booked for a function, so decided to relocated to the Vienna Tea House in the same building. I shan’t recount all the navigational hilarity involved in getting there, merely one bizarre interlude that I know you’ve all been waiting for.

We walked between a cafe and its outdoor tables (for a given value of “outdoor,” given that we were, in fact, indoors). LITTLE DID WE KNOW, our path crossed that of a waitress carrying a standard neatly napkin-wrapped cutlery bundle, heading for said tables. Failing to notice my approach perpendicular to her route, she collided squarely with yours truly – specificallywith my elbow, cutlery first.

"Oh my god I am so sorry are you okay!?" she babbled apologetically. "Are you okay? I'm so sorry!"

"I'm okay, I'm okay, it's cool," I mumbled, bizarrely beginning to both tear up and giggle. " stabbed me with a fork."

"I am so sorry!"

"With a fork. No, no, I mean, it's cool, it's cool," I reassured her, wondering why she looked so flustered (aside from having just stabbed a stranger with a fork). Later I remembered my facepaint and realised that her thought process probably went something like “oops! Oh no, I hurt some- GAH I STABBED A PSYCHO HELP.” I find it amusing to think about someone who played a tiny part in one of my stories and turn it around to the part I played in one of their stories. Anyway, we continued towards our destination. I was apparently experiencing some sort of adrenaline reaction because I could not stop laughing the whole way there, periodically waving my arms around and saying "I just got stabbed with a fork!"

Then I touched my elbow and my hand came away bloody, at which point it became clear that, more to the point, I had also been stabbed with a knife, and was now in possession of a tiny gaping flesh wound upon the elbow. Here my proper cat-ly instinct to put injuries in my mouth came into conflict with the age-old Sad But True fact that You Can't Lick Your Elbow. I tried. Had to settle for licking the blood off my fingers. Well I couldn't have it dripping everywhere! Once we arrived at the Viennese Tea House, Sam gave me some giant bandaids, my hysterial mumbling about being stabbed with cutlery subsided and all was well. (It is now healing up, but slightly painful to bend my elbow, presumably because it tugs on the scab. Oops, it just came off. Hey, wow, I can see the different layers of skin... that is so cool! I'm gonna go get some antiseptic cream :P)

Anyway, after drinking our tea with a minimum of face paint fading, we headed down to Hyde Park, where we met David, the White Rabbit, who was very appropriately late, along with still more non-dressed-up people (tsk) and a dude wearing a giant playing card! We were now in position to take many awesome photos of awesomeness, such as:

Off with her head!
The sleepy Dormouse (awww)
A cat in a tree (and a grin in a tree) – which, incidentally, I promptly fell out of.

Don’t ask about the teeth, they were from an op shop – I think they were probably originally a dental-promotional novelty item or something. But I had a lot of fun with them XD Now you see the cat, now you don’t!

Afterwards we had dinner at a Japanese restaurant with touch-screen menus, which involved hilarious waiter-wrangling to arrange vegan food for Avi and Des, as well as me finally having to remove some facepaint lest I end up eating it. Then half the party went off to see Patrick Wolf and the rest of us hung out for a bit, slowly wandering off our separate ways.

And to complete my fortnight of STUUUUUFF, on Saturday night I went to a goth club called Die Maschine in my awesometastic giant black boots. It was pretty fun, a fairly chill vibe for a club and I even danced! Also it was punctuated by a trip to some dude’s place where there were misc spirits and absinthe (which I now know does not have a flavour so much as a burning sensation) after which we returned to the club and I had a nap under a speaker. Later me and Avi sat around outside chatting to a drunk dude that got kicked out and was insisting that the bouncer was out to get him (the bouncer was pretty friendly about this.)

So that was that. Next post: a meme and a macro and some awesome statuary, plus tales of my further clubbing adventures if all goes well (or hilariously unwell) tonight (and David actually shows up :/)
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