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Hokay. Wow. That was probably- no, definitely the longest unannounced hiatus I've ever fallen into. I tend to measure my mental health by hobbies dropped, and I haven't played guitar in about the same amount of time... so it's probably a good thing I've finally gotten onto that medicare psychologist thing. On the other hand, I hadn't drawn anything since year eleven of high school, and lately my notes have been covered in cute birds instead of random geometric patterns, so possibly things are on the up!

So livejournal (and dreamwidth!), what have I been up to during my lurkernation!?

Well. Let me see...

I went to Supanova. I came second in a cosplay contest, chatted with baby!Anakin Skywalker (he's my age. this seems weird), shared pizza with Dr. McCoy (...and a bunch of other volunteers), met Yahtzee and made friends - photos really do exist and... is there any point posting them now? IDK I might anyway :P somebody dressed as pacman!

Then I fell off the face of the internet, although ironically my twitterspam increased dramatically because it really doesn't get lower-pressure than that. (sorry guys.)

Between then and now I survived two assessment periods of deth, finally finished all the BS core subjects my uni throws at me leaving only AWESOMENESS in years to come, hibernated quite epically, beat five or six computer games at whacky hours of the night morning, allowed the mess on my bedroom floor to actuallly rise to waist heigh before demolishing it, dressed up like a pirate on multiple occasions, made a comic with [ profile] mishka_jayne, went to Newcastle with [ profile] heythatscool for an arts festival, slept in a leaky tent on a Newcastle hillside, bought massive stacks of zines, finally sorted out my paypal shit and bought things from the internet, turned twenty, went through an appallingly civil break-up followed by an equally anticlimactic post-break-up drunk-up and a three-week period wherein everyone suddenly decided it was a good idea to hit on me (hint: it wasn't), played a drunk actor in my uni theatre group's production of The Popular Mechanicals, inexplicably became an executive member of said group (what is this? me, extracurricularly active?), press-ganged a cute blond boy also for same after an impressively ballsy performance of Manly Poems About Manliness at a faculty reading, sweet-talked a librarian into waiving really, really LUDICROUS amounts of fines accrued while I was hibernating, photographed a television in a car park with [personal profile] frostickle and [ profile] tryx, tried to cut my own hair and saw the Axis of Awesome again (they were still awesome). At some point in there alll my wisdom teeth were like O HAI but I did not have any time during which I could afford to spend a week looking like a hamster. So they will come out in mid-december, probably.


So. State Of The Maggie. I have not failed uni or dropped out of it to have a nervous breakdown. I have more or less stopped sulking about being dumped (I think). In related news I also think I have begun to figure out this whole casual flirting thing, in that the last time I got hit on (...I think) I did not freak out nearly at all, which bodes well for the future. I have made a start on sorting out all the junk in my room. I have summer plans. I have comics. I have awesome friends.

I think I'm okay.

I'm back!
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