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Oh my god has it seriously been a month since I updated properly? FAIL, maggie, FAIL. In reparations (and also in honour of the upcoming Supanova con) I bring thee a hilarious Star Trek macro gif! (be patient if it loads slowly it is EPIC)

As Supanova promises to be an epic weekend of geekery and vodka I figured I should sum up the past er um month (*hides*) now or never, so here goes Stuff Wot I Have Done (In Vaguely Chronological Order):

Lofty Words: hilariously faily. For the uninitiated: Monthly event, open mic followed by some featured performances. In this case the major featured performance was of this girl with a guitar who is friends with Hannah's sister and who Hannah was counting on to make up the numbers by bringing along all her indie friends. Also, this was A MONTH AGO therefore y'all have understandably forgotten that the week before it I was running around in a highly flaily manner trying to get the Writesoc Zine collated and printed to launch it that Wednesday at the Loft. So, what with one thing and another we ended up doing the printing ON THE DAY after I'd finished the layout THE NIGHT BEFORE. So naturally there was a great deal of dashing and flailing at the printshop failing sort of epically. Seriously, HOW do you shift everything half a page left when you GOT THE FIRST PROOF RIGHT? Anyway it turned out pretty awesome in the end but in all that I never actually had time to practice with Alex. Because did I mention we were totally shanghaied into performing on the same night by Hannah? Ohhh dear. So uh. Yeah, you guys can just imagine me touching a synth for the first time while Alex plays bluesy rhythms on his guitar and mumbles. In between slightly less faily periods of me reading poetry with Alex totally pro on the synth in the background. It was. Hilarious. And to top it all off guitar girl ended up playing downstairs in the main bar due to equipment failure, which was handy for her indie friends who showed up but did not come upstairs so as not to pay the entrance fee. In my opinion this was a good thing because it meant I did not have to Fail At Synth in the cold light of a thousand judging indie stares.

Assignment Season Of Doom: blurry. I pulled an actualfax allnighter, one tiny catnap only, for the last one (the short story). The film essay was laaate but my tutor was nice and didn't take marks off although I was totally prepared for that eventuality. Given i pulled both of these out of my ass in a couple weeks including epic procrastination time I do not have HUGE expectations, but I'm pretty sure I passed everything and I know from my Advertising assignments that I cannot self-evaluate at all when I'm running that late. So who knows!

Start of Holidaaaaze: that was not a typo. The allnighter screwed with my sleep rhythms and I ended up going to bed at five am for the next week, which would not be TOO problematic if it were not for the fact that I live with my PARENTS, specifically my MUM whose preferred method of waking me up happens to a) generally get implemented before midday and b) consist of shouting vaguely from downstairs, repeated every couple of minutes, FOR AN HOUR. It's like my own personal involuntary snooze alarm. So I was groggy, and I spent a lot of time on stupid flash games, not in the least because most of my best friends not to mention my girlfriend were panicking over their assessments/exams, because you know, UTS is an early bird like that. (And now that they are all done I have Epic Supanova Weekend in store, so I declare next week Epic Catch-up Week. Oh well, at least at Supanova I shall catch up with [ profile] le_culdesac, [ profile] astridthemighty, [ profile] mishka_jayne and [personal profile] amber! Internets party in RL!) Anyway... I genuinely do not know what else happened to that, like, two week period, it's all kind of blurry. I think my mum's lolarious family birthday party was in there somewhere. I kind of blame winter and also my general post-assessment-stress-comedown.

Shopping: the two friends who were not busy panicking over exams consisted of Avi, who was ill and getting extensions on everything, and Alex, who's, you know, the youngest phd student in the fashion department (seriously). So I went and saw Star Trek again with Avi, and went shopping in Newtown with Alex, where I bought secondhand booooks and then briefly went crazy and spent $60 on a blackparade-esque vest type thing. Then this week I went into St Vinnies to try and salvage my bank account by obtaining the blouse to go with the vest for under ten dollars. This was accomplished, but along the way this ridiculous strapless dress waved a leetle flag in my direction and... well, it was coral pink with greenish lace over the top, and it FIT ME PERFECTLY, and I couldn't resist. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE I WILL WEAR IT I DO NOT WEAR DRESSES EVAR OMFG. But at least it was only $15 :P

Hair: speaking of things I paid way too much for. My plans to cosplay as Delirium at Supanova are progressing nicely, and there will totally be pics. For now suffice to say it is a red faux-hawk with green bits. A bit shorter and less floofy than I envisaged but that might just be the product - I'll sleep on it. The ladies over at Doppelganger in Newtown are totally awesome, by the way - kind of stupidly expensive for hair, though, so not something I'll be reprising on a regular basis. I mean, all the places I called were about that expensive, my mum kept nagging me to go with like a Russian family friend or something as usual but I quite reasonably decided that if I was going to be messing around with punk and/or orange I should have someone who knows what they are doig in that area. I think next time I feel the hair-dying urge I will try out the DIY thing, though. I could have done that this time but forgot about it until too late.

PMS: iiit's TTOM. I can tell by the random twinges and that random crushing depression this afternoon (do not worry, tea and biscuits came to the rescue!) oh my god please don't start mid-supanova please please please argh.

And that, more or less is that! I leave you with an awesome video! Barring drunk-posts from [ profile] le_culdesac's house, where I am staying for the duration of the con because fucked if I'm catching a bus AND a train every day at seven in the morning, this will probably be the last you hear of me till Monday or Tuesday. I must try to post at [ profile] apathy_games tonight, and also this thing called Fictioncrush that some Whitechapel folks have been working on, and also prepare cosplay clothes to bring with me tomorrow. Ooh, and I should post that macro to ontd_st! *bustles*


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