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I really need to update my profile. I used to keep a list of other places I hung out, like Deviantart and stuff, but these days I spend less time on devart and more on b3ta and WhiteChapel...

Speaking of Whitechapel I caught the chatroom with actual people in it for once, it was hilarious. Conversation ranged from Rule 34 to a lengthy discussion of the ethics and naming conventions of robotfucking to a poll on the relative pantslessness of the room, with asides on Brucher's insanity, the resident history nerd's stable of fuck-buddies and Stormtrooper pinups.

I love these guys, seriously. (Labyrinthine = me, btw)

In other news my Writer's Society zine is coming along nicely - zine launch at Lofty Words this wednesday, for sydney folk. Didn't manage to get that swan comic into it on account of it not being finished, but next time! I'm also probably performing at Lofty Words if I can get a couple poems together in time, and singing one song with Alex T. We've been jamming together a bit - both times were meant to involve Lily and this drummer Alex knows, but both of them flaked, citing exams and sudden discovery that drum kit does not fit into car respectively. I am beginning to think I need to be keeping a list.

Obstacle to starting a band #1: Finding a bloody rhythm section.
Obstacle to starting a band #2: Getting everybody in the same place at the same time.

Massive coordination fail.

I should really be getting started on all the assignments due in two/three weeks. I am the master of procrastination. The only productive thing I did yesterday was to transfer all the files from my old hard drive to my new one and make a start on defragging all the folders. Also [ profile] smuu posted an awesome lineart of Delirium and I decided to try my hand at rekindling my photoshop colouring skills. So much nostalgia... I used to colour her Demonology 101 characters for fun in MS Paint when I was fifteen. I've evolved! XD Here is my coloured version. I totally love the hair, but I discovered that I really haven't the faintest clue about shading and highlights, so I left those off. Must find some photoshop tutorials... also I kept feeling like the skin was too pale. Dilemma - in the comics all the endless are papery, but the shape of the face in this drawing looks more Turkish or Lebanese or something. In the end I decided that the iconic bright orange Delirium hair and blue/green eyes looked weird with dark skin, so I kept it pink.

Um, where was I? Oh yes, assignments. I totally failed to post the stuff I wrote in Intro to Short Fiction class exercises and I think I'll do that now, because I think I might use one of them for my final piece and I need the feedback! In-class feedback failed it because it is basically horror and I got stuck in a group with two people who "don't do scifi" for that class, so all their advice was something along the lines of "I like this phrase it is very poetic." What I need to know is does it make sense! Seriously!


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