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I remembered what I wanted to blog about! It's less exciting than it was at three am when I couldn't remember what it was. See, once upon a time I bought a sandwich at my uni cafeteria, as you do. And that day they were handing out freebies with every purchase: tiny little Go Natural bars. I tried to explain to the cashier that I didn't want one, but he gave it to me anywa, and thereupon it sat in my bag for a couple of weeks. Until StressHell Wednesday, when I dashed out of the house with my USB stick and fifteen minutes left before class started, and had no dinner because I was busy photoshopping solar panels onto a roof.

So I was sitting on the bus, and I calmed down enough to realise I was kinda hungry. And I looked in my bag and saw this leetle Go Natural bar. And I thought, look, alright, it's food. I am hungry. I have no idea what it is, but I will eat it. So I unwrap the thing and take a bite.

It's a rock made out of nuts.

I ate it anyway. As a concession to my sense of pride I made faces while I did so, possibly scaring the other passengers or making them think I was on a diet (or you know, little from column A, little from column B...) but I fucking ate it, and thus did not burst into tears at the print shop or faint in class.

For future reference, there is usually a reason they give things away for free...

Date: 2009-05-08 04:15 pm (UTC)
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sdhghlsaj; :( i like go natural bars.


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