Oct. 30th, 2012

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University really is nearly over. This was the last writers’ society open mic night of my tenure. Today I wrote my last editorial for our zine, and had my last afternoon of frantically faffing about with usb drives at the print shop to print the damn thing on time at the last minute. We have a bunch of incoming execs for next year and everything. They’re nice! My replacement as secretary laughed at all my jokes, which was mildly disconcerting. The new president has terrible, terrible poetry, but he is bright and gregarious and I can definitely see him badgering people into participating in events, which is what you really need in a president.

I drank some punch, which was actually mostly goon with some oranges in it (non-aussies, goon is cheap boxed wine), and spilled some punch on myself and others, and read out my favourite Neruda poem, which is one of the angry ones not one of the sexy ones, and a few of my own, although I managed to fail to read the new one that I was specifically going to read there on account of not noticing that it wasn’t among my printouts until I was already on stage. But there’s a whole plethora of poetry events coming up, so I suppose I’ll get to try it out somewhere. Although I really shouldn’t read Neruda before doing original stuff because it makes me feel hopelessly inadequate. Hmm.

Although maybe I just felt inadequate because there was so much good shit going around tonight. Everybody was just on, the audience was laughing and crying, it was fucking brilliant. I am going to miss this.

My thesis will be done by next week. Two weeks later I fall off the face of the internet to go to Nepal with my dad. By the time I get back I will no longer be a student, and a whole bunch of scary adult shit will have to happen. It's going to be fucking brilliant!


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