Jan. 18th, 2010

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So I didn't end up going to Die Maschine as everyone who was going bailed on me. I haven't gone anywhere or done anything since my zineday with [livejournal.com profile] jk_rockin, [livejournal.com profile] mishka_jayne and [livejournal.com profile] heythatscool on Tuesday (where we did not actually get much zining done, although I wrote a leetle comic! but mostly we just messed around on the internet and fangirled Alan Moore.

I feel pretty hermity right now, but in a way it's a welcome break. I will be shaken from my solitude tomorrow, though, I must go to escrima training. And then on Tuesday there shall be ice-skating with [livejournal.com profile] stella8h8chang and co! It is weird how many of my RL friends are on livejournal these days. Well some of them are livejournal friends who are in RL these days, I guess. But still. Incidentally [personal profile] amber has requested to read my cultural studies analysis of the Mountain Goats' Lovecraft In Brooklyn that I wrote for one of my classes last year (or poss. the year before... hmm...) so I will dig that up and post it here at some point!

I have been listening to the Weakerthans so much since I dug them up off my old hard drive, they are so wonderful, it is amazing. Just. Eee, and I get to see them live at Soundwave in February! :D I still have to book my flights for that, whoops. I was going to take a train down but nobody else wants to, apparently, and fucked if I am spending a day in transit by myself. Once there however I shall have [livejournal.com profile] heythatscool to share a hostel with, yay! I am totally excited for my first proper rock festival. And none of my favourites clash with each other at all! It's pretty good to be Maggie in the music fan business lately, let me tell you.

Now I am looking up local psychobilly bands on Myspace! So far my favourite is A Death In The Family (idk if they are psychobilly akshly, they are just playing at this which Alex claims is a folk punk/psychobilly thing... anyway I am considering going :P hence the research) because they sound good and are possibly named after a Batman comic!

Oh yeah, that's what I clicked "post" for - you guys! I signed up for [livejournal.com profile] au_bigbang! I'm going to finish the sequel to this DCU fic! Also I have signed on for fanmixing. I've been going through the writer signups to see what fandoms I might end up mixing for. There is a surprising amount of baseball RPS going on there, guys! At first I thought they meant the Baseballs which oh my god, you guys, I would read SO MUCH fic based on their 50s personas, you have no idea. Also I have been meaning to buy some of their songs for a while and kept getting put off by the Germanosity of their website lol, I can't figure out if they take Paypal or not. Must get on that. Anyway, oh my god I signed up to write 15k by april halp /o\
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So I uh. Apparently my hermit week has affected me more than I thought, since I forsook my escrima class in favour of hiding under the blankets and mumbling to myself. Hay agoraphobia hay! Nice to see you again! Give me a ring in advance next time and I shall bake you muffins! Well in advance, as this would involve learning to bake muffins.

*cough* oh well, I'll go on Wednesday. I went out to the park later and practiced a bit by myself, anyway. For shits and giggles I also did a couple sprint laps - and I mean a couple very literally, not in the modest sense: I was going to do three but I couldn't breathe by the end of the second. *sweatdrops* possibly something to work on.

Anyway, I dug up that Lovecraft In Brooklyn essay! It is behind the cut! We were asked to do a semiotic analysis, which is sort of like a regular analysis only you have to use certain buzzwords like "signified (noun)" (although I actually like some of the buzzwords - "polysemic" is a fucking awesome word) and namedrop Roland Barthes at least once. Go easy on me, it's from first year and while I don't remember specifically, there is pretty much no chance I WASN'T skimming way too close to the deadline. In fact I can tell I was by the ridiculous introduction which was clearly just an attempt to bring the damn thing up to a reasonable wordcount... oh, university. Let's play spot the pastede on yey cultural studies jargon! So much wince. That said, my actual tutor's only real complaint was that I fail at referencing. Which I do. I really kind of suck at it. This would also be something to work on, but so far I am not planning to stick with academia long enough for it to really matter. ...yeah, you guys can all laugh at me when I decide to do honours :P

So here's the essay: no edits, pure Maggie 2008!

and then the girl behind the counter, she asks me how I feel today )


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